Haha, a new story. What will happen in this one? And have no fear, this is all written out so there will be no writer's block hold ups. -glares at My Servant Your Subject- I need to get inspired by something. Schools starting up though, so ideas will come.

Sorry for the horrible title, I couldn't think of anything good. It was Magical Only or Only Magic And don't worry, I'll explain things at the bottom so if you get confused read till the end and stuff. And sorry if this seems to unoriginal, I started writing this a few days before everyone started posting USxUK things were Alfred was like some spirit and stuff. I was trying to finish it all. T_T

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"This isn't going to work Mattie." Alfred sighed holding up a thick leather book and rolling his eyes. His half-brother was looking at him with big blue eyes, similar to his own.

Matthew had had a strange new up session with magic. Ever since they moved and the two where force to take the boxes up into the attic and found the whole chest of things. Big, thick, books of spells and magically dark things. Some how he had talked Alfred into trying one spell, anything Alfred wanted, he just wanted to try something. Alfred sighed; he was only doing this to make his half-brother happy, seeing as how Matthew never really knew his father.

"I don't care, Alfred, just pick one, and stand in the circle." Matthew said pointing the strange circle that was painted on the wooden floor.

"I know, Mattie." Alfred said rolling his eyes and stepping into the circle. He opened the book to some random page, reading the writing. It was all in Latin, and though Alfred spoke some Spanish, he didn't speak Latin. Either way he tried, and nothing happened. "See Mattie, what did I tell you."

Matthew didn't look like he had been let down or anything, maybe a bit sad the whole thing didn't work. Alfred gave a weak smile before turning to step out of the circle. Suddenly the paint of the floor glowed a faint purple, and Alfred stumbled back. He suddenly felt like he was being ripped in two, he screamed in pain, toppling to the floor. Matthew shot up to help him, only to be shot back by some force.

Out of nowhere shadows wrapped around Alfred. Slowly two sunk into him, making his blue eyes widen. Alfred struggled against the hold and the shadows were suddenly pushing him under. One of his hands flailed about, before a bright light and then nothing. Alfred was gone, and Matthew found he was completely alone in the attic.

"Kirkland, my office, five minutes." Chief of Police Ludwig snapped as he walked past Head Inspector Arthur Kirkland's desk.

Arthur sighed, the whole police station was completely off the wire, and Arthur had a bunch of work piling up. His partner Francis, was little help with it all. Arthur dropped the report he had currently been working on, and got up from his desk. Francis was looking at him, leaning back in his chair, his work hardly touched.

Arthur growled, but strolled over to his boss's office, which took him a good two minutes. The whole station was buzzing with action and people were being moved from place to place. By the time he got there he had followed Ludwig's orders perfectly, and when working under the rather strict German that was a good thing.

Ludwig noticed his company, and finished sorting papers on his desk, before telling Arthur what he wanted to tell him. "You got a new case Kirkland." Ludwig said holding up a case file, the sandier blonde looked at him. "Two people murdered with no leads as to whom. I want to you working on this case as of now."

"The reports?" Arthur asked, gently taking the case file from Ludwig.

"Give them to who ever you want." Ludwig said, before waving his hand for Arthur to leave.

Arthur quickly took his leave; he was practically run over by Feliciano, Ludwig's partner, who was a cheerer man then his strict, by the book partner. Arthur had seemed to move out of the way just in time, finding the person he needed as well. Antonio was one of the most carefree people in the whole station, and the only reason he actually did work was because of his partner, Romano. Who, unlike his brother, Feliciano, was rude and to the point.

"Antonio, can you do me a favor?" Arthur asked, the Spanish man in his usual disposition.

"Si, senor." Antonio said smiling like he always did.

"No, no you don't!" Romano's voice came thundering towards them. "Don't you dare, bastard!"

"Can you work on some reports I have?" Arthur asked, ignoring Romano.

Antonio seemed to think about it for a while. "Sure Arthur." Romano was cursing just about everything around him in Italian. Arthur still smiled regardless.

"Thanks." Arthur said before departing for his own desk.

Ludwig was right when he said there were no leads to the case. The scene had hardly anything to work with, aside from the fact that two people were murdered. The family and friends, Arthur had some how managed to contact, were little help. They didn't know if they were up to anything to get them killed. Francis merely shook his head at the whole thing. Arthur was a good detective, but even then he had more leads, or he had a lead.

Still Arthur wasn't going to give up so easily, he would find something, he always did. That's why he was the top and the age he was, he was just good. He would work endlessly on this case till it was solved; he would probably lose a good deal of sleep as well. He was already coming home late from working on it.

He climbed up to this apartment, muttering a few English swears as he did so. He fished out his keys and opened the door, to his home. He hung his jacket on one of the coat changers by the door, before making his way into the kitchen. He was fancying some tea, like he usually was with a weird and stressful case.

Flicking on the kitchen light, and filling the kettle with water. Arthur yawned for a second, before looking over the case for like the hundredth time that day. There was nothing special about the two victims; in fact they were practically scholars, as well as perfect angels. There wasn't a single thing on their records, clean slates, no reason for anyone to really want them dead. The kettle whistled, and Arthur hurried over, taking the kettle off the hot stove, and placing the necessary amount of tea bags in.

He turned around to get a cup, only to stop where he stood. Standing in the entrance way to the living room was a boy, somewhere around the age of eleven. His blonde hair was golden like the sun, big sky blue eye were looking at Arthur with interest. His skin had a slight tan tint to it. He was just simply…there.

"What the bloody hell are you doing in my house?!" Arthur shrieked, taking a step back to the oven. The boy simply shrugged, like he really didn't know. "This is breaking and entering."

"I didn't break anything though." The boy said, looking at Arthur, shoving his hands in his pockets.

"Still it's a crime." Arthur said, just about ready to kick the boy out of the apartment. "Look I'll let this go, just…go back home."

"I can't." The boy said, still looking at him with the huge blue eyes. "I tried, they don't…see me."

"Look, that's not my problem kid." Arthur said, watching the boy who seemed to notice his case file. His eyes widened, and he turned his head to Arthur sharply.

"You're a cop!" The boy said like it was the best thing to ever happen to him. "I need to talk to you."

"There is such thing as a police station…git." Arthur grumbled.

"They don't see me either." The boy insisted.

"Look I would really like to help—"

"No you don't."

"I can't right now. Look go to the station, I'll give you bloody directions." Arthur said; ready to shove the boy out of the kitchen and out his door as well. "Just get out of my house, before I press charges or something." Arthur went to gently nudge the boy on, only the boy didn't move with his hand. In fact his hand just went straight through him.

"That kinda tickled." The boy said touching his chest that was solid to him.

"Wh-what?" Arthur said looking at his hand and then the boy. "Who…what are you?"

"I'm not leaving, you can see me." The boy said, putting his hands in his hoodie's pocket. "You can help me."

Arthur just started at the blonde boy, who happened to not be solid.

There you have it, Chapter 1. So yeah, this takes place in modern times, like now, and their not really anywhere other then some city in America (shut up it's pretty much the only place I know). And yes Arthur is an ace detective who quickly climbed the ranks to head at a young age. Oh and the first part it a flashback, sorta thing, I think. Don't worry more things will be explained later on in the story, we've got 19 chapters to go.

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