I don't own Twilight. If I did, Mike would have been more like NusiainForks 's Mike, in Golden Moon. (Read that, it's Jazz/Bella) and Jasper would be mine.

So here's a little one-shot I wrote in dedication to Mike. Most people hate the so-called Vile Mike Newton but I think he's lovely. He needs some lovin' too! I have an idea for one or two other one-shots, so I might turn this into a Mike anthology... Anyhow, welcome to your Team Mike tour, please keep all hands and feet inside the car.

He's Not So Vile


That one name whirled around in my mind like a cyclone, spinning and making me dizzy. His blue eyes glowed inside my head. I couldn't stop thinking about him. I was trying to sleep after my first day at Forks high, and couldn't, partly because of the rain, but also because I was so consumed with thoughts of Mike.

Of course, I was curious about Edward Cullen. His reaction to me had been insane, and I had no idea why he seemed so irate. But I had pushed the scene out of my mind when Mike made that comment afterwards.

"So, did you stab Edward Cullen with a pencil or what?"

That had been so hilarious. I didn't laugh at the time, because I was still shocked about Edward, but thinking about it now... it must have seemed like that. I had no idea what he was talking about, saying that he'd be lucky to sit next to me. It definitely had to be the other way around. There was nothing special about me. Maybe Edward wouldn't mind that other girl sitting next to him, so I could sit with Mike. I didn't think she would mind sitting with him, all the girls seem to love him. Well, most of them.

I eventually fell asleep, after much contemplation, and I decided, tomorrow I would find a way to sit with Mike.

I took extra care getting ready in the morning, making sure my hair was straight and I was wearing decent clothes. I kept my jeans, because I didn't want Mike to think I was really false or anything, but I put on a purple vest with a short black cardigan over the top. Grabbing some toast and donning my raincoat, I headed out to my truck.

He was the first thing I saw. I paid minimal attention to the cars around me, only looking for his car. A suburban... it suited him. He was standing outside it, leaning against the door, talking to a boy. Tyler, I think his name was. Due to my lack of attention, I almost crashed into a car coming past me, and swerved quickly to avoid it. Heart racing, I parked the truck and grabbed my bag, making my way over to the doors. Luckily, Mike was near there, so I would pass him on my way inside.

"Bella, are you okay? I saw you nearly crash into Eric!" Mike rushed up to me, concern in his voice. I was struck dumb, staring into his eyes, deep swirling pools. I watched his lips move as he spoke. What I wouldn't have given to kiss them right then. He was so beautiful.

"Bella? Bella, are you alright? Are you in shock, or something?"

I snapped out of my daydream and things came back into focus. He and Tyler were opposite me, looking concerned. Mike was moving to put his hand on my shoulder, but stopped when I spoke, much to my disappointment.

"I'm fine, thank you. I just wasn't paying attention, that's all. I'm fine," I replied, smiling. He smiled back, and my heart skipped a beat.

"Good. Tell you what, I'll walk you in, just to make sure you don't have any more near-accidents," he joked, nudging me gently with his arm as we walked to the doors. Tyler ambled off to speak to some girl, leaving me and Mike alone.

I laughed. "That might be a good idea. I'm incredibly clumsy, as you saw in Biology yesterday."

"I noticed. Hey, that reminds me, I spoke to Jenny, who sits next to me, and she was happy to move and sit next to Cullen, so you could, uh... sit next to me," he said shyly, looking down at his feet.

"That sounds great. I think everyone's happy that way, to be honest," I replied calmly. Inside, though, my heart was holding a small party while my stomach entertained it with somersaults.

"Awesome. Listen, I have to get to Calculus, you have Gym third period, right?"


"Cool, I'll see you then. We can be partners if you want?"

I nodded eagerly. "Yeah, that sounds great." Gawd, I really needed to work on my vocabulary. He chuckled softly and jogged down the hallway. I sighed as I watched his retreating form. Wow, he has a nice ass.

The next two hours passed slowly, and I found myself actually looking forward to Gym. How could a boy have that affect on me, to make me want to go to Gym? I practically raced down the corridor to the changing rooms, and threw my kit on as fast as I could, ignoring the stares of the other girls. Unfortunately, Jessica Stanley cornered me before I could go.

"Hey, Bella. I never got to ask, how did your first day go?"

"It was great, thanks. Everyone was really nice."

She smiled. "I saw you with Mike this morning." What? Did she like him? God, please tell me he's not off limits. "I just wondered if he had asked you to the bonfire at First Beach in a couple of weeks."

I breathed a sigh of relief, and she caught it. "Uh, no, he didn't," I admitted, slightly disappointed.

"Come," she grinned. "He probably just forgot. I think he'd like you there."

I looked at her hopefully. "You think?"

"You really have a thing for the boy, don't you?" she asked quietly.

"Mmhmm," I confessed. "Honestly, I thought you liked him."

"Me? Oh, no, he's too much like my brother. If I'm honest, I still really like Edward Cullen. You remember him, right?"

"Yeah, only too we-"

"Right, girls, over this side. Boys, this side. Dodgeball!" the coach shouted. No! I wouldn't get to go with Mike.

Pouting slightly, I made my way to the side with Jessica, where I spent the next forty-five minutes trying to avoid being hit in the face. The torture was over after what felt like hours, and I looked around for a certain someone...

"Bella, hi!" Mike called from across the gym. He began jogging over, and Jessica smiled and walked off.

"Hey, Mike," I said as he drew closer. "How's it going?"

"It's good. You?"

"Great, thanks." I thought about it, and decided I didn't just want to turn up to the bonfire if Mike didn't want me there. "Jessica was saying something about a bonfire earlier, I can't remember where..."

"Oh, yeah, I forgot about that. It's at First Beach, down at the Quileute reservation. You are coming, right? You have to."

"Oh, sure, I'll go. Just wanted to make sure I was welcome, Jessica only mentioned it in passing."

"No, you should definitely come. It'll be fun."

"Cool." Ask him out, Bella, don't be a wuss. Ask him out! "I was wondering whether-"

"I was thinking-"

We both spoke at the same time. "You first," he said, laughing.

"I was just wondering, uh, if you'd mind showing me around some time. I know it's only a small town, but..." Okay, I admit it was an awful pretense for asking him out, but still.

"I was actually just going to ask if you wanted to go to dinner some time. We could do that and then I could show you around, what do you think?" he asked shyly.

"That sounds gr- I mean, I'd like that. A lot. When do you want to do it?" I blanched, realising what I just said. "I mean, er, go out." Oh, my god, Bella, stop stuttering like a moron.

He laughed gently. "Whenever. I'm free tonight if you want."

"Me too," I laughed. Like I would have any other plans. "That works for me."

Well, this is awkward...

"Shoot, we're gonna be late for class, Bella. I'll see you in Biology, we can swap numbers then, okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, sure. See you later, Mike."

We turned to go to separate changing rooms, and I met back up with Jessica. All I could think for the next few hours was I've got a date with Mike!

I swapped numbers with Mike in Biology, like we agreed, and there was no problem with seating. Jenny was happy to move, and if Edward wanted to complain, it was his problem, as he wasn't even there. I didn't remember seeing him at lunch, either, actually.

So, six o'clock that evening found me preparing Charlie's dinner and telling him I was going out for dinner. Not surprisingly, Charlie didn't say much, thought from what I could tell, he seemed happy. I was just putting my shoes on when the doorbell rang. I slipped my jacket on and walked to the door, wrenching it open and grinning like a fool.

"Mike," I said softly.

"Hi, Bella," he replied, just as quietly.

He led me to his car – which smelled like a mix of lemon and mint – and drove us to the nearest restaurant. Not that Forks had many, but still. We ate dinner, talked about ourselves, and carried on talking as he took me around Forks, which I eventually dubbed the most uneventful place ever.

It was probably one of the best nights ever, and honestly? That was the night that I fell in love with Mike Newton.

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