Harry looked out the window, scrunching his nose up at the clothes he was being forced to wear. In the Cell –as he called it- he had nothing but that pair of grungy shorts. Now he had pants, underwear, an undershirt, a over shirt, and a wizarding robe. He had flat out refused to wear socks or shoes.

He smirked, before pulling off the robe and shirts and throwing them on the ground. He smiled. That was better! He looked up as Snape came in.

Snape sighed, and shook his head. The boy apparently hated clothes. "Can you at least keep your pants on? And the underwear?"

Harry pouted a little, small tendrils of anger undulating in his eyes. "And If I don't?"

Snape frowned. "Then you can't leave your room."

The child knew that this wasn't an option. He had spent far too long in that cell to remain locked up in this room if at all possible. He would wear the pants if he had too.

"Fine. What did you need?"

"You were expelled from Hogwarts, so you…" He paused, obviously mad. "You will be going back to the Dursleys."

Harry was still for a second, before smiling softly. "No, I don't think I will."

Severus rose an eyebrow. "I wasn't asking your opinion, Harry. I was telling you what was going to happen."

Harry shrugged, looking out the window. "It doesn't matter, potions master. My other and our shadow will be here soon. And if you stand in the way of my leaving with my soul partner, I will be forced to end your life in this life cycle." He said calmly, feeling the tugs on the strings of his soul, he was yearning for his darkness – his magick had shown him his connection to the other, and things made much more sense now than they had before.

The reason he had never been able to truly hurt, or destroy his dark, why he had always been drawn to him, why when the other hurt him, it hurt more than usual. It was quite the revelation to realize that he had been wrong all along – that Dumbledore was the enemy, and he should be helping his dark. That everything would be so much easier if he just helped his dark.

He smiled to himself as he felt ghostly hands hold him. He still hated his dark somewhat – after all, the other had killed his parents. But he would give him a chance – how could he deny the other half of his soul? Now all he had to wait for, was for their shadow to arrive. And of course, for his dark to retrieve him.

He felt a calm sweep over him, and he knew that it would not be long before his dark came.

Wrapped up in feeling his darkness over him, he never saw the red stunning light that shot at him. Snape caught the boy, knowing that in some way this was wrong, but he knew that he could not deny a direct order from Dumbledore – if he did, the other would turn him over to the ministry, and he would be taken to Azkaban. He couldn't allow that to happen – not when he was just getting to finally be with Lucius, and contemplate having a family.