Six months, ten days, twelve hours, and fifteen minutes.

Six months, ten days, twelve hours, and fifteen minutes since he had been locked in the bloody bloody cell by the dementors.

Two months, three days since he had stopped screaming for someone to help him.

And two days, since he had broken.

Harry Potter was chained to the back of the cell, and waited for someone to come and get him.

But he knew now that no one was coming. Knew that the world thought him evil again, and knew that they would rather let Voldemort kill him than try and save him.

They thought he had killed Cedric. Thought that he was trying to help the person that had killed his bloody parents!

Harry started laughing insanely as his mothers voice echoed in his head for the last time.


Dumbledore sneered as he looked at the roster for Hogwarts, and with a deep sense of satisfaction, crossed 'HARRY JAMES POTTER' off the list, and watched it disappear. Harry could never come back to Hogwarts – you couldn't be readmitted once you were kicked out.

He looked up as McGonagall rushed in, looking harried. She panted. "Sir, they just caught Peter Pettigrew, who confessed under Veritaserum! Harry was telling the truth!"

Dumbledore's eyes widened in horror as he looked down at the page, and sighed.

"I just crossed his name off the list." He said quietly, and McGonagall choked, running out.


Harry hummed to himself as he used his magick to poke small holes in the wall, watching as they instantly healed up. No spells could go out, and none could come in, but he could temporarily change the stone, before it changed it back. He looked up with blank, insane green eyes as two people came before his cell.


Snape grumbled as he was forced to come on the trip. Not only was he here, he was forced to be along for the trip with several others. At least his lover was here, as Lucius was playing spy for their lord.

Dumbledore, Harry's Godmutt –who's Name was now cleared-, his werewolf, himself and Lucius made up the party that were to retrieve Harry.

They made their way into the deepest part of Azkaban, where the fifteen year old resided. He had been in the maximum security cells. They came before the ruler of the door, who looked up. He wasn't quite human, or quite demon, but it was hard to tell where he resided. He looked up.

"Yes?" "We are here to retrieve Harry Potter. Here is the Order of Retrieval." "Fine. Only two of you may go to get him. The hallways will only permit that." Dumbledore started to step forward, but Snape and Sirius rushed forward.

Both knew what Azkaban did to people –after all, Sirius had only been free a little under two years-, and they wanted to see Harry first.

And find out how broken he was.

As Sirius passed, he shook hands with the main demon-overlord, and slipped him a piece of paper, the demon sitting back down and slipping it among his paperwork, unseen. He looked down, and smirked as he read it.

'Twenty Galleons to you, if you can annoy the man with the beard as much as possible'


Sirius was tired. He had fought as hard as he could to convince Dumbledore to release Harry, and had seriously considered trying to break in and save his godson.

But he had failed, and he didn't know what condition Harry would be in once they got him…

But he knew it wouldn't be good.


Sirius and Snape stepped up to the door, and both blinked n shock as Harry Turned to them. His face was dirty, his glasses –which he had somehow kept- were broken, one of the lenses missing, and it was broken on his bed. He had large red scar marks on his chest, over his heart, obviously made with the glass.

But his eyes were what were the most shocking. Those once-bright emerald eyes were a dull leaf green, with a sheen of insanity over them that was made more apparent as Harry giggled and stood up, gesturing to his cell, talking to himself.

"Oh my goodness, look! I have guests, I must tidy up, must wash up, can't entertain guests in a dirty house." He mumbled, fluffing his solitary pillow, and sweeping the glass pieces under it, before turning back and beating his pants slightly, looking up with a smile. "Hello, please come in!" Harry said cordially, and Snape and Sirius walked, Snape conjuring a shirt for Harry.

"Harry…would you allow me to use a cleaning charm on you, and for you to put on this shirt?" Snape said, and Harry growled. "No! You won't fucking come near me with that thing!" He screamed, and darted forward to grab the wand, throwing it out of the cell. Sirius grabbed Harry in a headlock, and stunned him, letting tears fall down his cheeks as he held his godson.