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Ordinarily, Shizuka wouldn't look at someone like Aono Tsukune to pounce on. Now, every time she looked at the younger boy, she wanted to drag him away from his group of fan girls and show him what a real woman could do. She couldn't help wondering what he felt about her. Another couple of questions came into her mind, like: Why that did that jackass spill soup on her? More importantly, who put catnip in her tea?

Yesterday ...

"This tea tastes funny," Shizuka commented, taking cautious sips of her newly brewed tea as she walked towards the teacher's room. As she ponders what she would do with the unique tea, she heard a voice yelling.

"Food fight!"

She sighed.

She heads toward the students' cafeteria. When she opened the door, someone launched a bowl of soup heading straight her way. The bowl missed her but the soup splashed all over her new blouse. That irked the cat demon. The soup made her blouse see-through. She blushed as she saw all of male students paused to see she's not wearing any bra. As she was about to do something violent, someone covered her with a jacket. She turned to see Tsukune and his friends.

"Sensei, are you ok?" He asked with such concern.

She blushed. 'Why am I blushing? He's just a kid.' She noticed that he's just wearing his shirt, no jacket. 'That's whose jacket I'm wearing,'

"Thanks, Aono. What happened?"

Before he or his friends could say anything, her ears picked up someone's movement in the direction of the cafeteria. She groaned. She knew who was coming just by judging foot movement. The last thing that she was needed was the gym teacher lecturing her about student discipline. She grabbed the student that helped her and ran. She could hear some of her students' protests about her grabbing someone. Thankfully, they got around the sea monster and she ran to the nearest empty female teacher's bathroom.

"Excuse me, Sensei. I shouldn't be in here," The voice startled her.

The soaked teacher looked at her unknown student. She blushed. The person that she grabbed was Tsukune who was really starting to turn red.

"Thank you for the jacket, Aono-kun," She took off his jacket first. He blushed even harder as he could see her breasts thought the stained blouse. She wondered what would happen if she was completely naked in front of him. The thoughts made her excited. All of a sudden, she got warm. As she stripped right in front of Tsukune, she had a mischievous grin on her face. Tsukune turned around to avoid seeing the naked teacher. But he didn't see what she did next. Silently, she locked the bathroom door. 'This isn't me,' "Aono-kun, can you bath me?"

Tsukune looked confused yet he just nodded. When he walked to the bathroom sink, she stopped the boy by grabbing his hand. "No, I don't like water."

"How can I clean you up without water?" Tsukune wondered.

"You need to use your mouth, silly," Shizuka leaned toward the side of his face, "Like this," She licked around his ear and that make him quiver, "Your turn, Aono-kun," She pressed his head against her soup stained chest.

Tsukune didn't know what to do but complied with her wishes. He opened his mouth to begin licking off the soup on her skin. He could hear purring from his teacher. 'I don't know what's happening but I'm not complaining,' He was enjoying her flesh more than the soup of the day.

She could feel herself become very wet every minute his mouth was on her body. He licked, sucked and nibbled every inch of her breasts. She noticed her nipples are left alone and had become erect. When he finished giving her breasts a good tongue bath, he attacked the untouched nipples.

"Tsukune!!!" She cried as she felt him sucking on one of her sensitive parts and his left hand twisted and groped the other. She never dreamed of calling him by his first name. But the way that he made her feel, she felt she had to say it.

He got the last drop of soup off the top half of her body. He spied down between her legs which now moist. He got on his knees to get a good look. The hair between her legs was neatly trimmed. Her scent was musky and driving him crazy.

Shizuka mewed as she felt the first stroke of Tsukune's tongue on her clitoris "More, more!" She cried out. Tsukune eagerly followed his teacher's demands. With each movement of his oral muscle on her outer lips, she meowed out loud. The cat demon was arching her back while her student dipped his tongue in her, 'This boy is really good with his tongue,' she thought, 'I think I'll have him clean me out more often,' She felt him probing inside and stroking her inner core. She ground herself against his face. That caused him to go faster.

"More, Tsukune," She mewed. She could tell she was going to cum as her voice went higher after repeating his name again. One final flick of his tongue made her knees wobbly.

When she came, Tsukune cleaned her mess up and held her steadily. She smiled. The boy was on his knees with his face covered in her cum. She sat down on her knees so she could see him at eye-level. She leaned towards her now, favorite student. "Thank you for the good grooming," She lapped up her juices off of his face. When her tongue touched his lips, she couldn't help but slide her tongue into his mouth to give him a deep kiss. She pulled back to see him blushing a bright-red. 'He's so cute. No wonder, Akashiya and the others are so into him.'

"Before you go you need to get rid of that," She smirked as her hand unzipped his pants. Tsukune blushed even more when she revealed his hardened cock covered with pre-cum from his pants, 'Not a bad size for someone around his age,' her mouth was drooling over the sight. She went down and began to suck on the tip of his cock, 'I love the taste of this kid,' slowly, she sucked down then up. She needed to taste more of him.

"Sensei..." He panted.

She paused for a moment. She went up so she could look at him, face to face. "Call me Shizuka, please," The cat demon cupped his balls. As she fondled them, she heard him groan. "So what are you calling me?"

"Shizuka," He said with such lust.

Smiling, she went down again to lick his tip down to his balls. She sucked on one of his balls. One of her hands was still fondling them and now her other hand was stroking his penis. The bathroom was filled with sounds of Shizuka's sucking and Tsukune's groaning.

As she removed her mouth, she pressed his groin against her boobs. Alternating speeds, she rubbed his shaft between her breasts.

This was too much for him. His teacher was giving him a boob-job. "Shizuka!!!" He moaned as she begin to circle his tip with her tongue. As she sucked on the head, Tsukune groaned. With his shaft sandwiched between Shizuka's boobs and her sucking on his head, it just turned him on to unimaginable levels. "Shizuka, I'm going to cum..." He whimpered.

She felt him erupt into her mouth as he lay down on the floor. When she swallowed his whole load, she just smirked. 'This kid tastes really good,' She pulled back her breasts to carefully clean the spunk off of his cock and tucked it into his pants. She felt depressed as she zipped him up. She crawled next to him and lay down. For a while, they were holding each other like a couple.


The sound of the bell alerted them. Tsukune was the first one to stand up. He held out his hand to help her up. He wondered why he hadn't thought of Moka like he usually did and why did he have oral sex with his homeroom teacher without any hesitation anyway? Right now, he should head towards class. Shizuka got up as well, with his help. She licked around her lips to clean off any residue.

"Excuse me, Shizuka-sensei. I need to head to class." He bowed.

"Of course, Tsukune," She sighed as she walked toward the door with him. She can't go out. She's still naked so she can't go into the hallway, just yet. She unlocked the door for him. When he was opening the door, she stopped him, "One last thing to do," She leaned in to kiss him, a simple one.


Tsukune didn't tell Moka or anyone what he did yesterday. That should remain a secret. He doesn't get beaten by vampire, succubus, witch and snow woman but he was still thinking of that kiss during homeroom class. He saw her talking but his eyes were focused on her lips. Then he recalled how soft her lips were. It's amazing that he found a girl that doesn't suck his blood, suffocate him with enormous boobs, was too young or doesn't stalk him and even more amazing was that it was his teacher. Maybe he should thank the poor student that spill soup on her but apparently the idiot was aiming for his rival. She was just in the way. Plus no one really knew who started the food fight in the first place, 'Poor Sensei, just a poor innocent teacher who got caught in the crossfire and got high with catnip. Either way, Shizuka-sensei won't go for guy like me,' One last thought came to mind. 'Who put catnip in Shizuka-sensei's tea?'