The team walked out of the Stargate, watching the blue portal close before looking around. "Well, it looks the same as earth." "According the scriptures I could translate, it's almost identical to our world. I would be comfortable saying that its possible this may be something akin to a parallel world." Daniel said, glancing back down at the small notepad in his hands.

Jack rose an eyebrow. "Are we going to find little carbon copies of ourselves here?"

"I do not think so…but it is possible, Jack O'Neill." Teal'c said from behind Jack. Jack nodded. "Well come on. Let's look around."

-Several Hours Later-

Jack was furious. "Does this forest never end?" Daniel froze, and grabbed a small machine from his pack, sitting it on the ground. "You're right, Jack. This forest is an illusion…."

"Correct." A deep voice said from in front of them. The illusion flickered and died, and they were in a large warehouse, the Stargate directly behind them. There was a tall brown haired boy in front of them, who was wearing a large white trench coat. There was a slightly shorter spiky haired blonde, a white haired boy beside him, and a boy with blonde bangs, but black and red spiky hair was at the end of the line.

"Who are you, and how do you know how to use the Chapp'ai?" The one who had spoken before spoke up, the boy with the weird colors in his hair stepping forward, startling the others slightly with his deep voice.

Jack looked at them closely. "Chapp'ai?" "The large stone thing behind you, stupid." The blonde said, sneering slightly, pouting slightly when the first one elbowed the blonde lightly in the side. "Be quiet, Mariku." "Yes, oh glorious pr-Aa Atemu." The one called Mariku sneered again, only calming when the slightly taller white haired one put his arms around the blondes waist.

"What do you call the thing you just came from?" Teal'c thought for the second. "It is known to us as the Stargate, Shadow User." He said, ignoring the looks from his teammates. In the space of only a few seconds, SG-1 was suddenly facing down several guns.

"Give me one good reason not to blow your brains out, Goa'uld!" The tall brunette said harshly, pointing two pistols at the tall black skinned man. "I was once First Prime to Apophis, this is true. I now serve only myself. I fight for my freedom."

"But you still hold one of those damn things in you, correct?" The tall brunette asked, glancing back at Mariku for a second. Mariku was trembling, hand upon the back of the neck, and face hidden in the white haired ones neck.

"That is correct." Teal'c said, beginning to get some idea of why they were so jumpy. "Okay, what's going on Teal'c?" Jack said, glancing between the two groups. "It appears as if their youngest has become an unwilling host to a Goa'uld symbiote. Correct?" He asked, looking back to the brunette. He nodded, and let his guns rest at his sides.

"We are used to visitors coming through the Chapp'ai. We have played host to several Jaffa. So when two came through claiming Jaffa, we saw no reason to be worried. During the night, they kidnapped Mariku and disappeared through the Chapp'ai. By the time we found out, they had already returned Mariku. It came with a message, that they plan on using Mariku to take over our world."

The brunette smirked slightly. "I have a machine that suppresses the…symbiote did you call it? The symbiote. But it is getting stronger. I need to know how to fix it. Mariku is important to us." "Thank you Kaiba." Mariku said quietly, looking at the brunette. "Do not worry about it. Bakura, why don't you call and have some rooms set up for our guests?" The white haired one nodded, and led Mariku carefully, kissing the other on the top of the head.

Jack rose an eyebrow. "Well. They're affectionate." Kaiba smirked. "I should hope so. They're married." He said, grinning at the embarrassed looks on the others faces.