This is not over…she thought bitterly. "Why did you side with her, mother?" Hestia asked of her mother with a sneer on her face and a last sniffle from her earlier tears.

Marlene looked at her daughter and rolled her eyes, "Hestia dear, do wipe your face and stop your sniveling. If you want the young Mr. Malfoy we shall get him for you. As for his mother, we will deal with her later…a seat at the table indeed."

She said with an unbecoming sneer crossing her already Unlovely features.

Hestia's smile joined her mother's as she pondered the unsaid plan.

She had no idea what the plan was, but sure it would allow her to get close to her Drakie.

In the next hour Hestia and her mother walked through Knockturn alley for some of the darker herbs and potion ingredients.

Hestia was practically skipping in giddiness at her reunion with Drakie.

He would come around with time. She thought.

Then the daydreams started;

He would walk slowly to her on their wedding night; he would whisper her name and take her hand.

He would pull her close and slowly lower his head to kiss her gently.

He would move his lips to her ear and thank her for her efforts. She would smile and lead them to their bed.

As he neared she would push him down and back up. Her steady hands would unbutton her top slowly to tease him. She would shrug her shirt off and look into his eyes seeing passion and excitement there. She would unzip her skirt and let it fall to the ground.

She has only her bra, panties, thigh highs and heels. In her mind she is crawling on top of him, beginning to kiss him deeply. He murmurs that she is beautiful and wraps his arms around her waist…

"HESTIA!" Marlene yelled for the third time.

"Yes. …sorry mom." Jolted out of her reverie.

"Daydreaming again, child?"

The Plan:

Polyjuice potion was used to impersonate in order to infiltrate a group and it generally took 30 days to brew; Marlene could brew it in 4 hours – this was the only talent Marlene had, brewing polyjuice in 4 hours – that is it.

Hestia had a habit of taking bits of hair from her peers at school; she always thought that you never know when you may need it.

She had taken some of Hermione's hair from the library one night after the older girl had fallen asleep on the table with books and parchment littering the space.

Hermione Granger, surely Draco was just playing some trick on her….making plans to show those Gryffindor Goons how superior Slytherin wizards are. Hestia thought wishing Draco and Blaise had trusted her enough to share their plan with her.

She wasn't sure if she liked Pansy or not, the older witch hadn't really ever spoken two words to her, except "you're in my seat." And "Why are you here?"

Hestia knew Pansy was considered the Slytherin Princess, she earned high marks and excelled in potions, but Hestia couldn't understand –other than trio was older than she- why they didn't see her talents and include her in their goings on.

I earn above average marks. I am attractive. I'm pureblood. I can please a man and have never had bushy hair and a know-it-all attitude.

Hestia sighed, her mother was speaking to her again, "Are you sure you want Draco Malfoy? There is no other boy you could direct your …efforts onto?"

"No, mom. I am everything Drakie wants. I just need to make him see that that Granger girl is not for him. Once I walk down the aisle and we are married he won't have any other option, but to see I am his magic mate."

Hestia and her mother finished up their 'shopping' and were moving towards an apparition point when a very tall and handsome gentlemen stopped them.

"Good afternoon, I have noticed that you ladies have purchased some potion ingredients that can be used for a less than ethical intention. May I take a look at the ingredients?"

"No. You may not. Who are you the potions police?" Marlene snapped, not realizing that she pulled her bag closer to her body.

"Well, yes ma'am, I am. "he held out his hand to her in introduction, "Auror Malcom Jawali."

"Why are you following us?" Hestia asked as if she were berating someone subordinate to her.

He grimaced at her rudeness and then turned to her mother who had the grace to look a bit embarrassed at her daughters' entitlement.

"Mrs. Malfoy was very kind to me during a dark period in my life and Mr. Malfoy helped to realize my dream of becoming an Auror. So, when I hear that someone tried to interrupt an otherwise happy affair I am obliged to intervene on their behalf." He paused for effect and to smile internally at the thwarted expression on Hestia's Helganbottoms face.

He watched in amusement as the blood slowly drained from Marlene Helganbottoms face, he continued, "So ma'am, your bag….or we can discuss this further at my office."

She handed the bag over and watched the auror inspect the ingredients.

Auror Jawali sighed and then murmured a spell, "Mrs. Helganbottom, it is within my authority to confiscate this bag, but first, these ingredients look like the makings of a polyjuice potion. Who were you going to impersonate?" he asked in hopes of eliciting a confession of mal-intent so he could act instead of lecture.

Marlene smiled knowing what he was trying at, but Hestia, "The mudblood. Hermione Granger. She thinks she is soo much better than I am. She is not nearly as pretty as I am. I deserve to be with Draco." She said all in one breath.

Marlene looked like she was going to hex the younger Helganbottom right there.

"Well, Mrs. Helganbottom since you are responsible for your daughters' actions and you purchased these ingredients with the intent of causing fraud; I can judge and sentence you here." He looked at the two women happy that his fishing expedition worked.

The older woman looked as though she was going to vomit.

"Hestia Helganbottom, you are sentenced to one year magical suspension. Your wand will be hereby confiscated and you will attend a muggle educational institution during the next school year." Hestia was turning progressively darker shades of red.

"Marlene Helganbottom, you are sentenced to one year community service with assigned tasks from the ministry. There are many sick and poor wizards and witches that are in need of help."

Auror Jawali, handed them a magical citation that recorded what transpired. "Have a nice day ladies" and walked away with a bag of potion ingredients and one Hestia Helganbottom wand.

He needed to log the items and turn the magical copy of the citation over to his superior. He also needed to owl Lucius and let him know he could rest.

Hestia was in tears, she would never know the touch of one Draco Malfoy.

Then, ever the positive thinker, a year was not that long.

Wizards took mistresses all the time. She would have a year to think on the perfect plan, by then Draco would be sick of that mudblood anyway.

She looked at her mother who was seething with anger, "mother, what is wrong? I will get Draco one way or the other. I can wait a year." She soothed unaware that because of her stupidity and big mouth, her mother now had to serve the community.

"We will wait to discuss this further at home." Marlene seethed barely able to contain herself. The crucio curse is too good for this selfish child, she thought.


Narcissa came back looking relieved and told Lucius what happened.

Just then an owl pecked at the window; Lucius opened the window and the owl stumbled over the threshold thrusting its foot towards him.

Lucius smirked at the clumsy bird and read the parchment.

Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy,

Their plot involved polyjuice potion. I was able to elicit a confession and confiscated the potion. Please be mindful of them, but in my opinion they will not cause any trouble for you today. I will also patrol Manor boundaries with some colleagues this morning.

As always, at your service,

Auror M. Jawali

Lucius shared the good news with his wife and she smiled…a smile that spoke volumes about her opinion of the Helganbottoms.

"What are you thinking, my love?" he asked fearing a hex of the entire Helganbottom clan.

"I have already spoken to the Parkinson, Bullstrode, Goyle, Crabbe, and Greengrass matriarchs and Mrs. Helganbottom is in for a big surprise when she attempts to gain support from her …friends." Narcissa purred.

"So you have effectively left her alone with her daughter for at least a year with no support system? I almost feel sorry for her. Hestia is ….well, you know." He said as he walked to his wife to take her in his arms for a kiss and maybe a shower… after she pulled away their eyes met again and he smiled and nodded to the shower wagging his eyebrows before he slipped his hand under her thin shirt and grazed her nipple with his thumb.

Narcissa moaned as he lifted her shirt and replaced his thumb with his lips; he lifted her, waved a wand to the shower to start the water and stepped in.

He had cast a quick spell to remove their clothing.

His member sprang forward waiting for her warmth to surround it. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he propped her up against the shower wall and entered her swiftly. She moaned again and kissed him passionately while he pumped quicker and quicker into her.

She felt the pressure building and couldn't keep her panting under control. "Lucius I can't wait. Cum with me…pleeeaasee."

"Oh oh Gods you feel so good. Here it is, Cissa. Oh Cissa." he spilled his seed inside of her and she screamed his name when she exploded also. They panted together and remained intertwined. "I love you" he sighed. "I could stay like this forever, inside you, feeling your bare skin against mine."

He was turning her on again and she could feel him getting hard again inside of her.

He bent down to kiss her again and started moving his hips, slower this time….It was a long shower.

They dried and started to dress….quickly.

Lucius was wearing dark grey slacks a white button shirt with a Slytherin green cravat and light grey wizards robes.

His hair was tied back and he looked handsome.

Narcissa turned around to look at her devastatingly attractive husband, my my my what a lucky witch I am.

Narcissa was wearing her hair in a chignon with a stylish comb in the shape of a snake on the side.

Her dress was a Slytherin green tea length hard silk gown, with grey suede 4 inch heels and light grey witches robes that matched Lucius.

She is breath-taking. He thought.

Together they made a quite intimidatingly beautiful couple.

Pansy, Luna and Ginny were dressing in the other room and helping each other look perfect.

They were wearing tea length chiffon dresses blood red in color. Sleeveless with a knot at the top of their shoulders to gather the strap into a 'V' shaping the neckline and emphasizing the rise of their bosom…Ginny had a little more …flesh to work with so she had a lace camisole under; a small show of fabric around the mid section (right below their breast area) pulled in back to tie that flattered their small waists.

The skirts fell straight with a slight flare around their hips lending a very feminine quality to the lovely girls.

The dress fell to just below the knee and finishing with the same color heels. They all wore a silver combs in their hair to match Mrs. Malfoys snaked comb.

Draco was pacing back and forth in his room, he was a little nervous that he would do something embarrassing or stutter over his vows or who knows what.

He was dressed in black with a Slytherin green tie and black robes with a green satin insert. He hoped things would go well and he hoped that she liked the ring.

He took his father with him to pick it up; it was a simple band of gold with a carved lions head and dragon wings – though you couldn't tell what it was at first glance; on the inside of the ring it read cunning and courage.

He wanted to see her. His father had briefly told him that his mother went over to Hogwarts this morning at the request of Ginny because Mi wasn't feeling well. He had wanted to go, but Lucius prevented him from going, "Leave her to your mothers care, son."

Draco wasn't happy about it, but complied.

After what happened yesterday he didn't want anything else going wrong.

He looked in the mirror one last time and was supremely satisfied with how he looked.

He closed the door behind him softly and walked to meet his groomsmen.

Blaise was also wearing black with a Slytherin green tie; however Harry and Ron were wearing a Gryffindor Maroon tie – he guessed he could live with that, it would make Mi happy.

He smiled and nodded and together they walked to the altar.

Draco watched as his mother sat down and then she nodded for the music to begin.

The girls walked down the aisle alone, the gentlemen would escort post-nuptials.

Luna came first, smiling at Ron who turned the same color as his tie.

Pansy next; she wagged her eyebrows at Harry who smiled at her.

Ginny was the matron of honor and she walked last and she was smiling at...Draco.

Why is she smiling at me like she knows something that I don't? He glanced at Pansy and she had the same expression – this is making me nervous. Oh Merlin, she drank some potion and now she the color of an orange with finned feet and pointy ears!

He gulped and watched as the guests rose and his father met an angel in the back.

She was …a vision. His father held out his arm; she placed her small hand on his and walked down the aisle.

Her dress was silk with a chiffon overlay. It was an ivory color with the slightest hint of pink; off the shoulder empire waist floor length dress. The train was attached to her left wrist by a small latch on her elbow length gloves.

She wore no veil, only a tiara fit for a princess.

Her look was simple, elegant…beautiful.

Lucios stopped about 5 feet short of where Draco was standing and nodded to his son to step down and take his bride the remaining distance.

Lucius took her hand, bowed to her, kissed her hand and then handed it to Draco.

She curtsied to Lucius and turned to Draco who now bowed before her, took her hand and led her to the altar. She curtsied to him and let him lead her.

They stood together facing the official and holding hands – he was pretty sure most of his fingers would never be the same after this; she was gripping him for dear life.

"We are gathered here to witness this young couple unite in a lifelong commitment of love, respect and happiness. They have written their own vows."

"Draco Lucius Malfoy, Do you have your vows ready?"

"Yes." Draco answered.

The official nodded for him to recite them.

Draco turned to face her and brought her hand to his lips.

He kissed her fingers and smiled, "Mi, You have always challenged me to strive for better. You have admonished me …publicly (rumble of laughter from guests) for my mistakes. You have been there for me in good times and dark ones. In the seven years I have known you, no other person in my life has ever come close to the spot you hold in my heart. I love you, for your beauty, your intellect, your sense of right and wrong and your selfless actions. I am a lucky man today because you are my partner, my friend and soon, my wife."

Hermione in tears tried to gather her thoughts.

"Hermione Alexandra Granger, Do you have your vows ready?"

"Yes." She sniffled.

The official smirked, then nodded for her to recite them….she needed a few more moments to stop sniffling.

"I guess I can't really get away with, 'DITTO' huh?" she laughed and the guests and Draco laughed too.

"I love you Drake; plain and simple. You are my most trusted friend. You are my lover and my rock on which I rely constantly; without your kind words of encouragement and steady hand, I couldn't continue. You confidence gives me confidence, your smile makes me smile and your kiss….well your kiss (laugher again and a blush from Draco). I can't breathe without you. I love you."

Draco smiled and the official was about to speak again,
"OH!" She said quickly; Draco turned back to her mildly alarmed, "and I'm pregnant, Drake."

Draco couldn't breathe. He couldn't move. He kept looking from her eyes to her stomach, to her eyes, to her stomach, eyes, stomach. Then he regained composure and smiled, tearing up…then blinked and mouthed – I love you to her.

The official sputtered a little, the girls just grinned wider – Ginny was on the verge of jumping up and down clapping, Harry, Blaise and Ron stood there slack-jawed eyes bouncing from bride to groom, bride to groom.

Lucius was shocked and looked at Narcissa to gage her reaction, but was met with a knowing smile. He then smiled too.

"Ahem" the official cleared his throat.

"Will the couple please face each other and take each other's hands….

…A magical marriage is binding. In times of prosperity and in times of hardship, you are partners. Respect, Integrity and love are cornerstones to marriage…."

As the official was reciting the traditional ceremony mantra, a magical sparkle-y gold binding was surrounding their clasped hands and not unlike the unbreakable vow left small scars on their hands to mark the binding.

As this gold binding continued circling the couple, Hermione's dress turned the lightest shade of green, which inspired collective oohs and aaahs from the guests.

"I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. Draco, you may kiss your bride."

Draco turned to Hermione, smiled and pulled her to him. "I love you." He said before he lowered his head and his lips touched hers.

She responded by deepening the kiss.

He pulled her closer and waved for Ron, Harry and Blaise to start walking.

The groomsmen escorted each matron to the waiting dining room to prepare for the feast. The younger Malfoys walked hand in hand down the aisle to be met by the older Malfoys.

"I don't know how I will ever thank you for …everything." Hermione gushed then embraced the older woman, "Can I call you mom too?" Hermione asked.

Narcissa had tears in her eyes and through her hug she whispered, "It was my pleasure young girl and I would love for you to call me mom."

Hermione then turned to Lucius Malfoy and at the stricken look on his face she almost laughed, "I know you don't do the hug thing, but …" and she threw herself his way and he hugged her with the same urgency she hugged him.

"Young lady, I am so please with this union and the child it will produce. Would you call me father too?" His request was laced with uncharacteristic humbleness.

"No. I will not call you father." His face fell, then she added quickly, "but I will call you dad, because that's how the muggle girls roll!" she quipped then laughed.

They continued to laugh together when they entered the hall.

All eyes turned to the Malfoy family expectantly, The Malfoy patriarch waved his wand and stars rose inside the hall reminiscent of the Great Hall sky scenes during meal times; as all eyes raised with the stars the feast materialized.

Draco thought how wonderful today had been so far. He looked at his 'wife', his mother and father and thought life could get no better.


The year continued, Hogwarts allowed for the couples to move away from the houses to accommodate the growing families (Pansy and Harry were also expecting as well as Luna and Ron and Seamus and Millicent).

Draco and Mi lived at the Manor and apparated in every morning; some mornings were more difficult than others.

During the pregnancy, her hormones and growing belly had noticeably affected Mi's magic and she couldn't apparate, so he apparated with her and when that made her sick they flooed and when she was too big to floo, they took the train, which he hated.

Her cravings were making him fat, luckily he still played Quidditch and had kept running… he had continued running with her in the evenings until she was too uncomfortable to keep going. Though Lucius all but begged her to stop running a month before she actually did. He said he was afraid all that bouncing would produce some bubble headed child, unable to keep still.

Hermione just smiled at him and hugged him tightly.

They took evening walks in the gardens as she grew and he really loved that time together. Hogwarts sent letters out allowing them to postpone and reschedule the tests, but in true Hermione manner, she had insisted on taking her N.E. and thus he had to take them also as he didn't let her out of his sight much these days unless she was with 'mom or dad'.

He had applied and was accepted into Auror training, which she was thrilled about and she was contemplating a part time department head position in the Ministry's Office of the Health and Welfare of Magical Creatures.

They decided to not find out what gender they were having, but whatever it was it kicked frequently leaving her sleep deprived and by association him also. He'd never been happier.

During the summer, she waddled and fanned herself and didn't eat much- though she still talked excitedly to him about arithmancy and his upcoming Auror training and whatever else she fancied.

When her time neared she became introspective and spoke in quiet tones.

She sought counsel with the Malfoy matriarch about child delivery and babies.

"What if I'm a horrible mother? What if I don't have a maternal bone in my body? I'm really frightened of …you know…having the baby." She had been crying a lot lately, watching muggle movies or seeing a most beautiful rose, watching a sunset, whatever, and this time was no different, she was crying.

Narcissa placed an arm around her daughter-in-magical law, "Mi, you are kind and compassionate. Brilliant and down to earth; you will be a wonderful mother and we can remedy the pain. Just trust in yourself and know that we are a family, you can call on us anytime."

A few weeks went by when one September night, "Drake?" She called his name then hissed in pain. "Drake?" She touched his shoulder.

He bolted upright, "What's wrong? Are you ok?" He quickly glanced down at her whole body to make sure she wasn't bleeding and then it dawned on him, "Is it time?"

She hissed again in pain and nodded.

He jumped up and dressed quickly, he dressed even quicker when he heard her groan in pain and put her hand on her stomach.

He walked over to her and kissed her when the contraction passed.

He felt her hot tears, "I'm scared, Drake." She whispered looking into his eyes.

His heart broke for her. He looked at her stomach and lowered his head to kiss it, but instead he said, "I know you want to come out, but you have to wait just a bit, you're scaring mommy." She smiled and then cursed when another contraction hit.

He picked her up cradling her – she was never heavy, but even with a baby she was easily carried.

He apparated to St. Mungo's and was immediately taken to the delivery room.

The hospital sent owls to her friends – he had sent Luca to wake his parents, they arrived shortly after he and Mi did.

After four long hours of pushing and labor, her exhaustive efforts materialized in the form of a beautiful baby girl with a tuft of platinum blond hair atop her perfectly round head. They named her Alexandra Narcissa Malfoy.

Lucius Malfoy surprised everyone by holding her much of the time and cooing softly to her and labeled her Cissy (which stuck). Narcissa came to call him a 'baby hog'.

Draco adored his baby girl and loved his wife with his entire being.

Life went on like this and one night on Cissy's third birthday, over cake, all the Malfoys were seated smiling and talking, Draco sharing the details of one of his cases to his father – who was, with no big shock, holding Cissy in his lap- and nodding interestedly at Draco's story.

Mi was telling Cissa how she had just hired a new temp – Resta …Helganbottom. Hestia's older and much nicer sister. Narcissa laughed at this new development.

After there was a pause in the conversation, Mi stood and raised her glass to make a toast, "Thank you so much for being the best grandparents imaginable and to you Drake for being the most trustworthy husband and loving father." They were about to drink, "OH! And I'm pregnant…again." Draco dropped his glass and smiled…with a hint of fear in his eyes for the times ahead.

The end.