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Down in Dino-topia, Buck was wandering around looking for Rudy. All was quiet.

"No' much hap'nin t'day." He said to himself. He decided to stop for a few minutes.

Buck started to sharpen his tooth dagger when he heard a scream. "AUUUUUUGGGGHHHHH! HELP!!".

He immediately stopped working on his weapon and ran to where the cry for help was coming from.

He couldn't believe what he saw: four Veloceraptors attacking a little girl weasel!

Buck jumped onto one Veloceraptor and started to wrestle it. The other raptors stopped chasing after the girl weasel and charged at Buck.

Buck, of course, was too quick for them. He swerved through their legs tying them up with a vine.

"RUN LASS!!" He yelled to the kit. She scampered into the bushes and watched the fight through there.

Buck ran out of the fight leaving the raptors tied together. Then he pushed them on their ankles with one finger, and sent them tumbling down a cliff.

The little girl came out of the bushes. Buck went over to her.

"Ya all right, lass?" he asked her, catching his breath.

"I'm all right. Thank you for saving me!" she said. She ran over and hugged him.

Buck was surprised. He had never been hugged before. It felt awkward.

"Yeh, alright. Ya welcome." Buck said prying the child off of his waist. "Now go 'ome."

He trudged off leaving the little weasel girl behind him.

Five hours passed and Buck was still on his own. He hadn't done anything since he rescued that little girl weasel.

He continued to walk until a noise made him stop. He turned around to see what it was.

Nothing. He walked on. Then something in the bushes rustled again.

This time he took out his dagger. "Who's b'hind there?" he called. Out jumped something he didn't expect to see: the girl weasel!

"Ay, ain't you the kid I saved earlier?"

The little weasel smiled and said "Yes."

" 'Ave ya been followin' me?"


"Don' ya 'ave anywhere to go?"

The little weasel's face fell. "No".

Buck looked surprised. "Where are ya parents?"

The little kit slowly looked up at him and said "I-I'm an orphin."

Buck's face fell. "Is that why ya've been followin' me?"

The girl nodded. Buck didn't know what to do. He couldn't leave her with no way to defend for herself.

"Well, I, guess ya can tag'a long for a bit."

The child's face lit up. "Really?"

"Until we can find ya a safe place to live, and maybe a fosta' fam'ly."

The little weasel ran up and hugged him again.

"But ya gonna have to not do that." he said. "Oh, okay." the kit said letting go of him.

"C'mon lass, it's gettin' dark." Buck told her. He and the girl walked along together side by side.

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