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AN: After finally finding the episodes of "Wolverine and The X-men", I started to really like the art in it while thinking this version of Wolverine is really nice, being more refined than the X-men: Evolution version of him. And with that liking, I decided to make a Xover of the series with Inuyasha. But after finishing Season 1 with no sign of there being episodes of Season 2, I made up my mind in crossing Inuyasha with the original X-men series I grew up with in the 90's.

But even after that, and with everyone out there probably more used to the Evolution series, so this will follow the X-men: Evolution series.

Category: Crossover

Anime(s)/Manga(s)/Cartoon(s): X-men: Evolution/Inuyasha

Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure/Mystery

Pairing: Wolverine (Logan)/Kagome Higurashi

Summary: Sometime after Naraku's defeat, the Shikon, before it became nothing but a shell, gave Kagome the immortality of a Nosferatu; A vampire before she was forced to her own time. A year later, after her family's death, Kagome stages her own death and takes refuge in Japan's famous suicide forest, Aokigahara.

Back in the U.S., Charles Xavier senses an inhuman presence in Aokigahara and informs Logan and the others about it. Just who is this 'mutant'? And will love form?

Vampire of The X-men

Chapter One

Aside from the sounds of birds chirping, a slight breeze that blew through the canopy of the old trees, and the sound of agonizing and painful moans and cries of the deceased, it was very quiet in the forests of Aokigahara; Japan's famous Suicide Forest at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

It was here in this forest that one miko stayed, isolated from civilization… away from normal humans and what they creatively call Mutants. And since she had already staged her own death, after losing her family, why roam the cities and risk being seen as a ghost that came back from the dead?

Besides, with the enhancing of her senses- thanks to the Shikon- the cities just became too unbearable for her nose with all the pollution, the sweat of humans and mutants alike, and the drama and fear humans and mutants had for each other was just too much for her. So, after her funeral was over and done with, Kagome was on the next tour bus to Aokigahara.

One of the only forests that were untouched by man and yet many who wanted to die came there to do so without any disturbances. Once Kagome had settled in the woodlands, she noticed that the forest had too many lost souls of Suicides; too many to count and enough to almost suffocate the forest, as old as it was and is.

So to help it, the miko Nosferatu took it upon herself to send the souls to the afterlife; giving her something to do while she continued to live in the forest. As a bonus, next to feeding on the blood of animals, she'd feed on the blood of any humans or mutants that decided to come and take their lives. While feeding on them, she'd let them feel the fear of death before letting them go with the lives they soon would treasure.

'Aokigahara has enough lost souls as it is. This way, there's now a few less to worry about if I nip their desire to die early in the bud. I'm just doing many a favor…' Kagome thought as she gracefully continued her walk through her new home.

Hearing a twig snap not too far from where she was, Kagome turned to see a man in his early thirties in a business suit. His expression was horrible, showing just how exhausted and tired he was and looked like he was giving up, making him look a lot older than he was. He was staring at her with slight surprise and asking, "Are… you here to die too?"

Kagome stared at him silently before walking to him and replying in a low and mysteriously sexy voice, "Not really… just came to enjoy the quietness. Why? Did you come to die?"

After a pause, the man answered, "… my life's a total mess. My fiancé left me for my best friend… not to mention…" he soon brought out his hand and baby roots of newborn trees started to grow from the ground, proving the real reason as he spoke again, "My fiancé didn't care about me being a mutant… but her family and friends hated it… and because she couldn't stand the pressure and the stress, she left me for my friend. And now with mutants being hunted and forced into camps like the holocaust… I just want to escape it all."

"All of that… in fear of being caught in using your mutant powers? And because of the love of your life wasn't strong enough to stay by your side- too worried about what others would think about her taking a mutant as a husband…" Kagome half asked, half stated. What she said was confirmed when the man lowered his head with pain in his eyes.

Mentally sighing, Kagome told him, "losing a lover just because of a gift like yours, that could help save our world from deforestation… and because what others would think of her; fearing of being an outcast… I hardly think that should be a reason to take your own life."

When the man was about to demand how she would know, Kagome was no longer in front of him. He looked around and gasped when he heard her speak as she wrapped a hand around his neck from behind, "Allow me to give you a taste of what death is like." And with that said in such a deadly and menacing voice, Kagome bit down on the mutant's neck, piercing the jugular vain and started drinking what she needed to survive while ignoring the fearful and painful cries of her prey.

'Trust me, forest savior, you'll thank me for showing you that death isn't the answer to your suffering.' Kagome sent that thought to the mutant's mind before he passed out.

She then gently set him to lie on the ground before extracting her fangs from his neck, licking the wound to allow her saliva to heal the punctures she made. After looking over the man to make sure he was really okay, Kagome lifted him over her shoulder to carry him to the edge of the woods, where he can be found by tourists.

Once she was sure that the man was in sight of anyone who comes by through the worn paths, Kagome set him down and went back to the thick of the forest to set free more lost souls.

After setting free about ten lost souls within two hours – her old miko powers still in use after the shikon had changed her into a vampire, the tendrils of her energy swept the small area, touching every lost soul that was close by; purifying them and sending them on their way to the next world – Kagome made her way to the part of the forest no one dared to explore and came across her old hut.

Walking inside, the miko vampire went to a corner and sat herself down before bringing out a photo.

The photo was the last one that she and her family had taken before Kagome faced Naraku with the others. The last one that was taken before her life fell apart. Gazing at the picture, she bit her lip as she held in the tears that came whenever she thought about what she lost. "Kami, I miss you guys…"

She knew the reason she continued to cry for them was because she wasn't letting herself move past it… but, now that she was immortal and the world was thrown into chaos with the mutants, even if she set her mind to living with the loss, would she really be able to?


"You called, Chuck?" The gruff voice broke through the small meditation Professor Charles Xavier had been in, and he looked up at his long-time friend and ally.

"Yes, there's something I want your opinion on."

"What is it?"

"Somewhere in Japan, I'm sensing something that I've never felt before in anyone I've come across. The presence is there but I can't sense any thoughts. It's like the mind is dead while the body is still alive… or even they have a barrier. But I doubt that's the case." Charles spoke, finding his discovery through Cerebro curious yet haunting with reports of an area of Japan. "The presence originates from a very… questionable area of Japan, known as the suicide forest, Aokigahara. Many humans and mutants alike have gone there wishing to die."

Sky blue eyes narrowed at the man in the wheelchair, and their own moved closer to look at the image Cerebro had brought up. "Why the hell would anyone do that?"

Charles sighed, his eyes darkening at the thoughts he received from the people going into that forest. "Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky as we are here, Logan, and not everyone is as accepting of mutants."

"Hm," the man known as 'Logan' snorted at the stupidity of human fear and turned back to his friend. "So what do you want to do about this presence?"

"That's what I want your opinion on." Xavier brought up chart of the known death rate for the forest, pointing to the sudden drop almost a year ago. "This is when I first began to sense something, but it was so slight with no thoughts that I brushed it off as nothing. However," he folded his hands together in his lap as a frown marred his face. "Reports began coming in from those that went into the forest, but woke up to find themselves still alive and well. They say that a girl found them in the forest, listened to their problems, and said 'you'll thank me for showing you that death isn't the answer to your suffering.' The presence, the drop in deaths, and this girl…" He looked up at Logan, looking for answers. "It's too much to simply be a coincidence."

Now that Logan thought about it, he had heard of a forest that was a hotspot for suicides, just at the base of Mount Fuji. Come to think of it… he did see it when he took a trip to Japan, just before he met Mariko… and the Silver Samurai.

And to hear that there was a drop in the death rates in Aokigahara… he didn't know what to think of it but suggested, "I'm not certain, Charles… but there could be a chance that it's a mutant trying to save people in their own way. It would be best to check it out; see who's trying to help those people."

Professor Xavier nodded, trusting his friend's judgment. "Very well. Jean, Scott, you, and I will travel to this Aokigahara forest to see if we can find this person."

Logan nodded, turning to go inform the other two. "Personally, I'm curious as to who would be dumb enough to stay there…" He paused for a moment before sighing heavily as he smelled the stench of sulfur and brimstone at the door. "Nightcrawler…"


"Kitty! Rogue! You von't believe it!" A teenage girl with brunette hair and soft blue eyes squeaked in surprise when her blue, fuzzy friend teleported into her room. Luckily, this time, she was dressed. His pale eyes danced with the mischief he was known for, and he hopped slightly from one foot to the other.

"What?! Kurt, for once, could you use the door rather than pop in like that?!" Kitty said in irritation, hating it when Kurt teleports into her and Rogue's room.

Rogue was surprised for a moment but calmed quicker than her roommate, since she was used to the blue elf-like boy popping in and out of nowhere. Pausing in her reading, she asked, "What's up, Kurt?"

"I vas overhearing the Professor and Logan at Cerebro and they said they may have found another Mutant in a forest in Japan!"

Rogue sighed, putting her book down to look at Kurt drily. "An'? What's so surprisin' about that? Cerebro finds new mutants all the time."

Kurt whirled to face Rogue with an upset expression. "But they're going to recruit him without us!"

"What!?" Kitty jumped to her feet, clutching her stuffed dragon. "That is, like, so not cool! We're, like, part of the team, aren't we?" She may just be a freshman, but she really admired the upperclassmen and Mr. Logan, and she wanted to help them as much as she could.

Kurt turned back to Kitty, feeling that she would sympathize with him more. "I know! The professor said that only he, Logan, Jean, and Scott are going!" Perhaps it was because the team accepted him just as his adoptive parents did, but he wanted to be involved in as much as he could… unless it turned out like the time he and Kitty accidently followed Logan to Canada. He still shuddered at the memory – sure everything turned out well in the end, but it wasn't the safest place to be.

Rogue's second sigh broke through both their thoughts, and the turned back to her. "Y'all just need to calm down. Did 'ja forget that we have school? We can't go on ev'ry mission." She picked her book back up and started to ignore them both. "Just deal with it."

"Vell, the both of you can stay, but I'm definitely going." And with Kitty in agreement, Kurt teleported them out of the room and to very back of the X-Jet so that they wouldn't be seen by the others until it was too late to even turn back and drop them off at the school.


After the Jet was prepped and ready and everyone was suited up, Wolverine and Scott were in the Pilot chairs as Jean and Charles were buckled up for take-off.

Jean was pretty excited about going to Japan, even if it was only to recruit a mutant and they weren't going to Tokyo or any of those other well-known places. "So Professor, what can you tell us about the person we're going to pick up?"

Charles set his chin against his hands, which were propped up on his wheelchair. "I really don't know, Jean… I can sense no thoughts from this person. It's quite possible that they may not want to be found." He looked out the window as they took off. "But we need to find them, if only so Magneto does not find them first."

Jean frowned slightly and turned to watch the scenery as well, questions running through her mind, dampening her enthusiasm for the trip. Who could block their mind from Professor Xavier besides Magneto and Juggernaut? And who would not want to be found, and why?

"Don't think on it too much, Red." Logan's voice drifted back to her, and she looked up at everyone in the plane. "We'll decide what to do once we find this guy. If he doesn't want to come back to the institute, there's only so much we can do to make them."

"If you say so…" Even if that was true… 'Who would be sad enough to want to be in a suicidal forest all alone?'


Kagome was taking a light slumber before dawn came. Smelling the morning dew and the crisp morning air of the forest, she came out of her doze to see that the faint light of morning just before dawn. As she stood, Kagome made her way out of her small hut and took in a deep unneeded breath of the crisp morning air before making her way through the woods to her the cliff where she always watched the sunrise.

She narrowed her eyes slightly against the glare of the sun as it rose over the tree line. She began this tradition back in the past, when Sesshomaru woke her at all hours of the night for training, before the final battle. She kept the habit now, if only since she had nothing else to do. A sigh escaped her pale pink lips, casting a small cloud into the chilled morning air. It wasn't as if the sun harmed her like most seemed to think happened to vampires, or maybe it was just her… She hadn't met any other vamps, so she had no knowledge other than her instincts of what a normal vampire would be like.

Before she could continue to contemplate the newest twist fate threw at her, a sharp glint of sunlight caught her attention. The Nosferatu immediately straightened her back, her pupils dilating to take in the large metallic object flying over the forest.

She blinked confusedly as she saw the craft become clearer and started to look like a huge jet. It started to hover, making a landing at one of the borders of the forest, just east of her hut. As the aircraft landed out of her sight, Kagome furrowed her brows in curiosity before standing and swiftly making her way back to the cover of the trees and to where the Jet landed.


After making a smooth landing, everyone made their way off with Kitty and Kurt almost looking slightly ashamed in getting caught. Xavier sensed their presence as they were halfway to Japan but since he heard from Logan that Aokigahara was a pretty big forest, the two youngsters were allowed to help them look for the mutant who resided in the forest.

"Wow…" Kurt muttered, speaking everyone's thoughts about the vast forest that lay before them. The trees were tall, rivaling the trees in Forks, Washington and looked old, almost ancient. Combined the scenery with the morning sun, and it was a picturesque setting of nature untouched by man.

"This is it; Aokigahara…" Wolverine said while taking in the sights and smells of the forest, even though it smelled of death, the scenery was still nice… almost reminded him of the woods in Canada. Luckily, these trees didn't hold as many bad memories. "Alright, Charles, where is this presence coming from?"

Xavier nodded to Logan, pressing his fingers to his temples to focus. His mind scanned over the vast forest, zeroing in on the strangeness in the West. "West, about five miles," ignoring Kurt's surprised outcry about how far away this mutant was, he continued in a more somber tone. "And it seems they're headed this way."

A sudden flash of intense dark blue eyes, flooded with curiosity and sadness, filled his mind's eye, and Xavier hunched forward. "Professor!" Vaguely, he felt Jean and Scott rush to his side and Logan unsheathed his claws in the face of danger, but he kept his focus on that one being.

As the pain passed over, Charles sighed, "Don't worry, it's all right. I wasn't prepared for that."

"What just happened?" Scott asked, not sure what was going on and if they should really be out here.

"Yes, I did feel her presence and she is coming this way. But I didn't expect her to have such a blank slate of a mind. Like its wiped clean or she doesn't think at all. Other than that, her presence, as well as her mind, is very dark and filled with immense sadness. It was so immense that it caught me off guard." Charles answered.

Jean then looked back to the forest with concern. "Are you sure this is a good idea, Professor? If this person is so blank, is it really safe to take her back to the institute? What if she's dangerous?"

Charles shook his head, his eyes searching the western border of the clearing for any sign of movement. "I don't know, Jean, but it would be better for us to confront her than Magneto or Mystique. I hate to imagine what would happen if either of them convinced her to side with them." With that sobering thought, the small group of mutants began their search for what they hoped would be a new friend.

"Okay, I don't know if I told anybody, but this is starting to be, like, totally creepy." Kitty rubbed her arms as the shadows around them seemed to grow larger, more ominous as they continued.

Wolverine sighed, clenching and unclenching his fists, always ready for anything. "Just stick close, Half-pint. She can't be that far away." Given the girl's edginess at every movement, he chose not to reveal the fact that he couldn't pick up any scent out of place in the forest, nothing that could hint at human or mutant life.

Jean and Scott walked beside Xavier, watching for anything that could threaten the professor, and Kurt teleported through the trees. His fur blended in with the shadows around him, leaving only his snow-white eyes visible to his companions, which probably didn't help Kitty's fear at all.

Despite his usual playfulness, there was something about this forest that dampened even his spirit. The scenery was beautiful and looked untouched, but he felt that so many bad things had happened here. As he teleported to the ground, he felt something next to his foot, looking down, he was freaked when he saw a skull looking up at him with dark hollow eyes.

His cry of fright caught, not only his team's attention, but also Kagome's some distance away making her turn to Nightcrawler's supposed location.

Wolverine was the first to be at Kurt's side, claws ready, "What happened, elf?"

From his place on the ground, Kurt pointed a shaky finger at the skull that was just next to his foot. "W-W-What is that?!"

Logan sighed, retracting his claws as he picked up the white bone. "This, Elf, is a skull. It's what holds your brain in your head." He knocked on the boy's head to enunciate his point, eliciting a series of 'ow's from the blue mutant. "People come here to commit suicide all the time, there's gonna be some remains left behind!"

Kitty almost hyperventilated, stating clearly that she really wished she hadn't tagged along multiple times. Jean held her stomach, a bit queasy from the sight, and Scott tried to help her, though he continued to scan the forest around them. "Either it's from the suicides, or whoever is out here."

"I doubt that, Scott." Charles moved his chair carefully over the tree roots now that Jean wasn't holding him up. "From the glimpse I had of her, she was not malicious. No ill-intent colored her mind… No, this skull, and whatever other remains there are in this forest, is from before she arrived here."

Wolverine delicately sniffed the bone before throwing it to the ground, a bit too close to Kurt for the elf's comfort, and he teleported back into the trees, clinging to the branch supporting him. "Yep. That skull wouldn't 'a been that clean after only a month. It's been here for years."

Still a little queasy, Jean asked, "And how long has this place been a hotspot for people to die?" Despite the forest's appearance from outside and above, it was serene… but after seeing the bones and the feel of the place, it just made her have second thoughts about it.

After sniffing around, still not getting anything, Wolverine answered, "Who knows? People have come here to die for a long time; maybe since before the early 1900's. It was only after the publication of a book that the suicides seem to increase. Since then, there had been signs posted saying that if anyone wanted to commit suicide, that they should get help. Many locals around here volunteer to look for human remains."

Even though Kitty was starting to whimper a little from being scared, Charles added, "And soon after the hatred of Mutants started, more mutants come here to end their lives."

"Oh, so not cool!" Kitty ran over to stand beside Wolverine, deeming him the best source of protection from the forest and whatever was in it. "Okay, can we, like, find this new mutant and get out of here, like, now?"

Logan rolled his eyes, turning to his friend. "She still coming toward us from the west, Charles?"

Xavier closed his eyes to focus for a moment before his brows furrowed. "No… she isn't." His eyes snapped open, and he began looking around them almost frantically. "She's here."

This caused the others to begin looking around them as well, careful not to look threatening, but ready to fight anyway.


Kagome watched the group in front of her curiously. Given their attire and the emotions coursing through their auras, they weren't here to die, so why did they come this far out into the forest? The man in the wheelchair was obviously a powerful telepath, if the gentle brushes against her mind she felt were anything to go by. And the man in the attractive outfit with the claws was definitely a mutant, one that was pretty far along in his evolution it seemed. His scent was more animal than human, anyway… The others looked pretty normal, not counting the guy with the Star Trek glasses. All-in-all, very interesting.

"Ah!" The same voice from before cried out again, and the vampire's eyes darted up into the trees, seeing a blue-furred… person pointing to her hiding place. "There! I saw someone standing there!"

She didn't understand English, but she had a pretty good idea of what he was trying to say. 'Well, I suppose I would have to reveal myself to them sometime, and I'd rather it be on my own terms.' With that in mind, Kagome stepped out from behind the tree instead of waiting for them to come to her. "Ohayo gozaimasu."

Their attention quickly turned to where the soft foreign voice came from, only to see a girl who looked no older than Jean or Scott but she certainly was smaller than Jean; maybe Kitty's size and just two inches below Logan's own height. Her hair was dark and long; reaching passed her waist while her bangs almost covered her deep blue, almost black eyes.

Her clothes were also dark, black leather consisting of pants, two-inched heel boots, a sleeveless turtleneck, and fingerless gloves that reach below her shoulders. The entire outfit was formfitting in an appealing way for someone her age but it didn't make her look trashy or anything. And last, around her neck was an old rosary of deep blue beads and white beads with matching white tassels.

Kurt was the first to snap out of his daze when he fell from the tree, barely landing safely. The girl smiled before covering her mouth as if surprised at the action. "Ah, gomen nasai."

Charles had to glance away from her hypnotizing eyes, away from the sadness in them. Perhaps she truly was surprised that she smiled, unused to it after not smiling in such a long time. "I hope we did not disturb you, Miss, but we were hoping to—"

"Forget it, Charles." Surprised by his friend's abrupt intrusion, Professor Xavier turned to Logan to demand an explanation when the Wolverine pulled down his hood, revealing his whole face. "She doesn't speak English."

Kagome watched the two older males interact with each other curiously, while the two teenagers, appearing about the same age as her own appearance, since she'd stopped aging, talked amongst themselves, glancing at her. Truly, if they wanted to talk about her, they could have been a bit less obvious about it. The youngest girl though, was talking to the… fuzzy one. Her eyes softened slightly when she saw the bashful look on his face. It was familiar… she was certain she'd never met anyone with the same traits as him, but the mannerisms… 'Shippo…'

"Sorry for the intrusion." Kagome's gaze snapped up to meet the sky blue one of the man with the outfit and the claws. He had stepped a few feet closer to her, obviously the spokesperson, since it seemed no one else spoke Japanese. "We're from the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters, and we want to help you."

Kagome's brows rose nearly to her hairline. They were kidding… right? "You mean to tell me that you came all the way out into the middle of a suicidal forest halfway around the world to get me to come to school?"

He scratched the back of his head, scowling a little bit. "Not… exactly. The institute is for mutants, and our computer system picked up your signal."

The vampire bit her lip sharply, though not enough to break the skin, to keep from laughing. 'Oh, this is rich…' They thought she, the most powerful and quite possibly the only vampire in existence, was a mutant. "I'll ask again, you came all the way out into the middle of a suicidal forest halfway around the world to get me to come to school, albeit a mutant school?"

Even though Logan told her that it was the truth and that they really did want to help her, the still looked almost disbelieving and looked like she was trying not to laugh. But she did give a light snort before turning her back on them to walk off.

As he was going to try and stop her, Logan and the others saw her point to her right, telling Logan, "Not too far from here, there's a beaten path that tourists use to travel through the forest. Your friend in the wheelchair will have more trouble traveling through the forest if he doesn't take it."

"Why do you say that?" Logan asked, looking at the girl in something remote to curiosity.

"Because as you travel deeper into the forest like this, the ground's only going to be rougher with rocks and stones covering most of the forest floor, making it more difficult for him to travel off the path."

As the spokesperson turned to explain to the others, Kagome wondered why she was bothering to point out the path – she should have simply walked away. Well, while they talked, maybe she could get away before…

"Uh, sorry, but…" Kagome blinked as snow-white eyes popped into existence in front of her, and the blue person began speaking in English again. "Could you stay here for a minute and uh…"

Kagome gave him a small smile before walking around him. He may act like her son, but she didn't want to give someone else the pain of being viewed as a replacement – she knew how it hurt all too well.

Logan and the others saw Kurt try to ask the girl to stay before Logan sighed and said, "I said that the girl can't speak English, Elf. Help the Half-pint, Jean and Scott take the professor to the beaten path. I'll try talking to her again."

Kurt looked back at the pretty Asian girl who brushed him off before reluctantly agreeing and teleporting himself to the Professor's side to teleport them to the beaten path, leaving Logan to try going after the girl.

From the beaten path, Xavier mentally spoke to Logan, 'Please, tread lightly with this one, Logan. She may be more fragile than she's trying to let on.'

'Got'cha Chuck. I'll see what I can do.' Logan replied before following the girl's path before he lost sight of her. It kind of surprised him at how light her feet seemed and how he couldn't detect her from before. "Oi!" If he couldn't get her to come with them, though he really hoped he did, for her sake, he wanted to at least figure out why he couldn't sense her.

Kagome turned back to see him jogging after her and narrowed her eyes. "Please leave me alone."

Logan's eyes widened when the girl seemed to vanish from in front of him. "Oh this is going to take a while…"


Kagome sat in her shack, staring at the forest outside. Even after an hour, those people were still in the forest… Normally she would follow them around to make sure they didn't commit suicide, but… they weren't here for suicide. "I can't believe they expect me to believe that came all the way out here to get me to come to school with only the purest of intentions…"

"Alright, so we didn't have the purest of intentions," Kagome tensed her, her eyes flashing red as they darted up to meet the sky blue eyes of the spokesperson, "But we have better intensions than anyone else who'll come out here to find you."

The vampire's mouth dropped in shock as the guy leaned against the door and looked down at her. "We just want to offer you a safe place to stay and learn your powers. The others that come after you are going to want to use you and—"

"How did you find me?" Kagome watched as he blinked in confusion. After training with Sesshomaru, no one should have been able to follow her when she didn't want them to. She learned to block her scent and mind, and the slave-driver had taught her how to travel through any kind of terrain without leaving a trace. But now that she's a vampire, telepaths can't read the minds of the dead and with her scent being very similar to the scent of death in the forest; she can't be tracked that easily with how light her footing can be. "That is… how did you follow me?"

"Let me tell ya' kid, it wasn't easy tryin' to find ya when ya don't seem to have a scent and don't seem to leave any tracks." Logan answered before glancing around the hut. The place was small with nothing in it but mold and fungus in some places because of rain that may have come around during her stay in the forest. The only opening was the door he was standing in. The place was just basically bare. No food or any preserves for water to keep her alive unless she was living off the land.

His attention was drawn away from the girl's shelter when she spoke, "That still doesn't answer my question on how did you follow me. I basically vanished from your sight without a trace, not leaving any evidence of you ever coming into contact with me."

Logan sighed once more before walking into the structure and kneeling in front of the girl, "Look kid… we just wanna help and give you a better place to live than this. I'm sure you don't wanna be alone anymore–"

"It's fine… I'm better off staying here than trying to get back to mingling with civilization. Besides, I do a lot more good here than back at my old home." It was true, Kagome believed, since she felt she had nothing to go back to in Tokyo. The Shrine was no longer hers since she staged her death and her all of her family were gone.

"You mean saving people from committing suicide." Logan stated, earning a nod of confirmation from the Asian girl.

"Not only that… but I also save the ones that were too late to save… or their souls anyway." Kagome pulled her knees close to her chest, setting her chin on them. "It's a bit creepy… hearing them howl at night, so the least I can do is set them to peace."

Logan stared at the girl in front of him, trying to figure out what she meant. He wasn't the most spiritual type-a-guy, but he'd heard a lot of crazy things over the years, well, the years that he remembered, anyway, but this one took the cake. "Ya sure ya ain't hearin' things, kid?" Kagome glared at him, and Wolverine lifted his hands in a gesture of peace. "Hey now… I didn't mean to upset ya."

"Hmph." Kagome turned her head away, considering her options. He still hadn't told her how he tracked her, and that meant she couldn't fix whatever she did wrong if she ran off again, plus she'd have to abandon the shack, and that wasn't something she really wanted to do. "I'm comfortable here."

Logan sighed and stood up, not wanting to push her too far. If she was as fragile as Xavier thought, then it wasn't a good idea to try convincing her too much. "Listen, we're gonna be around for about a day, unless you decide to come with us. If ya want someplace to belong and people to call family, I'm sure you'll find us."

Kagome didn't look up to watch him leave, her other senses caught every movement. Once he was beyond the hearing range, the vampire let her muscles relax. She had two families, and they both died… why would she want to endanger another one? "Baka…"

"That he is."

Kagome sprang into action at the voice, cursing herself all the way. That was the second time someone had sneaked up on her in one day. 'Damn, I'm getting rusty…' She rolled out and away from her shack, her eyes darting around from the source of the voice. "Who's there?"

"I mean you no harm, child." The vampire moved her gaze upward, and she stared in shock at the man decked out in a deep maroon armor. He was… floating.

Her shock soon turned into wariness as she stared at the man. He was strong despite how old his spirit felt and by the smell of him as well. Keeping her guard up she spoke, "I'm not as young as I look, Os-san. Who are you and why are you here?"

(I think that Os-san is the right spelling for one of the many terms used to say 'Old Man'. Please correct me, if this is the wrong way to spell it. I remember this being used by Renji or someone when addressing Urahara for the first time in Bleach.)

"I go by the name of Magneto… and I, my dear, am here to offer you Sanctuary; one much better than the one you're living in now." Magneto held out a hand welcomingly, but Kagome simply stared at him, never taking her eyes off his masked face. "I know what you are, Ojou-san… just because you are different does not mean you have to punish yourself by living out here. With me and the others who have joined me, you can help more lives than simply those that want to die."

Kagome narrowed her eyes, her upper lip pulling back into a sneer. "What would you know? You know nothing about me or what I've been through. Why can't you people just leave me alone?"

Magneto lowered himself to be closer to her, his voice becoming more insistent. "You are changing – I can help you with those changes, help you learn control."

The armored mutant flew back a few feet in shock as Kagome's body began glowing slightly, her eyes shining a pale blue with sparkles of light purple mixed in with them. "I can control myself just fine, thanks." Her hair swayed in a breeze that seemed to circle around only her. "So you can back. Off."

Magneto never would've thought that the girl he had come to confront and win over to his side would have this much control over her mutation and her powers. And with her eyes glowing and the intensity of her power rolling off of her in waves… she may even be on par with his daughter Wanda when it came to power.

No way was he going to give this girl up for Xavier to have. This girl was going to help him win his war against the humans!

"Stop, Magneto." Kagome turned her still glowing eyes to the group of mutants from before, watching as the old man in the wheelchair talk to Magneto. "Let her choose on her own."

The infuriating one who tracked her mumbled under his breath, and she wasn't sure if she was supposed to hear it or not. "And here come the ones that'll try to manipulate ya…"

"Don't think that I'll simply step aside so you can have her, Xavier. She is far too powerful for you to hold her back! She will help mutants reign over the foolish humans that try to destroy us!" Magneto's eyes narrowed beneath his mask, and Kagome felt his power spike. "You won't get in my way."

Cries rose from the group as the old man was thrown backwards. Kagome's eyes widened and she saw Magneto's aura surrounding the metal of the wheelchair. 'So he controls metal…' The spokesperson snarled as he was pushed back as well, and she narrowed her eyes. 'How… never mind.' She would find out how he seemed to have a metal skeleton later, now she needed to stop this before someone was hurt.

Manipulating her miko energy into a whip, Kagome struck Magneto's arm, making the mutant's arm burn a little before it went numb a bit while letting his victims go.

Magneto clutched his arm and hissed before looking to the girl he came for as she spoke, "While in this forest; my territory, there will be no confrontation unless they're looking for trouble with me! This forest has enough 'residents' as it is."

Logan watched the girl, ignoring the younger mutants' gawking as she stood between Magneto and the group. She was a strange one… she seemed perfectly comfortable with her powers and had no problems using them, so that wouldn't be a good way to try getting her to come with them. And what she said about 'residents' had to be connected to what she said earlier, about saving the ones she was too late to save…

Magneto gazed greedily at the little girl in front of him. She was perfect… "They will hold back your potential, keep you from defending yourself from the humans that wish you harm. I can help you, teach you, and we can work toward a new era together!"

Kagome narrowed her eyes, opening her mouth to retort, but the guy with the metal skeleton spoke first. "That's a damn lie, and you know it!" The vampire glanced over at him to see his fangs bared. "You want to destroy humans and create a world only for mutants. How many times do we have ta tell ya that it's not the way to go?"

"Destroy… humans…?" Kagome felt her knees weaken at the implications of that single statement. "No… no, no-no!" The last thing she needed in her life was another version of Naraku – admittedly, a weaker but seemingly just as manipulative Naraku, but still… "No... I won't… let that happen again…"

Logan felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end as the girl's power rose. "Hey, kid!"

But his voice didn't reach her as Kagome tried to keep a reign on her miko powers, "Humans… mutants… they are each the same, aside the fact that one's stronger than the other. Mutants came from humans, no matter how much you try to deny the fact! I came from being a human so how can someone ask me to kill what I used to be?!"

"But you are no longer human, my dear. You and I, and many others like us; WE are the future!"

"That may be so… so what if your dream of a Mutant Only world comes true. What would happen if two mutant parents have a human child? Will you order them to kill their child just because he's human?! You'll be no better than the humans who want mutants dead!" Kagome didn't understand this guy. Was he so blinded by his power that he couldn't see where he had come from? Or even what he used to be before his mutant powers were awakened?

The thought of her taking a human life- something she used to be made her dead heart clench in torment and sorrow. It would be like she was killing her family and her human friends from both the past and present. And the thought of her loved ones brought tears. But because she had fed on nothing but blood, her tears became that of blood…

Logan stared at the girl in shock, completely thrown off at how deeply effected she was by Magneto's declaration about mutants and how she seemed the only one who could see the bigger picture. What could have happened to her that caused such… pain didn't even begin to describe the emotion she emitted. Tortured agony seemed more appropriate. "You're right, Chuck…" The others glanced at him in confusion, not understanding a word that was being passed between Magneto and the girl. "Seems she's been through hell and back, and understands more about what's happenin' than we do…"

That was when the scent of her blood hit his nose. "What the hell?" He looked her over, trying to find where she'd been wounded. Where was she hurt? How was she hurt? He hadn't seen anything even come close to cutting her, but he could definitely smell her blood, even if he couldn't smell anything else from her.

Her hands covered her face, and Logan's eyes zeroed in on the trails slowly trickling down her arms. She was obviously crying, but… "She's crying blood?"

Kitty squeaked, wrapping her arms around herself as if to get the image out of her head. "Oh, that is so totally icksome!"

Magneto reached out to her again, despite Wolverine's warning snarl. "They are trying to destroy us! This is what needs to happen in order for our kind to survive!"

A harsh chuckle broke from Kagome's lips, and she raised bloodstained eyes to him, morbidly enjoying his flinch of shock. "Our kind? Don't make me laugh…" The same blue and purple glow from before returned, but this time, black rose up from the ground, tendrils curling around her protectively. "I am nothing like you."

The sight of the girl's bloodstained face took Magneto completely by surprise as the dark tendrils of shadow started to surround her, making her look like a demon from someone's darkest dreams. But her appearance didn't deter his determination to get her to his side. "I'll admit, Ojou-san… your control over your powers is exquisite… but I'm sure you do not wish to be alone in this forest any longer–"

"I belong nowhere among the living so don't try telling me there's a place for me with some warmonger like you!" Kagome ordered the tendrils of her shadows to wrap around the man threateningly before baring her elongated fangs, "I am undead! A nightwalker! There is no place for someone who's already dead!"

The X-men could only stare in shock as the shadows enveloped Magneto completely, closing in around him and pressing into a sphere, growing smaller until there was nothing left. Kagome fell her to knees, panting as the energy around her, dark and otherwise, faded. Her bloody tears continued to roll down her cheeks, and she fell forward slightly to grip the grass beneath her tightly.

Logan sighed faintly, feeling sorry for the girl. 'From what I can tell, Charles, this kid's been through so much she readily thinks of herself as a monster… we're gonna have a lot of work with this one…'

The Wolverine carefully walked closer to her and knelt by her side. "Hey, now, don't shed anymore blood, alright?" He tore a bit of his shirt and used it to help her wipe the blood from her face. She trembled beneath his fingers, and he patted her head, hoping to sooth her. "What happened to him?"

Kagome didn't question why he was helping her so much, instead choosing to let him do as he wished. "…I sent him to Antarctica…"

The vampire didn't expect him to burst into a feral grin, chuckling darkly. "Good! He deserves it for all the shit he's done." And she most certainly didn't imagine him giving her a pat on the back in congratulations. "Good work, kid."

Kagome turned to stare at him, confusion clear in her eyes and face. "Why… are you…?"

Logan smiled almost kindly down at the girl, know that she probably didn't see herself as worth the trouble. "Because we're like you, kid. We're not human anymore, but we use our powers to help protect humans, from people like Magneto, and from themselves."

Kagome watched him turn to point to the man in the wheelchair. "He's Charles Xavier, the founder and head of the Xavier Institute, where we all live. The redhead beside him is Grey Jean, she's a powerful psychic who can move things with her mind and read thoughts. Cyclops, or Scott, can shoot powerful beams from his eyes, so he's gotta wear that visor and special made glasses all the time. Over there are the youngsters, Kitty and Kurt. Kitty can walk through walls and other solid matter, and Kurt teleports." He turned back to her. "I'm Logan, I got my claws and super senses… and superior healing."

The miko turned vampire looked at them all as the one next to her, Logan spoke to his companions. She wanted so bad to tell them they weren't like her… but she decided to let it slide. Let them think what they want. No one really believes in vampires so might as well try blending in with the mutants. And with the fact that she may be the only vampire in existence, blending in with Mutant was her best bet.

'Should I really go with them? Can I really start over…?'

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