This is my first is posted in the Hellsing directory but has minor lore from Vampire the masquerade and several other vampire myths. Also, this is written in alternate universe were some things are altered.


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At a small street in London, 11.59 P.M.

She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen...

The neon lights of nearby taverns highlight her mahogany-colored hair, which spills down her lean, pale shoulders and the naked part of her back, almost touching her cute little behind, which wears the trademark swag of females, further enchanting the feelings that stir inside the young man.

She is dressed in a black, sleeveless, form-fitting dress that reaches down past her knees, but has slits on either side up to her hips to improve mobility. The plunging V of the neckline reveals an excessive amount of flesh and cleavage.

The young man has a lean, athletic build and is dressed in a crimson shirt and black cargo pants. He's not to bad looking, either. His hair juts out around his narrow, oval face in long messy spikes of dark brown mixed with tufts of blond. His lips are thin, his mouth straight, but it seems to want always to twist up in a crooked smirk. This is a face that certainly knows how to charm a person, when the wearer wants to.

His eyebrows are darker than the haphazard spikes on his head. They are thick, masculine eyebrows perched over a pair of blue eyes. His eyes carry just the slightest hint of gray and have a certain glow, as if filled with a smoldering ember.

She turns her head and gives him a warm look. Her dark eyes are brown pools filled with passion. He gives her his crooked smile and scurries to keep up with her. She continues to walk at a gracious, dance-like pace down the street, and suddenly stops to a halt outside a scruffy-looking house.

The man stands still when he nears her, and as she turns around to face him, his blue gray eyes sparkle with interest. "Why don't you come with me upstairs?" she ask him with a seductive purr at the last word.

Unable to resist, the man answers huskily, "with pleasure…"

With a sensuous smile, the sultry woman before him opens the door and leads him up to her apartment. As they enter her room, the man immediately hugs her and whispers in her ear, "What is your name?"

She turns around and gives him a deep look and softly answers, "Selene."

Selene moves her face closer to his, her lips slightly apart, and they embrace in a passionate kiss. He begins to pull at the hem of her dress, and she willingly lets him drag it off her smooth, pale skin, revealing a marvelous set of breasts held firmly in place by a black bra. Selene unbuttons his shirt and revels in the sight of the finely sculpted muscles of his chest and abs.

They walk over to the bed, still kissing intensely; the man gently pushes her down on the bed, and as they lie entwined in each other, she hoarsely whispers in his ear, "I want to show you something…" Her mouth inches closer to his neck, and her teeth graze the sensitive skin. He freezes in shock as her teeth sink deep into his neck. As his vision darkens, he feels a twinge of pleasure before he blacks out…

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