A Fallen Angel

Title: A Fallen Angel

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Pairings: Guy/OC

Rating: M

Warnings: Violence, rape, lemons!

Summary: A young girl, sold into the sex trade, meets a man who finally shows her there are people who do care.

A/N: Anything in italics is a flashback, there are a few in the first few chapters but they will disappear in time.

Chapter One

"I'll get you Master Robin!" A young girl with dark curly locks that hung down her back. "I'll get you!" She laughed as she chased a boy towards a river. The pair of them were covered in mud that speckled their clothes. It would be obvious to strangers that the boy was from a noble family and she was lower rank than he was. It was also obvious that the two children did not care. They were friends.

"Can't catch me Lizzie!" He shouted over his shoulder as he ran into some bushes. He crouched down, hidden in the undergrowth.

"I'll find you Master Robin!" She shouted as she reached the riverbank and began searching for her friend. This happened nearly everyday when they had time to play together. They would get into a mess and then they would go swimming to get clean before their fathers found out. "I know you're here Robin." She giggled as she pushed back branches of some bushes. "Come out, where ever you are."

The young Robin held back a giggle but couldn't hide it any longer. The giggle came out as a burst of laughter. He jumped out at her. "HA!" He shouted with glee.

"Robin!" She shouted in fright and turned to face him. "Mean trick." Stepping back but losing her footing and fell into the fast flowing river. "ARGH!" She screamed as she fell through the air until her back hit the water and fell under.

"LIZZIE!" Robin screamed as he moved along the bank trying to find her. "LIZZIE!"

Finally her head emerged above the surface of the water. "HELP!" Above the water her arms were waving furiously as she was swept down the river. "ROBIN!" Under the water she was kicking her legs with all her might but the weight of her dress was pulling her under the water, making her kick more and causing her to become tired.

Robin was panicking, he didn't know what to do. "LIZZIE!" He saw a branch bent over the river, he sprinted at full speed towards it. He climbed onto it and thankfully it was secure. Locking his legs around it and swung himself upside down on the branch holding his arms down. "LIZZIE GRAB MY HANDS!" He shouted at her struggling form.

She faintly heard his voice and tried to turn to face him. She saw him dangling from a branch and holding his arms out for her. "ROb...!" She was dragged under by a current for a moment. By the time she came to the surface she was close by her friend. She kicked her legs hard and reached for his hands.

Her hands were wet and nearly slipped from his grasp. "Got you!" He grunted as he kept a firm hold of her hands. He was gripping so hard, that there may be bruises afterwards. "I got you." He pulled her up to the branch with all his strength. "Come on. Get on."

She helped him by grabbing the branch with one hand and pulling herself up and he pulled himself up. "Thank you." She gasped and spluttered as she settled herself on the branch. "Thank you."

"I'm so sorry." He bowed his head.

"Stop it Robin!" She scolded him. "It wasn't your fault."

"Elizabeth Scarlett! Master Robin! Get down immediately!" Dan Scarlett shouted at the young children. The two walked to the carpenter with bowed heads but he wrapped a blanket around Elizabeth and then one around Robin. "My goodness. Lizzie! What have I told you about playing by the river after the rain? I told you to watch your brothers while I worked and your step mother went to market."

"Sorry father." She mumbled into the blanket.

"Thank you Master Robin." The carpenter smiled at the young boy. "Let's get you to your father." He walked the youngsters back to the village of Locksley. The boy and girl laughed as they walked towards the manor unaware of the stern look from the older man.

"Robin!" Shouted a voice from the manor. "Where have you been?" He then noticed Elizabeth's wet form and then looked at Dan. "What happened?"

"Lizzie fell in the river and I climbed a tree branch and saved her." Robin said at top speed to his father. "Sorry Father."

"Well done Robin." Pulling him to his side. "So sorry Dan."

"No problem my Lord. I must say I am glad your son was there." He wrapped a protective arm around Elizabeth. "Thank you again Master Robin."

"Yes. Thank you Robin. See you tomorrow?" Elizabeth smiled at her friend.

The brown haired boy looked at his father for conformation, who nodded. "Yes. Rematch." He smirked.

"You're on." She smiled as her father led her away.

Smiling sadly to herself as she sat in her room of her uncle's home. It was one of her favourite memories. Her and Master Robin were the greatest of friends even though he was unable to commit to his mistakes. Elizabeth remembered the fire that killed his father. He grew up and began ignoring her as he was too busy being Lord of the Manor.

Three months after the river accident, Elizabeth was sent away by her father to live with her maternal aunt. She was ecstatic to be going as she loved her aunt but was sad to leave her father, step mother and two brothers. She loved them all dearly even her step mother, Lucy, who was a mother to her. Arriving in London, where her aunt and uncle lived, she was greeted kindly and took in as a daughter they never had the pleasure of having. They never had children and Elizabeth was the only child of her aunt's sister, so she was a blessing to them.

But today she was in mourning, her aunt had died. A fall down the stairs in their home had killed her. The neighbours and others thought it was an accident but Elizabeth knew it was not. Her uncle had killed her aunt in a jealous rage. He usually had more than one mistress and to his wife, it was one too many.

Her finger traced the carvings on the table that she sat at as a lone tear rolled down her cheek. Only 14 years old and she had lost too many things. Her mother had died giving birth to her and her twin brother. Her brother died not long after their mother. Elizabeth was the only child who survived and it hit her father hard as he loved her mother very much, so in order to remember her he named their only child after her.

"Elizabeth?" A voice entered her daydream. She jerked her head up and looked at the door, seeing her uncle standing in the doorway and watched her carefully. "Are you well child?"

Elizabeth nodded solemnly. "As well as I can be." She turned away from him as the tears fell harder.

"Elizabeth it has been two months since my dear wife's death. You need to leave this room." His voice filled with command and slight comfort but it did nothing for Elizabeth.

She rested her head on the table and turned her head so she could look out of the window and away from the man, she believes killed her aunt. No, she knew it. Her head swirled as she heard him leave and close the door behind him. A few seconds passed and her tears got more and more violent.

Every night Elizabeth cried on her bed for the death of her aunt and crying to go back home. She wanted her father. No, she needed her father. He was now the only part of her family left. She wrote to her father constantly to come home but had received no word. In her heart she was beginning to believe he did not want her any more because she killed her mother. That was what she believed. Her father told her all about her mother; how he fell in love with her at first sight. She was the local blacksmith's daughter and he was the carpenter's son. She was 13 and he was 14. All her life, he told her their story, up until she died.

Dan Scarlett had been in front of his father's shop all morning. They had no customers but his father was dealing with loads of orders. Tapping his fingers on the counter in boredom. He heard the door open but he did not look up to see the customer. "The carpenter's busy, he has a big order, so all orders will have a delay."

"Oh." A young feminine voice spoke, making Dan's head shoot up. "I'll come back later, shall I?"

His heart jumped into his throat as he settled his gaze on the girl. She looked about his age maybe younger. "Umm..." He stuttered. "If... No it's fine." He said finally. "What is it you need?" He smiled lazily at her.

"My father needs a new table for storage. He sent me to place the order as he is busy shoeing a horse."

"Oh. Oh I see." He gave her a shy smile and swallowed nervously. "I shall.... Um... Need to know the size of table and type of wood he will need." He took a quill and parchment.

"Oh it's ok. My father wrote Mr Scarlett a letter." She held out the letter for him.

Clumsily he stood up and took it out of her hand. "I'll see that he gets it." He gave a smile. "I'm Dan. Dan Scarlett." He gave a lopsided grin.

"Elizabeth Davies." She gave him a small and embarrassed smile. "I best go. Mother and Father will be waiting." She gave him a smile as she left.

Dan sat on his stool with a bewildered look on his face. "I think I'm in love." He said to himself.


They shared their first kiss when he was 17 and she was 16. The pair had become good friends from the day they had met and both had thought they had fallen for the other but was afraid of telling them the truth. The two spent all of their spare time together by the river, sitting on the edge of the bank. One minute they were talking and the next Dan brushed his lips against hers softly. Embarrassed, he pulled away from her and looked out at the river but felt a hand on his cheek. He turned to Elizabeth but before he could even whisper her name, her lips were softly pressing against his. For a few minutes, or what felt like a few blissful hours, they stayed in that position until she was the first to pull apart. With a small giggle, she jumped up and ran off back to the village, leaving Dan with a wide grin.

He proposed a year later. She felt they were ready but her parents thought she was not. It took Dan a full two months to persuade her parents he was ready to be a husband. "She is the most wonderful woman in the world. I want to be a husband to her. Show her that she means the world to me by providing a home and showing her all the love in the world that I can give her. Please let me marry Elizabeth." After many times trying to persuade them, her parents let them marry.

On the fourth year of their marriage, Dan's dear father had died from influenza and the young Scarlett was now the main carpenter. Elizabeth also had her own good news, she had found out that she was expecting their first child. Well children to be exact. After a trip to the local midwife, she told them that Elizabeth was expecting twins.

Unfortunately 7 months later, Elizabeth gave birth to one healthy child and one sickly child; a girl and a boy. The son died minutes after birth but the girl was the strongest of the two and survived. Much to Dan's despair, his young wife of 22 contracted a violent fever and died 6 hours after giving birth. In memory of his first love, he named his pride and joy after her: his only surviving child: Elizabeth.

Her father had told her the fairytale story between her mother and father all the time when she was growing up. She, herself, believed that she would meet someone like her father and fall in love with him almost instantly. Elizabeth knew that it would never happen to her. Coming to London had made her very protected from the outside world by her uncle and aunt but her uncle mainly.

The pain of her aunt and mother entered her mind as she began pacing slowly around her small room. Her mind wandered to her younger brothers, yearning to see them again. Laugh at them as they told her jokes, told them off when they were being naughty. She missed them badly but she knew they were happy and safe. Feelings she was not feeling.

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