Two Suns

A/N This is un-beta'd and my first Twilight fan fiction. Honestly I read Twilight determined not to like it and emerged in love with Alice. The M is there for later chapters. I'm not actually sure if I will continue it. It all depends on the response I get.

Also this will be written in first person by everyone in different parts.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything in the Twilight universe. Meyers has claim to them all.

Rosalie's POV

To the slow simple minds of the humans surrounding us, I'm sure it looked simply like we, The Cullens had simply all stood up at the same time (rather stiffly I might add), covered the length between our table and the exit doors in well a rather power walkish style, dumped our uneaten trays, and walked out into the rainy afternoon weather that is synonymous with Forks.

If a single one of them noticed anything outlandishly amiss, their faces, thought's, emotion's, and immediate futures did not betray them. All except for that one very silly human girl, that started this whole shebang simply by being alive.

As I pushed my highly irritated, defensive, and very dangerous "siblings" out the door, her eyes were the only ones straining to see what had happened so abruptly. Silly stupid human.

But I feel I should backtrack and slow down this moment for better understandment. As vampires it is important for you to understand that our sense of time is highly eschewed compared to the traditional measurements of time. Seconds are minutes, minutes are hours, and hours can feel like days and so on. When eternity looms in your future it tends to change your perspective. A split second reaction is…well much more complicated.

If I had to estimate I would say the incident bloomed, progressed, and dive-bombed into a very dangerous situation in less than a minute.

"Alice. Edward." Both names rolled off her tongue in one breath. Now hearing our names is not a big deal. In a small town like Forks, being rich, beautiful, and reclusive tends to make you an ideal topic of gossip whenever the conversation lulls.

No it was the way their names were said that turned all of our heads in her direction. It sounded like she had never heard the names Alice and Edward before this moment. It sounded like she literally tasted their names in her mouth. She sounded…ironically like a crazed newborn vampire saying blood for the first time. It was quite honestly startling as hell.

Three different reactions happened directly after she uttered their names. My sister and brother, Alice and Edward, each jerked their heads in her direction. Alice a second ahead of Edward respectfully as her name had reached us first.

In another second they each had come completely oblivious of their surroundings. Each one looked at the girl like she was the greatest ideal since blood. In fact I'm quite sure they would of each championed the notion that the girl actually pre-dated the very existence of blood to begin with.

They both snapped out of the reveries ten seconds later (which felt in fact like ten minutes" when Alice's eyes glazed over announcing the vision playing out in her mind. The vision lasted twenty seconds.

During the first ten seconds, Edwards face ran along a list of emotions, including horror, disgust, torture, and fury. It looked like the soul he adamantly denied the existence of, was trying to crawl out of his body. I feel it is important to note that Edward is a mind reader, and because of that ability was seeing every vision dancing behind Alice's eye simultaneously.

Halfway through the vision though Edward's tortured face relaxed and broke out into the most peaceful happy expression possible.

Alice on the other hand was a different story. I have been present for hundreds if not thousands of her visions. And never once had I seen her facial features betray the events folding behind her eyes. But halfway though her face changed so drastically that I had to thank whatever force was looking over us, that she was turned away from the humans. She looked like she was a drowning person who had been tossed a life jacket, only to have it pulled away from them. It was extremely upsetting to see her usual pixie like features pulled into such a horrible grimace.

When her eyes returned back to normal her and Edward raised their eyes to each other's and sat there stunned for about five seconds. And then I heard the deep guttural rumbling from deep within their chests. It sounded like thunder rolling in and I could tell in another few seconds it was going to boil over into something that the unsuspecting humans surrounding us would be sure to hear.

At this point my other brother, Jasper, emotions caught up with us and we were all hit forcefully with a heavy dose of calmness and a strong "Stop" said loud enough just for our sensitive hearing, but forcefully enough to snap Alice and Edward out of it.

The third reaction I mentioned had been Jaspers. The thing about him is I didn't have to be looking at his face to understand his reaction. You see Jasper also has a ability. He can control the emotions of those around him. Unfortunately he is subject to other people's emotions as well. And when he is suddenly hit by an onslaught of strong emotions they pass through his body and affect everyone else who happens to be near him as well.

When Alice and Edward turned their heads towards that girl, Jasper, and Emmit and I being in such close proximity, were hit with an astounding feeling of love like a thousand bricks had fallen upon our head. A split second later Jasper regained enough control of his emotions to feel confusion, then betrayal, then sorrow, followed by begrudged understanding and ultimate loss. The shift in his moods in those few seconds were the closest I have ever come to feeling sick in my vampiric life.

When Alice went into her vision he lost control again, and we were all plunged into a confusing jumble of emotions. They were changing so quickly between Alice and Edward that Jasper could not control a thing. We were along for the ride, and at that moment I loved the human girl uncontrollably, and was then furious at Alice, then I was heartbroken, and then I was in heaven.

When the vision ended we all shared in the confusion and the proceeding anger, jealousy, and disgust. Finally Jasper rained in the emotions at our table and blasted us with so much calmness I heard the human's at surrounding table sigh uncontrollably and get dreamy looks in all their faces.

It took close to twenty seconds before the tension at our table cooled enough for my to order everyone outside. At times like these I find it imperative to take control of dangerous situations. Simply because I do not enjoy moving because my sibling have lost control of their senses and enacted Vampire Armageddon in the middle of the cafeteria.

Thankfully everyone had the good sense to not fight me and we passed safely through the cafeteria at what I'm sure appeared to be a brisk walk. Jasper burst through the door first followed by a fuming Edward behind him. Emmit went next forming a brick wall between Edward and Alice. Alice obviously went next walking backwards her eyes never leaving the girl. I brought of the rear scanning the cafeteria for any glimmer of interest.

My eyes fell to the girl. I did not need to Jasper to feel her emotions. They were written all over her face. Confusion, love, confusion, and lust. But what for whom I had no ideal. The boy next to her, Mike Newton snapped his fingers in front of her face to and called her name to regain her attention. So she had a name. Bella. Great. Stupid human.

Huffing irritatingly I followed my sibling out into the rain.