Disclaimer: I do not own Mork and Mindy, but have re-discovered this great sitcom and am enjoying watching it again a lot. I'd like to take the characters out for a spin for some light-hearted comedy with a little bit of angst thrown into the mix. This takes place in between Season 3 and Season 4.

It was early on a Saturday morning, and Mindy McConnell didn't need to get up at her normal early hour, but she had woken up on her own. Sighing, she rolled over and tried to get back to sleep. As she lay there, she looked back on the past two weeks and smiled to herself. Two weeks ago, they had thrown a birthday party for their downstairs neighbor, Mr. Bickley, and after everyone had left, she and Mork had said "I love you" to each other for the first time. Oh, she had known she loved him for a long time now, and she had thought he probably felt the same way, but they had never put it into words. Now that he had said them for the first time, he enjoyed telling her every chance he did. Instead of "Good Night" in the morning, he'd say, "I love you!". Instead of "Hello" when leaving the room, he'd say, "I love you!". It was endearing and cute, and so very very Mork. It seemed hard to believe how much he had grown as a person in the three years since he had arrived on Earth from his home planet of Ork, yet he still said things like "kay-o" instead of "o-kay". She felt herself drifting back to sleep remembering his conversation with her late mother on the sofa, and the warm fuzzy feeling that began to grow inside of her when he told her mother how he felt and asked, "Is that love?".

Mork was hanging from his bar up in his attic bedroom when he awoke with a start. He glanced at the clock, laying on the floor so he could read it while in bed and saw it was too early to get up on a Saturday morning. Mindy had been working very hard at the station and had told him last night that she planned on sleeping in today, but when she got up should would make Orkan pancakes for breakfast (pancakes shaped like an egg). Just thinking about Mindy made him feel all warm and tingly all over. It was amazing how this emotion of love had the ability to make you feel good even when the person you cared about wasn't around. He had cared about Mindy almost from the moment he met her three years ago. Her patience with him when he was so clueless about Earth customs and willingness to protect him against the world around him touched a part of him that had been shut off for his entire life. It was because of Mindy that he was eventually able to come to terms with his emotions and live in relative harmony with them. He may not be a better Orkan, but he was definitely a more complete person because of Mindy. He began to swing gently on his swing, lulling himself back to sleep, waiting to hear Mindy moving around downstairs before waking up for the day.

Mindy managed to sleep until 9:30 am, which was very late for her. She sat up and stretched, surprised that Mork hadn't come in to wake her up yet. He loved her Orkan pancakes and had been very excited about having them for breakfast last night. She smiled, picturing him sitting up in the attic waiting impatiently for her to get up before coming downstairs. He had been so considerate of her lately with the extra work she'd been pulling at the station. They were both learning to adjust to the way their lives had been changing, and now that they had admitted their feelings for each other, it would probably be changing again. But only for the better, she thought. She got up and got dressed in a pair of jeans and a University of Colorado sweatshirt. She brushed her teeth, and quietly opened the door to the living room. Looking around, she saw no sign of Mork, although the stairway to the attic was open. She tiptoed through the living room into the kitchen, and began to get the ingredients ready to make the pancakes. She was sure once she started cooking, he'd be right down.

Mork awoke to the sound of the refrigerator opening up in the kitchen down below. *Mindy was awake!* He flipped off of his swing and prepared to run downstairs when he caught a glimpse of her in the kitchen and saw she was already dressed. He decided to get dressed before going downstairs as well. It didn't take long for him to change into his normal attire of a long sleeve colorful shirt, khaki-pants, and rainbow colored suspenders. All he needed was his shoes, and one of them must have gone flying the night before because he couldn't find it. He was searching for it when he heard the phone ring. He sat down at the top of the stairs and listened as Mindy answered the phone.

"Hello. Oh hi, Dad, good morning! Yes, I'm fine, and Mork's fine too. No, we don't have any plans for today, I think we're going to get caught up on housework and laundry and stuff like that. I've been pretty busy at the station lately and Mork tries to do his share to help out but sometimes we just need catch-up days." Mindy paused, listening to her father's side of the conversation before continuing, "Oh Dad, he does his best, you have to love him for trying to help." She paused again, "OK, well you don't have to love him, but I do." Another pause. "Yes, Dad, I meant what I said, I do love him, and he loves me too." This time there was a longer pause and he could hear her begin to pace within the kitchen. "Yes Dad, I know that falling in love with an alien from another planet is a little wierd. Life with Mork has been anything but boring since he arrived, but he makes me happy, he makes me laugh, and that's what's most important." She sighed, "Yes, Dad, I'm sure life would be a lot easier if I fell in love with a human." Mork stood up and moved away from the opening, farther into the attic room. He had always carried a lot of insecurities about how his being here had impacted Mindy's life. He remembered when he had first arrived, he had run away from home thinking she would be happier without him there, but she had come looking for him. Several times over the years he had been conflicted on what was really best for Mindy, and the more he thought about it, the more he realized how important doing what was best for Mindy was for him. It was how he recognized his growing affection for her. His feelings for her scared him at times, but he could no longer imagine life without her in it.

Meanwhile downstairs, Mindy continued her conversation with her father, "Look Dad, I know it'd probably be easier, but it wouldn't be as fun or as happy. I love Mork because of who he is, Orkan and all, and he loves me too. Just be happy for us, OK? Look, I need to finish making breakfast, I'll talk to you later. Bye, Dad." She hung up the phone and began mixing the pancake batter. When it was ready she called upstairs to Mork, "Mork, it's time to make some Orkan pancakes! Are you going to come help me, or sleep in all day?"

Mork glanced back to the stairs, unable to keep from smiling at the sound of her voice, and saw his other shoe hiding behind his foot stool. He loved her so much, he wished he could make her life easier by being a regular human. He sat down long enough to put on his shoes and then he moved towards the stairs and started calling, "Mindy, Mindy, Mindy!" as he grabbed a hold of the swing rope and began to swing down to the base of the stairs to the attic. Mindy looked up when he started to call her name. About halfway through his swing, there was a sickening crack, and the ceiling where the rope was attached broke away. Mindy watched in horror as Mork fell down onto the attic stairs faster than he could flip a finger around to do anything. He landed on his back with his head hitting one of the steps with a loud, "Thunk!". Mindy gasped as he lay limply on the stairs, not moving, eyes closed. The rope landed on top of him.

She set the bowl of batter aside and ran around the kitchen island to the stairs and got as close to him as she could. He was so still it terrified her, Mork was normally a bundle of energy, always moving unless he was speaking to Orson. She pulled the rope off of him and tossed it to the side and tried to figure out what to do. She knew almost nothing of Orkan biology, she didn't know how to check for a pulse or see if he was breathing or anything. In the three years he had lived there, they had never covered first aid procedures for an Orkan! She was afraid to move him, but couldn't leave him laying on the stairs. She carefully checked him over for any obvious wounds, and the only thing she found was a rapidly growing lump on the back of his head where his head had hit the stairs. She raced back to the phone and called her father. "Dad! You need to come over here right away, there has been an accident. It's Mork, he's fallen, and I don't know what to do!" After Fred agreed to come right over, she hung up and returned to Mork's side.

"Mork. Mork, it's Mindy, please wake up, Mork, you need to tell me what to do to help you. I don't know what to do, Mork, please wake up." Mork lay lifeless on the stairs, and tears began to run down her cheeks. He could be dead for all she knew, how had they managed to forget something so important! The only time he had been sick since coming to Earth was that cold, and she learned her lesson (and how!) not to give him cold medication or he might shrink again. She reached out and took hold of one of his hands. It felt warm against hers, the way it normally did, and all she could do was wait for her father to arrive, and hope that Mork work up on his own in the meantime.

To Be Continued...