Summary: He had grown used to soft hands caressing him in the night, but what does it mean when tradition suddenly stops? What is Mordred planning?

WARNING: This story contains sexual themes between two males. If you are not comfortable reading this type of story, then kindly go find a story that is more to your liking.

Disclaimer: The characters of Merlin do not belong to me. I assume BBC has those rights. However, I do believe that I own the plot. :D

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Now on with the story!

Touches in the Night

Chapter One

"Emrys…" a haunting voice called softly into the night.

Long nubile fingers deftly explored the planes of his chest, brushing along the outline of his ribcage and taunt stomach, traveling further south… Finally, the hands came to their destination: his aching member. Lightly touched the heated appendage at an agonizingly slow pace, clearly teasing. A soft kiss was pressed to his lips.

"Come for me Emrys…" was whispered hoarsely, and then it was all over.

And like every night since He had left, Merlin woke up to a cold bed and a leaking erection demanding his immediate attention. His lips burned pleasurably, not letting him forget the soft touch… Flashes of the dream came back to him in snippets. Soft hands. Intense blue eyes. Pale skin. A husky laugh… Mordred. Always Mordred.

Dreams such as this had come to him each night since the young Druid had fled Camelot four years prior. They had started out rather tame, a kiss on the cheek, the holding of his hand. However, they had slowly progressed as time passed, into something more passionate and consuming…

And so, each night Merlin would awaken and set to work on his little problem, calling out the name of his unseen lover as he came. Falling back into an exhausted sleep afterwards with a smile on his lips. Knowing that they would meet once more the following night…how wrong he was.

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