Okay, guys Sorry for this not being the update you've been hoping for after a long Hiatus (which there's good reason behind).

The reason for the Hiatus is because S.T. Nickolian, who's pretty much my co-author for this fic, "In The Dark of The Knight", and "From The Well to The Sewers of New York" had been busy with College and with us basically taking turns adding to how much we can to each chapter, I had been patiently waiting for her parts to be sent to me so that I can add after those parts.

Now another reason why there's this Author Note is the much more important matter and it's to answer the questions and clear up the confusion Nickolian I have always believed would be clear.

First deal is the confusion about everyone seeming to get mixed up about what Kagome is. She's a REAL VAMPIRE under the guise of a mutant. Not the other way around. All hints of her being a real vampire have been stated since Chapter One at the very beginning. The reason this is and the X-men, and most especially Logan seem to ignore this is because they don't know that Vampires exist so all belief of her being a mutant is only because they don't think something as mythological as a vampire could exist- An evolved and very deadly human, yes, but not the REAL undead that feeds on the blood of humans.

How she came to be this way is because of the Shikon Jewel since it obviously wants no other guardian except Kagome and changed her to basically keep her 'alive' and unable to die for disease and maybe also other ways to die.

As for Kagome's age, she didn't live out the 500 years leading up to her time since the well never closed for her to never return home. The Well stayed open until she went home of her own free will. So right after Naraku was killed and the jewel complete and back in her body, she used the well to head back home. From there, she stayed with her family for at least 5 years until they died sometime after she had turned 20 or 21. So she may look 16 but she's really in her early 20's.

Another is about people rushing for Kagome to learn English through drinking blood (and Hank/Beast making the theory of learning and gathering information through blood). The answers are very simple. By learning the SLOW manual way, it causes less suspicion and since someone's willing to teach Kagome and all materials needed are within reach, she'll be willing to learn step by step.

Answer Two is to help Kagome and Logan BOND more than Kagome does with the other mutants since one tends to bond more with someone how actually understands what she's saying.

Also, Hank only stated the theory to absorb information through blood is because how similar Kagome and Rogue are in some ways. How Hank came with this theory of Kagome gaining info through blood is believe of what he's already read about vampires but he's still oblivious to the fact that Kagome's the real thing instead of a mutant that can be mistaken for one. And Kagome had decided she will only use her ability of raining info through blood when the need for the information is dire.

The greater reason for all these points is to allow the story to flow at a certain pace and allow it to be lengthy instead of rushing through it and making it come to a close too quickly and ultimately giving readers whiplashes at how fast everything just flew by and make them more confused than before.

These are all the answers I can supply for the time being. As for any others, you'll just have to continue reading the story and hope the answers will pop up. Not very much suspense if I everything's rushed and all questions about Kagome and the story are answered upfront when the story's still in progress.

Hope any confusion has been cleared and questions been answered. Anymore questions about the plot will not be answered since I don't want to give out any more about the story, I will not rush Kagome to learn English too quickly, and also rest assure this fic has never been forgotten and will not be given up but S.T. Nickolian and I can't exactly set up deadlines since we've also go lives off the computer and those in their selves can be busy to the point where we can't set up deadlines or set promised dates to post new chapters.

This may sound like excuses to some but it's the complete and honest truth. College can be very busy and me getting started in Jewelry making (with beads, not Metal) to sell what I make to earn some money (no matter how meager the payment may be) is not as easy as it may seem since the needed supplies cost a bit no matter how cheap I buy them at one store.

Again, hope any confusion has been cleared and questions been answered.