Mindy awoke to a crick in her neck and having no clue where she was. There was sunlight streaming through the small windows of the attic, and glancing around she realized she had fallen asleep sitting up against the wall in Mork's room. Her head was tilted to the left, resting on Mork's shoulder, and he had his arm wrapped around her. She remembered trying to comfort him the previous night when he kept saying he wanted to be human to make life easier for her. He had seemed to not hear her anymore and she just sat there next to him and must have fallen asleep. She tried to pull back but his arm tightened around her and he murmured, "Mindy...", in his normal Orkan voice. She smiled, hoping that maybe his memories had come back during the night. She slowly moved her arm around to rest of his stomach, and felt him twitch when she touched him. She turned her head, and found herself looking into his inquisitive eyes. "Good morning, Mork," she said. "Hello," he replied, and her heart fell. Mork would always say Goodbye when he should say Hello, so he wasn't back to himself yet. She frowned, having fallen asleep, that means she only had one day left to restore his memories.

She leaned forward and gave him a kiss on the cheek, "Are you feeling better today?" Mork nodded, "Did your memories come back?" He frowned, "What memories did I lose, Mindy?" She sighed, "Where are you from, Mork?" He smiled, "I live here with you, Mindy." She shook her head, "No, Mork, I mean, where did you live BEFORE you moved in with me?" He frowned, and began to get upset as he had the night before. "That doesn't matter, I'm here now, that's what's important." Mindy pushed herself up to her feet, her legs a little numb from sleeping on the floor and said, "No Mork, your past is part of who you are, and part of the person that I love. You need to remember!" She walked across the room and opened the cabinet where his spacesuit was hanging, and pulled it out. "Do you remember this, Mork?" Mork almost cowered against the opposite wall, staring at the spacesuit almost in horror. The suit began to speak, an odd warbling noise that almost sounded song-like. Mork's eyebrows shot up, "What's it doing?" he said in a panic. She sighed, "It's talking to you, your suit is alive, it's actually made up of millions of tiny life forms and it can talk." Mork tilted his head to the side, a familiar gesture for when he was thinking, "What's it saying?" She sighed, "I don't know, I don't speak spacesuit!" She hung it back into the closet but left the door open.

"Bebo!" She called out, and a little door in the side of the wall opened out and a ball of fur came flying out and started right for Mindy's feet. She jumped up on the footstool, and he veered back over towards Mork, again speaking in a similar warbling voice. "What's THAT!?" Mork was even more panicked as Bebo approached him. "Mork that is your pet, Bebo. He's a naugachomp from Ork. The Elder brought him when he came to help you re-learn to be Orkan." Bebo seemed to sense Mork's fear, and turned around and headed back for his hideyhole, whining the whole way.

Mindy sat on the footstool and clasped her hands. If overwhelming him with emotions broke down the door his emotions were stuck behind, maybe overwhelming him with memories was the way to go. "Mork, where did we first meet?" Mork was staring at the wall where Bebo had disappeared and said, "Boulder Lake." Mindy nodded, "And what were you doing there?" He continued, "That's where I landed... I mean, where I was dropped off." Mindy stood and took one step towards him, "And what were you wearing when we first met?" He turned to look at her, a funny expression on his face, "A suit." Mindy continued, "But you had it on backwards, right? Do you know why you were wearing your suit backwards?" Mork sputtered, "Because it was April Fool's Day? I lost a bet?" Mindy shook her head, "No, because you are from another planet and didn't know which way was the right way to wear it!"

She took a step forward, "On Ork, emotions are bad, and when you felt you were getting too emotional, you locked your emotions behind a door in your mind, and I kissed you and they came roaring out. Remember how we talked with them, and they agreed to behave if you let them meet my emotions. You kissed me, Gratitude, and Joy, and Envy, and Fear, and then YOU kissed me and told me that you cared for me a great deal." Mork stayed up against the wall, his eyes locked on hers and trembled.

She took two more steps foward, "Do you remember when you caught a cold because you were out in the rain? You sneezed by laughing, and I gave you a cold capsule and you shrunk, you shrunk until you disappeared completely for 3 days. You slipped into a parallel world and then grew again and returned to me. I cried and cried because I was sure you were dead and I missed you so much, don't you remember, Mork? That was I realized just how important to my life you had become, when I thought I lost you, I felt like my world had ended." Mork's hands came up to his head and he began to mutter again, "No, those are just dreams, they didn't really happen, I'm not an alien from another world, I'm a normal human being just like everyone else. I'm normal, normal, normal."

She took another couple of steps forward, "Remember Orson? Remember every week you sit down and go into a trance and your mind speaks to his mind and you're sending reports back about Earth, so that the people of Ork can learn more about us. Remember our party for Mr. Bickley when you spoke to my mother. My mother, who died when I was a little girl. How could you speak to my mother, Mork, if she died so long ago? Because you're an alien. You can do things with your finger.." She had gotten close enough to reach for his right hand and held it gently between her own hands, "You can make things move, and cut things, and drink with it and all sorts of things that a normal person can't do. And that's great, that's part of what makes you special, that's part of what I love about you, Mork, is that you're different. Don't you understand, being Orkan is part of the Mork that I love, and I wouldn't have it any other way. It doesn't matter that its harder, it's worth it. YOU are worth it, Mork." She leaned forward and kissed him passionately, trying to make him understand that she loved him as an Orkan, as a person. He kissed her back, and when she finally needed to breath, pulled back and rested her forehead on his.

Mork was still muttering, "I don't understand, I'm so confused, tell me what's happening Orson?" Mindy latched on his reference to Orson, "Call him, Mork, call Orson, and he can help you. I'll help you." She put her finger in his ear and pinched his nose and started the mantra, "Mork and Mindy calling Orson. Mork and Mindy calling Orson, come in Orson." After a couple of choruses by herself, Mork whispered it with her. She felt herself falling into his mind and the familiar black landscape, but she was alone.

She whirled around, "Mork! Mork, where did you go? Orson, are you there? Mork was with me, he was starting to remember, he wanted your help." Orson's voice boomed back at her, "When Mork entered his own mind, he was pulled behind the door with his Orkan memories, you need to go and free him or you'll both be trapped inside of his mind... forever." Mindy's eyes widened and she looked around, "How do I find the door, Orson, it's just a blank black space here!"

Orson said, "Navigating through Mork's mind shouldn't be that hard, most of it is empty." Mindy gave an indignant, "Hey!" before starting to walk through the blackness, calling out, "Mork! Mork, where are you? Call to me, help me find you Mork, please, it's Mindy!" She walked and walked for what felt like hours. She wondered if she'd be stuck inside of Mork's mind when they recalled him to Ork. Finally, she thought she saw something in the distance, and began to jog. Finally she stopped in front of what looked like a old-fashioned wooden door, like you'd find in an ancient castle. Not knowing what else to do, she knocked. Mork's voice, in his normal Orkan tone answered, "Who's there?" "Mindy!" she said. "Mindy Who?" She sighed, "Mindy McConnell, Mork!" "Sorry, I don't know any Mindy McConnell Mork."

Mindy stomped her foot and began to pace in front of the door. Now that she had found it she needed a way to get him to open it. She froze, and turned back to the door and knocked on the door again. *It couldn't be that simple, could it?" Mork's voice again called out, "Who's there?" "Orange," she said. "Orange who?" "Orange you going to open the door and get your surprise?" She stood paused by the side of the door, ready to pull him through. Sure enough, the door opened and Mork's head popped out, "Surprise? For me, Mind?" Mindy reached out and grabbed a handful of his spacesuit, and pulled him through the door, putting herself in the frame so it couldn't close again. It tried to slam shut, and landed right on Mindy, knocking the wind out of her. While she held the door open with her body, whisps of smoke came out from behind the door and Mork began frantically grabbing at them, "No no, you have to go back behind the door, we need to make Mindy's life easier and be human now, we have to forget all about being from Ork!"

Mindy gasped for air, the door was squeezing her so tightly as Mork's mind tried to shut the door. "Mork!" He turned his attention to her and was frightened at what he saw, the door was squeezing her so tightly she couldn't move. "Mind! What are you doing in here? What are you doing letting my memories out? Your life would be easier if I was just like everybody else, I heard you say so." He tried to pull her out of the way of the door, but the door itself held her in place. She gasped enough breath to speak, "Yes you heard.... me say that... but what you didn't.... hear was.... that I love you... just the way... you are... Orkan and all. Can't.... breathe.... Mork.... Love you.... Nanoo Nanoo...." and Mindy passed out.

Mork yelled, "Mindy!" and flashed back to the dying Mandy in his arms when he had shrunk down to the parallel world. He couldn't lose Mindy too, and he was the one hurting her by trying to contain his Orkan memories. "OK! OK! I'll remember, I'll remember, just don't hurt Mindy any more!" With that, the door flew open and Mindy slumped to the floor. Mork rushed forward to gather her in his arms, "Orson! Orson, is she all right? Don't let her die, please Orson!" Suddenly Mindy popped out of his arms and Mork hurriedly broke the connection with Orson to return to consciousness. He found himself slumped on the floor of his room, the lights dim and it appeared to be dark outside. Mindy was slumped in his arms, her arms over his shoulder from where she had been holding on to him to make the connection to his mind. He shifted her around and patted her cheek, "Mind... Mindy Mind.. Little Puter! Oh please, Mindy, please don't leave me, I'm back, I came back for you, please don't leave me." He felt his eyes well up with tears and he reached up and touched one, "Mindy, my eyes are leaking, I'm scared, please wake up." He leaned down and kissed her lightly. She began to stir in his arms and her eyes fluttered open. "Mork," she whispered hoarsely, "Do you remember? Did it work?" He nodded frantically, "Yes yes, Mindy, I'm Mork from Ork, and I drink with my finger and snore with my toe and sit on my face and get everything wrong because I'm not a human but I love you so much and you love me even though I'm not human, and don't ever leave me like that again!"

He held her tightly to him and shuddered with relief. She reached around him and held him back, whispering, "I won't if you won't." He whispered back, "Deal." They laid there on the floor for a long while just holding each other. Mork couldn't believe how close he'd come to losing her. He loved her so much. He knew on Earth, people who loved each other got married. While he was an Orkan, he wanted to live like an Earthling and show Mindy how much he loved her. He would propose to her, and they'd get married and live happily ever after. Now he just had to figure out how to do it.


(Author's Note: This carries us forward to Season 4, which opens with Mork trying to propose to Mindy. I always thought the jump from saying "I love you" for the first time to proposing happened too quick, even if it was the end of one season to the beginning of another, so I wrote this scene to fill the gap. I hope you enjoyed it!)