It is said that deep inside certain tunnels on certain planets, there are hieroglyphs that depict a time that has been erased from history, a time where pharaohs and shadows ran around the land in equal abandon.

This time is known as 'The Great Gap'. A time period of over 500 years where all of Egypt and North-Eastern Africa seemingly disappeared from the map.

It is a time that is both revered and scorned by the people known as 'Archeologists' on the planet known as 'Earth'. Archeologists, that is, that haven't traveled to planets through a large stone ring on a regular basis.

In other words, Archeologists that aren't known as Doctor Daniel Jackson.

General Hammond, Teal'C, Colonel Jack O'Neill and Major Samantha Carter watched with hastily concealed amusement as Daniel ranted to them about what they were going to do about the possible trip to a recently discovered world.

"…elling you, this world is the one mentioned in the scriptures and tablets on the tunnels of one of the Tok'ra outposts! The planet where the happenings of 'The Great Gap' actually reside!"

"Do you have any actual proof of this, Doctor Jackson?" Hammond asked, looking at the linguist. Daniel nodded, waving towards the folders in front of them. "I was allowed to take a few pictures, but was only able to decipher about half of it. The other half is a dialect of Egyptian that is known only to royalty, so I only know a spare few symbols."

"Have we thought of sending a UAV, or a MALP through?"

Daniel nodded. "We tried. UAV came back, but with only a few blurry pictures. We think it ran into a magnet of some kind. But we had no trouble from sending it through. MALP recorded a breathable atmosphere."

Hammond thought for a second, and tapped his finger on the table, before turning to Daniel. "And you are sure you have the translations correct?"

"I'm willing to stake my security clearance on it."

"Good enough for me. Be ready to leave at 0900 hours. Dismissed." The rest of Team One nodded, and saluted, leaving to prepare for their trip.