The Last chapter of Babysitting the Kazegake.

("Sunakagure." A voice did not come from a female's mouth; it came from the person who sat stiffly next to me.

"What? You knew?" I asked confusingly. )


I rolled over, the bed slightly stirred by my sudden movement.

"Gaara, what would you do if I stayed here?" I wondered, even though I don't think I could stay anywhere without him.

He hesitated, "I don't know." The person next to me answered, turning himself to face me.

"What would you do if I moved to Suna?"

He caressed my cheeks softly, but received no answer.

"Gaara? Answer me, please." I begged.

"I don't know Sakura; I won't persuade you onto anything." His voice crackled. My mind flew to many possibilities for the reason why his voice cracked, either it was too late at night...or he was in verge of tearing up.

This could be our last night together. Tsunade gave me one day to decide, Gaara had to return to Suna immediately. One day to find reason why I should stay at the place I decided. And it wasn't enough. Knowing that Tsunade wanted me to stay in Leaf along with the rest of my friends, but is it enough to stay here? The memories I had in this place, both good and bad. The place I grew up and the place that disciplined me. I could list countless of names that acted as my own parent, including Tsunade. I could list countless of name that acted as my own sisters, especially Ino. I could list countless of names that acted as my own brothers, my most protective brother of all-Naruto. The most hyperactive ninja in Leaf Village. The very same person that I envied, his optimistic personality and his kind determination, won many hearts from the Leaf. As they say, Home is where the Family are, right?

The Suna Village, the place where my ancestors originated, it was the same place where I met Gaara, whom I grown to love dearly, in a short amount time. How could I fall in love with someone over months? Is my feelings real? Temari and Kankuro acted like the brother and sister I never had, they took me in, welcomed me dearly. The Suna villagers seemed...nice, except for the fact that I had to run away from most of the females in the village. Then a thought occurred to me, it was Gaara that I decided to live after Karin attacked; my conscious mind told me I had to live on because of Gaara... Am I strong enough to leave him?

All of this confused me, ripping me in pieces. One half wanted to stay in Konoha, while the other is racing back to Gaara. For how many exams and mission I had been through, this was the hardest decisions I had ever made.

"I can't do it." I cried, sobbing, feeling the streaks of salty water gliding down my face. Gaara instinctively tried took me in his arms, shushing me.

"Can't do what?" He asked, in a soothing voice. It worked, magically, the sudden burst of distress had calmed down. My body responded to the sounds of his own voice, my heart pounding against my chest by his own touch. And it would be even worse if I could see his loving eyes.

"I can't choose. I can't Gaara. It's too hard." sobbing between each sentence.

He did not answer; he kissed me in the forehead, until the tears drowned me to sleep.


The next day, I went to Tsunade's office alone. I looked like a mess, my hair was knotted, deep bruise like colour around my eyes, colouring the bags that droop underneath it.

"Sakura?" Tsunade was stunned to recognise me, I could not blame her; it was hard to recognise someone who was in this state.

"Well... have you decided?" She asked; sitting down behind her table, in front of her was an only scroll, in the middle of the desk.

I nodded.

"So, where will it be?"

"I choose to" Right then, the barriers I strongly held had collapsed, causing tears to fall rapidly down my face. And right then, Tsunade was instantly beside me.

"Why? Did Gaara hurt you?" She sounded surprised by my answer and angry at the sudden thought.

I shook my head, unable to answer; my voice could not escape from my mouth.

"Sakura, is this, what you want?" She asked, worriedly.

"Y-You're my o-only family." I managed to reply, gasping for air to calm myself.

"Sakura..." She hushed, rubbing my back, calming me.

After minutes of my emotional display, I composed myself properly. Tears were still running, however it wasn't as worse than before...

"What do you mean as a family, Sakura?" Tsunade asked, confused.

" were always like a- a mother to me." I muttered.

"Sakura..." She sighed. "And as a mother, we are prepared to let go of their own daughters, to trust them that they are making the right decisions and to trust that they brought them up well." She explained, but as far as I saw it, inside she was in pain, her watery eyes was one of the clue.

"What if I'm making the w-wrong decisions?" I exclaimed quietly.

There was a pause.

"Sakura, is this... what you really want? " She repeated again. "Is this your final answer?"

I would like to say 'yes, it is', but deep inside it would not let me. I cursed my mouth for not moving to form 'yes'. Why? Do I really want to leave Suna? This question kept repeating itself. And I am tired of it.

"Tsunade, I love Gaara." I muttered quietly.

"I know, I can tell." She nodded and smiled genuinely, "Is this why you won't choose Suna?"

I shook my head. "No, but...I don't know!" I exclaimed frustrated.

"Just listen to your heart, dear." She said softly.

"I do. But one half is ready to leave for Suna, the other is planted here." I frowned.

"Please, Sakura, think about the future."

I thought about it, taking her advice. In Konoha, I have a future as medical ninja, surrounded with my friends. Same old faces, which I knew for a long time now. Tsunade will teach me more techniques; I will learn more until I surpass my own master. My future here is more centred on education, setting myself a new goal each time I reached it.

Suna would be different. The possibilities are endless. I could start new life, whatever job I wanted; I have enough skills for that. And also my future will be clear that Gaara would be the biggest part of my life.


"Gaara...?" I asked, whilst they were on their way out of the Konoha gates.

Gaara turned around, solemnly revealed his face. Everyone was there, greeted farewell and safe regards.

I kissed his cheeks, "I'll see you later?" I asked, since goodbye was unable to come out.

To my disappointment, his eyes gaze into mine and then turned around to leave the gate. Kankuro and Temari were weaving back to us, only Gaara prodded ahead; his head hung.

When they were out of sight, tears build around the walls of my eyes. Ino hugged me close, "You're a good actress." She commented.

"I think this is torture!" The hyper active ninja accused.

"I-I think it's sweet." Hinata muttered, cheeks turning crimson red, when Naruto looked at her.

"Yeah, Sakura I think this is all romantic!" Ino exclaimed.

I turned away, ashamed of myself. Could I really do this? Would he take me back? The pits of my stomach had flipped, guilty conscious was yelling at me.

"I don't know." I answered.

"What do you mean 'you don't know'? Like, it's all planned." Ino rattled.

"I-I-It doesn't matter, S-Sakura. You're g-going to see him soon." Hinata smiled.

"I think I'm playing with his feelings. I don't want to do that." I looked down stared at the ground, keeping my eyes avoiding with theirs.

"Look, Sakura, you need time to prepare yourself, leaving is not easy. It takes time. And also Temari knows about the plan, so she got it covered and therefore, you don't need to worry." As always Shikamaru's wise words were right.


I got everything ready, from books to clothes were all packed. Some of my furniture was sold and others had been sent. Some boxes were already on their way to the village, Temari made sure that Gaara had no clue and prepared the place for me stay. Temari also wrote that Gaara was suspicious that a newly built house was bought by Tsunade. It had been weeks, since Gaara left. And it seemed that I could not function properly. Every day of the week, I spent my time with my friends, hanging on with the time we had left. I've been shopping with Ino, who had had crazy idea to plan my 'future wedding' with Gaara. I've also relaxed with Hinata, having a relaxing herbal tea to calm my mind, and I even had a ramen contest with Choji and Naruto, whom obviously started a cold war, claiming that they had win.

But the day I officially moved out, I was surprisingly over the moon with joy. My bags were ready, merely the last of my clothes and belongings, and was about to depart at the edge of the village. Temari was there waiting for me, she agreed to escort my way to Suna, which I think was an excuse to see Shikamaru again. However, at that moment of farewells, I could not hold with the joy and excitement I had that morning.

"G-Goodbye, Sakura. I'll w-will surely m-miss you." Hinata hugged.

"I'll miss you too." I attempted to smile back at her, but the smile did not reach my eyes.

"Bye, Sakura."Ino hugged me tightly, "D-Don't forget us alright?" She sniffed.

I nodded in response; my tears were building once again and my voice box was blocked.

The person who hugged me next was Naruto, the blond talented ninja, was crying. "Come here!" He opened his arms wide, and hugged all the air out of my system. "I'm going to miss you so much Sakura. And if Gaara is being gay, tell us and I know which ass to kick!" Tears were escaping my eyes, as I laughed at Naruto.

The next thing I knew, I was in Tsunade's arms. I could feel the wet tears, soaked into my top, and I could not help but escaped my building tears as well. It all kicked in, I was leaving for good. Not like last time, when I could come back after missions and spend my time with every one of them. The memories that we shared, even the good and bad will always be in my heart, and I will treasure them forever. I started to panic when the thought occurred to me, of course they will send letters to me, but what if later on months or years later, will they still able to? Will they still be able to recognise me when I do visit the village again, will they change their personality?

I cried on Tsunade's shoulder, because of all these reason. I have to believe in them that they will not change and they will still remember. I just have to hold on that hope. But once Tsunade released me, that grip on the kite of hope, suddenly seemed to slip.

"You're officially a Sunagakure citizen." Tsunade whispered, "I sent Gaara the papers, which will arrived soon after you reach the village." She pulled me away, holding my shoulders. "I'll miss you Sakura, don't forget to visit us ok. This is your second home; we'll welcome you with open arms." And for the first time today, Tsunade smiled genuinely, the image that I could not possibly forget.

The journey to Suna was tiresome; it was always easy for me. But after all the energy I had, had been lost by shedding tears, I felt drowsy. Temari had told me that Gaara was back to usual self, before I had the mission, and also said that the house Tsunade brought for me was pretty big. But as soon as we arrived to their house, I collapse in the bed I had always slept. I missed the house so much I exhaust myself with the mixture of feelings I felt in one day. The warm and soft bed, lured me in as well as the scent that I missed so much, I felt like I was home.

I was woken up with the soft caressing of my cheeks. I flattered my eyes open to find the red-head Kazegake, with cyan eyes seemed even more endless. Before my mind registered my action, I sat up and hugged him firmly.

"I missed you so much." I whispered.

"I missed you too." He pulled away to look at me, and then smirked, "I guess you're staying here."

I laughed, "Get use to it."

"I already have." And with that the kiss I waited for weeks, finally came.

A new start, a new beginning.

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