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A lot had happened in five years, though few things seemed to stay the same. Like the fact that Alfred refused to leave Arthur's side, or the fact that even though the two could get on the other's nerves, they loved each other. Alfred would smile his usual grin and Arthur would sometimes let it go, that or Alfred kissed him like there was no tomorrow and Arthur's anger went else where, it worked the other way around as well.

Alfred had gone to night school, and somehow pasted, he wasn't a genius, but he wasn't an idiot either. Still his grades got him into a local college, which was becoming somewhat bigger and more important. He had jointed the Air Force and was working himself up the ranks as best he could. He had awkwardly gone to his ten year High School reunion, staying for little more then an hour and scurrying back home like a foolish child.

Arthur still worked at the police station, still a highly valued detective, but he had stepped down from being the head, he was good at his job, but maybe he took it too soon. He sold his little apartment, after fixing up his room and walls, Alfred helped as well. He moved into his grandparents' house, the one that he had been his sanctuary for so long. He had found his grandfather's will in one of the spell books that had been in the attic, finding to his shock everything had been left in his name, and the house would be covered till he was able to move in.

That of course had cause some problems involving Shima's will, who gave the house to anyone in her family who was will to take the thing, Alfred had piped up, before handing it to the rightful owner. Both of them lived there now, fixing it up and making it look like it should. It had taken a while but the outside was done and perfect, something Arthur could look forward to driving up too and the inside was getting there.

Arthur was getting the gardens back to the way the fairies liked it, they would admit Shima had done a beautiful job; it just wasn't to their living standards. Now there was a garden worth remembering, though Alfred didn't see the whole point of everything. Still if Arthur was happy usually Alfred was as well, Arthur's cooking hadn't exactly done it for Alfred.

Arthur was currently in the gardens, where his cup of tea was left to get cold, he had the day off and what better way to spend it. Of course the fairies had teased and fooled with him enough to get him playing with him. Alfred had had exams, much to his disheartenment about them; Arthur had sent him off with the best of luck.

"You're hallucinating again~." A familiar voice rang, in its usual teasing tone.

"Bloody hell!" Arthur snapped, whipping around to find the taller blonde leaning in the door frame with a smug look to him. "They're bloody real Alfred!"

"Yeah, yeah." Alfred said pushing himself off the frame. "I've seen enough weird things from you to not doubt you."

"You still do!" Arthur snapped lowly, causing Alfred to laugh and chuckle.

"I tease, not doubt." Alfred informed, pulling Arthur's chin up. Gently he placed his lips on his; bring the blonde Englishman as close as he could. Arthur could hear the fairies chuckle and giggle, muttering as they scattered away. "They are two very different things." Alfred said when he pulled away.

"Bloody git."

"You say that." Alfred laughed.

"You bloody are!" Arthur insisted.

"I think you've been in the sun to long." Alfred said grabbing Arthur's arm and pulling him towards the house.

"What about my tea, you bloody yank." Arthur hissed, somewhat scrambling to get back to the cup.

"It seemed to be forgotten when you were playing with nothing." Alfred said picking Arthur up with extreme ease.


"I know." Alfred spoke gently, chuckling as he did so. "Just relax I'll get it." Alfred said putting Arthur down in the house and scurrying off to get the tea cup. He gently put it in Arthur's hand, watching him as he found slightly.

"What a waste of perfectly good tea." Arthur said looking in the cup; Alfred seemed to choke on a laugh. "It's bloody cold."

"Hey, I'm not the one who left it, Artie." Alfred said holding his hands up in surrender. "I have an alibi. I was taking an exam."

"Ah and how did that go?" Arthur asked, heading to the kitchen with his cup of tea.

Alfred made a sound, though it should like a muffled 'don't know' and Arthur let it go. That was Alfred usual answer, a simple 'I don't know' or something along the lines. Arthur felt two warm arms wrap around his waist, and chin came to his shoulder. Arthur scowled and smiled at the same time it seemed.

Matthew had always wanted to see Europe, for it was extremely different from North America. Of course he had never really been the richest guy out there and school and life had usually gotten in the way. That was of course till Francis literally dragged him on a plane and took him completely against his will. Not that he was complaining that much, Matthew was never really one to complain, merely speak his mind about the whole thing, which in reality wasn't horrible.

Francis merely told him to forget it and that there wasn't anything to worry about. Francis had come to Canada shortly after Arthur step down from Head Detective, and someone else took the job. He had just about poked and pried Alfred enough for him to blindly give him Matthew phone and address, before shoving him away sharply.

Since then the Frenchman had waited till the Canadian had finished his proper schooling, before proposing a rather large trip to Europe. Matthew wondered where he would even get the money to do that, only to find that Francis had come from a rather wealthy background, but had relatives that didn't exactly approve of him. Course now the last of them were dead, and the money was all there. Francis was just glad of getting Matthew out of Canada and away from America as well.

Matthew looked forward to what Francis had to show him, for he had been calling people left and right to get information as to where to go in what country. Francis seemed to always want the best for Matthew, and seeing as how they had become some what inseparable it was somewhat fitting. Matthew had come to notice Alfred was the same with Arthur, then again Alfred had somewhat been like that for him as well. Matthew let the whole thing go, for all he cared he was going to Europe.

"Machine's can't get sick, aru!" Wang said crossing his arms against his chest, humphing as he did so. Kiku rolled his eyes; Wang wasn't the best with computers, that didn't mean he was good with them. He had called Kiku from his job, asking him to come over and fix his computer; the one Taiwan had somehow talked him into getting.

"It's just a term, onii-san." Kiku spoke calmly, before fiddling with the thing more. He knew how to get rid of the virus Wang had somehow managed to get in it.

"Computer viruses originally came from Korea." Yong Soo chimed in from the door way of the office. Both men in the room rolled their eyes to that as well. "The register is jammed again, Aniki."

"I'll come fix it, aru." Wang said with a smile. He went to leave the room before turning to Kiku one last time. "Thanks for helping, aru." Kiku nodded, he didn't see any other way of getting Wang to leave him alone.

"Hey, Arthur, do you think we still would have met if what happened didn't happen?" Alfred asked, he sounded somewhat collected, maybe a little calm, but he wasn't. It was a question he had always thought about, ever since he had talked to Matthew in the hospital. He had never really voiced it to Arthur though, even though he suddenly was now.

Arthur looked up at him from the book he was reading. His green eyes blinking with confusion, from the question or the book, Alfred had no clue. His sandy blonde locks where in their usual composed dishevelment. Alfred knew he was reading one of the many spell books he had placed in the study, he only knew because it was somewhat thick and old, and Arthur's huge brows were knotted with focus like he was studying or thinking hard.

"I believe so." Arthur said gently, "judging by the one of the spells you preformed horribly." Alfred pouted a little, and Arthur sighed, closing the book and getting up to place it back on the shelf. "Besides the fairies said," Alfred was about to object, and Arthur shot him a hard look and he swallowed the objection up quickly. "They said, either way we would have meet some how."

"But how?" Alfred asked, and Arthur strolled over to him.

"Does it bloody matter?" Arthur said, resting a hand on Alfred cheek, before yanking it down to his level. He hungrily placed his lips on Alfred's, finding he tasted the same why he smelled. Alfred completely forgot the conversation and everything that had happened, as he kissed him back. Arthur smiled when he pulled away, both panting and such, and Alfred took him away.

Ok, the two middle parts are just random, I didn't want the end to be all USxUK, and wanted to through the other characters and well. I thing China is good with electronics, or fixing them manually, not techinaclly. SO yeah. And there is an extreme open ending, because 'took him away' can be taken two ways...if you know what I mean. So either take the preverted path or not, it's your choice. Thank you for reading this, I really enjoyed writting it, and have a lot of ideas for other fics, but I'm not if they'll ever get posted with the current life I have now.

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