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My thoughts kept flooding back home, home sweet home. I miss it already. If it weren't for this mission, I would be with Ino-pig at this very moment, or with knuckled-head ninja, Naruto, chilling by the ramen stand. Or with Tsunade, training my chakra control, or in the hospital helping people. The person I miss dearly is Sasuke. The amazing onyx eyes, that turns blood red when his sharingan is activated. Too bad that he fled the village to pursue his dreams of defeating his brother, Itachi, leaving me broken hearted, lying in the bench. Whenever I pass that bench, I still remember that moment. But that was years ago, you expect a girl would move on, wouldn't you? Well, I haven't.

I know it was long time ago; I tend to forget about Sasuke for couple of hours, maybe days. But he kept crawling back to my mind, for some reason. And I want to forget about it! I want to be strong; I want to prove to people that I am not weak. I wouldn't want to ruin Tsunade's reputation as my sensei.

'Sakura, this mission is important for our village and for the village hidden in the Sand. As you know the village hidden in the sand, had been attacked numerous time after Shukaku was removed from the Kazegage. The elders will tell you the task when you get there. This is a solo mission, so please be careful. You can set out tomorrow for your mission.' I remember Tsunade said this.

I wonder what the mission will be.


The village is quite big, yet boiling hot! How could they live like this? Sweat tickled down from my forehead, as I entered the Kazegage's building.

As I entered there was a huge front desk, a blond woman's head only it was a floating head, well it looked like it. The massive round desk hid the rest of her boy. Ok, that was scary. Are they trying to give the visitors a heart attack?

"Hello, good afternoon. May I help you?" She greeted with forceful smile.

"Uh, yes. I'm Sakura Haruno, from Village hidden in the leaves."

"Oh, yes. Meeting with elders, that takes place through that door over there." She said politely pointing at a massive mahogany door at her left.

Walking over through the door, the elders head turned towards me. Oh, Great! They were all wearing beige and white cloaks. A face that I quickly recognised, an amber messy hairdo, and a jade eyes that outlined by black. Great. The fifth Kazegage. Gaara. He sat with his arms crossed in front of him and the same no emotion look displayed on his face.

"Uh...Hi. I'm Sakura Haruno" I gave a small wave at everyone. Man, my nerves are overwhelming. Plus, my cheeks were getting hot. Hope my blush wasn't obvious.

"If you don't mind, Ms. Haruno, we would like to get started." An old woman said impatiently. No wonder they call this group the elders. And sorry if you guys came early, at least you live here, while I was walking to my village to yours. Show some respect if you don't mid! I mentally added. I didn't wanted to sound rude.

No one invited me to sit, and apparently that lady just invited me. So I took the only vacant seat. There was a long awkward silence. Eyes of the elders seemed to examine me, like I was some strange creature. Ok, maybe I am, since I'm the only girl with the pink hair. But if I want them to stare at me, I would join a freak show.

An old man begin to speek. He had that grandpa look. "Ms. Haruno, as you know, many neighbouring villages, apart from your village, had attack ours countless times. This had started since the Shukaku was removed from our Kazagage. Reports says that not only neighbouring villages wanted to attack Kazegage but also some people from this village also. Lead by a member of elders" I took a quick glance at Gaara, to see what his response to this, but showed nothing. Quite whispers spread the table. Glancing to however they suspected. "Therefore, we asked your Hokage to send her best member to guard our Kazegage. Until the leader is known and captured." I gave a nod to accept the mission. I can't believe that I'm baby-sitting Gaara, its Gaara for crying out loud a powerful sand Kazegage!


After the meeting I got out the room, followed by the elders. Gaara waited outside for me to follow him to his house. I know, I can't believe it either.

'You are to live in Kazegage's house, in case of any attempts of attacks'

I would imagine you would hire a male to guard you, even if you're a male or a female. Imagine me guarding Kazegage? It doesn't sound right doesn't it? I expected the other way around, sounds much better.

Once Gaara saw me, he quickly walked away, expecting me to follow. Outside the building it was humid. Again sweat was beginning to build up on my, apparently huge forehead. We passed the market place; it was hectic, people selling, people buying and mothers pulling their children away from the sweet stand. It was nice, it reminds me of home. I giggled at the sight. Gaara turned around, wondering why I was giggling.

"This place, reminds me of home" I confessed. He turned around and carried on walking.

We reached his house, and stopped outside. It was the same size as other houses but roughly larger. "Does Temari and Kankuro lives with you?" I asked.

"Hn" he replied. Oh man, why does he have to use that? It is either 'Yes' or 'No' but instead he uses what Sasuke would use!

At least I know one person, Temari. She and I are quite close. And it also means that there won't be awkward silences around the house, if it was only me and him.

He opened the door and went inside. I quickly followed, you never know, he might shut you out!

"I'll show you your room." He said, in a tone that sounds like he doesn't care, total boredom. He can put even Naruto to sleep by his tone of voice.

I can see the living room straight away and to my left there was the kitchen, and to the right there was the stairs. He went up the stair and leaving me to follow him, again. I spotted out that there were 5 doors.

"This is your room, the door opposite you is the bathroom." He opened the door that was supposedly, my room. I dropped my bag near the door of my room. "The room next to you is Temari's. And Kankuro is the one after that. Go to them for any questions." After that he quickly strode out, my guess back to the tower.

"Hey, Hey! Where are you going?" I asked. My mission was to 'guard' him, and his not really helping.

Great! I'm stuck looking after HIM. Out all people HIM?!? Oh, this is going to be a long day...

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