Doctor Who: Book of the Gods

Chapter 1: A Fair Warning

It had been a mere few months since the TARDIS first touched ground on The Library, but in reality a good 10 years had passed. Unlike the last time, The Library was not deserted, it was much as he had left it, the isles were filled with fine people, ranging through all races, people of all shapes, sizes and even colours, (at least this goes to show that our literary community is not a dead one, am I right readers?). There was (thankfully) one thing missing this time around, that being the Vashta Nerada, thus leaving The Library in the tranquil state that it is meant to be witnessed.

The familiar sounds of the TARDIS engines filled the silence that was The Library. The doors opened and The Doctor steps out, to a rather loud shushing sound, and to the fact that there were a near hundred people staring at him in near disgust.

"Sorry" said The Doctor in almost a whisper. With this the occupants of The Library continued with their activities, which one can only imagine to be reading really… what else is there to do?

The Doctor had decided to come back to The Library after the decision to take a holiday, and where better place to take a holiday than the centre-point of all human literature?

So where would our Doctor decide to go first? Horror? Mystery? Western? Or perhaps he'd take a gamble and go to a section of the library with the books that would not fit into any other particular genre. The latter sounded like his best bet, so off he trundled.

An old man dressed in rags, looking particularly like a human beggar approached the doctor on his way to this section.

"Beware Doctor!" he shouted. "Beware the book of the gods". The Doctor just considered this to be another general ranting of a mad man, but then broke his stride. 'How did he know who I am?', the thought crossed The Doctor's mind, but as he turned to question it, the man was gone. 'Then again' The Doctor thought, 'maybe I'm more famous than I realised' with this thought in mind The Doctor continued on grinning like a chimp.

After a ten minute stroll, The Doctor reached his destination and started looking through the books, realising that most of these were ones that people couldn't be bothered to put back in the right place, so after looking around them for a few minutes, The Doctor decided to sit down with a copy of Stephen King's 'The Stand'. He had settled into the book and been reading avidly for about an hour, when he spotted out of the corner of his eye, a black, leather-bound book with no title on the spine, he thought this somewhat odd and continued reading, but his eyes were always averted back to this book, so he placed his novel down and stood to investigate. He picked the book from the shelf, the front and back covers were as untitled as the spine of it. He opened the pages, they were blank, just sheets of lined paper, 'ohh come on' he thought, 'I know this place is meant to have every book, but a bloody exercise pad?' The Doctor laughed, 'well at least the creator has a sense of humour'. The Doctor turned back towards his chair to continue his novel, much to his surprise, the chair had been occupied in his absence, so he picked up the novel and sat on the floor, still with the leather-bound exercise pad under his arm.

As he sat down, he heard a distant laughter, growing louder and louder, almost to a deafening degree. Yet the rest of The Library were unstirred by it, as if they could not hear it at all, then The Doctor saw the cause of it. The man in the rags that stopped him earlier was standing there, straight in front of him, laughing vigorously. Yet somehow no one could see nor hear him.

"You were warned Doctor!" he bellowed, the man pulled the cloak of his hood down from his face, to reveal a twisted old individual, his hair was white as if he had just seen some sort of ghost or been surprised beyond anything. His eyes were red as they would be on a poor quality camera shot, and his smile, ohh god the smile, an almost toothless smile, but somewhat disturbing. "You were warned Doctor!" he repeated, "and now my time is over, the turn is yours", as The Doctor stood in confusion, the man dropped to the floor clutching his chest, and from the other hand he dropped a book, a black, leather-bound book. This made the doctor look at the book still in his hand.

"Well Doctor", a booming voice made The Doctor look up again, a figure had appeared in front of him floating over the dead man's body, this figure was far from human. Its skin was blue, the wings that sprouted from its back were a darker shade of the same colour, with some rather large feathers sprouting from the connection between the wings and the creature's back. Its face was white, not just pale, but pure white, with a smile stretched from ear to ear, which opened to continue his sentence; "Shall we begin?"

"What!?" the doctor responded, but unlike the last ounce of noise, no one heard him, nor did the turn to face the creature in the centre of the room. The Doctor looked back at the book in his hand, the front cover started to twist and distort, then two words appeared on the cover of the book… Death Note. The Doctor looked up in an avid sense of fear and repeated… "What!?"