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Shizuka Nekonome couldn't help but feel jealous as she watched Moka bite her Tsukune's neck. She paused. Wait a minute, when had Tsukune become her Tsukune? It has been over a week since the incident happened. She hasn't fallen in head over heels for the boy but the feelings were there. It's mostly just lust. Yet there is something more that she can't shake off. As she watched her secret favorite student getting a hug by Kurumu, her eyes burned with envy. No longer could she watch her beloved student get attention from other females, even though they were his friends.

She walked away before she ended up doing something that she might regret. Like scratch their eyes out. She has to confess that she wanted Tsukune's attention all to herself. She was embarrassed to admit that she had been pleasuring herself to his name for the last few days. The trick was she had to think about his adorable face, the way he looked at her while she give him a boob job, his talented tongue going into her most intimate place and his cock, like she said before; it was not a bad size for someone around his age. She also wondered how it would feel to have his cock going inside of her, in and out.

The cat demon stood still for awhile. She did it again. She got aroused by thinking of him. Two words came to her mind; cold shower. A really cold shower was required.

"I hate water," She sighed in a depressed tone, but she needed to cool down before she started to do the next thing on her schedule. She headed toward the nearest girl's bathroom.


The once human sighed. He was happy being with his friends. Yet his desires weren't with Moka, like usual. Ever since that day, his dreams have become more erotic and his lover wasn't one of his female friends, but it was his homeroom teacher. He sighed silently as he let his friends drag him off someplace else. He remembered that they have a newspaper club meeting today. His heart started to beat a little rapidly at the thought of seeing Shizuka again. He would rather be with her, alone. He knew how Moka and the others felt about him. As much he appreciated the feelings, he kept thinking of Shizuka's soft lips and beautiful curves. Was he selfish that he was thinking of someone else? He kept quiet to himself. As much it would break his own heart, he doesn't want to betray his friends. He looked around to see the newspaper's advisor coming out of the bathroom.


Shizuka finally got herself calm. She headed toward the newspaper clubs meeting room. Before she got into the room, there stood Okuto Kotsubo. The cat demon sighed as she put on a fabricated smile. "What is it, Kotsubo?"

"I've monitored your movements. I could see you were eying one of your students. That's against rules." He smirked.

"You should talk. Remember Mizore?" She sneered. "I have to go."

Okuto grabbed her shoulder. "I told you before, she came to me. Anyway, she's your student. You should handle that matter."

"Don't tell me what to do. We all know what happened afterwards."

His grip on her arm tightened. His face flushed with anger. He raised his other hand up.


Tsukune just glared at the perverted gym teacher who was talking to Shizuka. That jackass is touching Shizuka without her permission. She looked angry based on what he saw of her. But his heart stopped as he saw the kraken prepare to strike her.

"Leave Shizuka-sensei alone!!!" Blinded by rage, Tsukune unknowingly ran up to the kraken. Maybe it was because Moka injected her blood into him or because of how many fights he got into, he punched the older man without thinking. Okuto fell backward but he hit his head on the wall hard; knocking him out cold.

"Tsukune..." Moka was amazed at her friend's action.

Shizuka was shocked but put on her best angry face. "Everyone but Aono, leave now!" She screamed.

Moka and others had no choice but to listen to her. No one would want to rebel against an angry cat demon. As they left, they wished their favorite friend luck.

"Follow me!" She commanded.

Tsukune just walked behind her, leaving the unconscious gym teacher on the floor. She led him to the teacher's dorm. Before they knew it, they stopped at someone's room. She opened the door and hinted her student to go inside.

"This is my room. We'll talk in here," She stated.

"Yes, Shizuka-sensei," He quietly entered.

Before she entered her own room, she sensed that someone else was there. "Mizore, leave now!" Shizuka paused to hear the snow-woman grumble as she left her beloved friend in the hands of the newspaper club's advisor. The feline smirked silently and entered her room. Her heart skipped a beat as she was alone with her favorite student. He looked so adorable and so nervous. She pushed her urges to rape him where he stood aside. She kept a neutral face as she approached him.

"Aono-kun, you could get into trouble by punching him like that. You're lucky that I was the only teacher that witnessed the whole thing," She didn't want to sound angry but she was a little upset. 'The boy should think of his own welfare instead of others. But I guess that's what makes him likable.' She inspected the boy.

Tsukune went quiet.

"What happens if he converts into his monster form?" She stated. "You also could get hurt. Did you ever think of that?"

"I'm sorry. I thought I was protecting you," Tsukune's eyes looked away in shame, his face burning red with embarrassment.

Shizuka blushed. She was speechless.

"I'll leave you alone, Shizuka-sensei," He was about to leave which broke her trance.

"No, please don't go," She embraced her student from behind. "I'm happy that you protected me. I didn't drag you here to be angry at you," She dropped her arms and walked around so she could see Tsukune, face to face. "But I do want to say thank you," She leaned in to kiss him. She was ecstatic that Tsukune was returning the kiss. His arms snaked around her waist. She draped her arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. There was no tongue but it was still a mind-numbing kiss. Finally, Shizuka stopped. They looked at each other, loving affection for each other in their eyes. "Thank you, Tsukune."

"Your welcome, Shizuka," He blushed. Right now, he couldn't see her as a teacher but only a beautiful woman.

Her face turned red as well. He mentioned her first name without using sensei or a nickname, just her name. Her heart was beating rapidly. She leaned in to kiss him again. Her tongue slipped into his mouth. Her desire to fuck him was so overwhelming that she just had to comply. She unbuttons his shirt while still French-kissing him. As she got the last button, he slipped out of his shirt and tossed it aside. She pulled away from him. The cat demon kneed down to pull down his pants. She kissed his boxers and she felt his cock twitch and begin to harden because of her lips. She took down the last cloth.

Shizuka inspected the naked boy as she stood up. She had to grin. 'This boy is mine.' She pounced on Tsukune which caused him to fall backwards with her on top. He was okay but he was too focused on his teacher giving him a nice licking around his neck. She was focusing on where Moka bit him. 'Time to clean the wound,' She raked her tongue over the bite marks that he received from that careless vampire. She stopped to see him smile.

"Thank you for healing me," He teased.

She returned the smile as her mouth was back on his neck, trailing down to his shoulder. She kissed and gently nipped at it. He looked down at her. Something was bothering him.

"Shizuka, stop," Tsukune whimpered.

She paused as she looked up to her lover who was sitting up. He simply nodded toward her clothes. She just smirked as she understood what he wanted. She slowly took off her blouse. When she flung her top off, he gave out a whistle. Once again, she wasn't wearing any bra. He leaned toward her to give a good kiss on each of her breasts. She loved the touch of his lips on her body. She unzipped her skirt and let it drop. She kicked her skirt aside. Her panties were soaking wet. He reached over to pull her underwear down. She gasped as he pressed his lips on her moist bare private area.

Shizuka stopped him before he started doing anything to her. "It's still my turn," She kicked off her panties. She went on her knees to kiss him as she pushed him down to the floor. Her lips slipped down again to his chest. She stopped to lick circles around his hard nipples that caused him to shiver. She loved the reactions that she gave the young boy. She gently sucked one of his nipples and the other was being teased by her hand. She felt his groin become even harder as she gave the same treatment to the other one. He chuckled as he could feel her nuzzling down to his navel. Her hair tickles his body.

"That tickles," Tsukune tried to not laugh as she lapped around his belly button. She had to smile as she gave out soft kisses around his abdomen. She moved her mouth down to the very part she desired for. She swirled her tongue around the head of his cock. "Shizuka!" He panted. She licked up and down on his shaft. Her mouth went down to his testicles. She traced them with her tongue and then sucked them in her mouth. Her hand began to stroke his shaft. Tsukune once again, yelled out her name. Her mouth and hands on him felt so great yet something bothered him. A little voice in his head gave him a naughty suggestion. He licked his lips in agreement. "Shizuka?"

She stopped as her mouth was inches away from his cock. She lapped up his pre-cum. "Yes?" She said coyly.

"Please turn around, Shizuka," He asked.

Confused, she turned around like he had asked for. Tsukune practically drooled over the sight of her naked ass. Her musky scent drove him crazy. His fingers ran through her dripping wet privates. He took out his fingers which were soaked with her juices. As he licked them clean, he felt the need to taste it from the source. His mouth attacked between her legs. He was drinking every drop that his tongue could reach. She had to pause.

His tongue was so pleasurable, just like she remembered and even more so now. It ran up to her nether lips to her rim. He gave it a soft flick which cause to her yowl. He licked down to her pussy. It dived across her clitoris. She mewed even more as she felt every flick, twist and turn that his oral muscle did in her warm folds.

She groaned as she went back to sucking on his cock. Her head went bobbing, back and forth while her hands cupped and massaged his balls. Tsukune groaned as her hands and mouth were just like in his dreams, but then again, it's happening for real and he was pleased that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. He went on pleasuring her as she was to him. They were screaming out each other's name in their minds. His tongue went in deep to her pussy while she practically deep-throated his penis.

"Shizuka, I'm going to..." He breathed between licks.

She wanted to say the same thing but she wanted to continue what she was doing. Final touches caused them to come. She managed to swallow his load and licked his shaft clean. She purred as she felt Tsukune lapping up her juices to clean her. Both teacher and student were pleased that they managed to cum together. Shizuka turned to see her lover's face. She kissed him deeply as he snaked his arms around the hot naked woman's waist. For a while, they were just embracing each other.

Shizuka sat up on his lap. On her face, there was a wicked grin. She ground herself on his lap while she placed his hands on her breasts. Tsukune smiled as he began to grope them. He leaned forward to nuzzle her chest. She purred as she felt his soft lips in between her breasts. He kissed around the area. Her nipples were being teased by his hands. Once again, they became hard as he gently played with them. She felt that she was getting wet again. As she began to moist, she also felt his groin harden. She continued to grind against his firm cock.

He panted as he was enjoying the wet lap-dance. But the teasing of her wet vagina near his crotch was too much. He raised his head to look at her. "Shizuka, can we..."

The cat demon kissed him with full-on passion. He got his answer as he felt her lift herself to impale onto him. She was no virgin but she was so tight and it felt so good. He groaned as he could feel that he was entered into her all the way in. As he started to move, she was already rocking herself up and down. At first, they started at a slow pace. 'Tsukune's cock feels so great.' She moaned as she felt his hands going down to her ass. They were fondling her bare ass cheeks.

"Faster please, Tsukune!" She cried.

Tsukune easily granted her request; in return, she yelled out his name in joy. She grabbed her own breasts and started to grope them. He was enjoying her warm folds hugging his cock. As he looked up, his hands went up to her chest. She got startled when she felt his hands slither underneath hers. She yowled as his hands pinched her nipples, hard.

"More, Tsukune, more!" She screamed as she ground her hips even more.

Tsukune bucked as hard as he could. The room looked dizzy from his point of view as his mind numbed with ecstasy. He knew that he was no longer a virgin now. As she panted out his name, he didn't regret it. Her body fit perfectly against his. His mind keen on focusing as much pleasure as it could give her. "Shizuka, I'm going to cum!!"

As if they were perfect in sync, she panted out the same. Before they knew, they came and Shizuka collapsed into his arms. "That was fantastic, Tsukune," She purred into his neck. His cock was still in her but she didn't care.

He just nodded.

"Again?" She smirked.

His eyes widened in shock. "Are you sure?"

"First, give me a few minutes to relax," She kissed him. "Second, the night is young and tomorrow is Saturday. So what do you think?"

He leaned toward her ear and carefully licked her lobe which sent shivers down her spine. "Anything you want, Shizuka. But this time, I want to be on top."

She just purred.


Kagome Ririko was back from a personal family event. Before she had left, she pulled a prank to one of her fellow teachers; Shizuka Nekonome. As payback for the embarrassment that one of Nekonome's students had caused her, she had spiked the cat demon's tea with catnip. She smirked. But she had to leave before she could see the outcome of her practical joke. But as an added bonus, she set off a food fight in the student's cafeteria. All she did was throw a rice ball at some random guy and left the room. Straight after, she had left for the week to her family.

It wasn't a bad week but she wanted to know what happened with Shizuka. She quickly went to her fellow teacher's room. The door was shut but she managed to open it slightly. Her jaw dropped down. There Aono was, in Shizuka's room. Both of them were naked as the day they were born. Aono was pounding into her diligently while the cat demon was on all fours and yowled out her lover's name. Judging from how much they had sweat, they had been at it for awhile.

'My prank backfired!!!' Ririko wanted to screech out loud but couldn't. 'How did that happen?' She was stunned. She heard the happy couple moving around to get into a different position. She blushed as she saw a naked Tsukune enter her colleague while he was on top of her. Shizuka was on her back and receiving a loving kiss from her lover. Afraid to be spotted by them, she left as quickly as possible. She had seen enough. Her face blushed, beet-red. The only thing that she could think of was, that was the last prank she would pull on her ever again.