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Chapter 1: Opening

The Rift alarm went off around 3:30 in the morning. Jack groaned and ran his hands over his face to wake himself up. It didn't work. After he got into some clothes, he climbed out of his bunk and headed to his computer, upstairs. After stroking a few keys, the CCTV camera turned on. Thanks to Tosh, anytime there was a large amount of energy, the closest camera was turned on. Quickly noticing what came through the Rift, Jack grabbed his cell and texted everyone the same message:

Rift alarm level 3

Not a Weevil.

Be here in twenty minutes.


"Down the corridor and two the left, sir," said Ianto through his Com, stressing the Sir. Jack, with long strides, came to the door and knocked. The door glided open and there, in the cramped storage room stood Ianto. Jack looked to his left, then looked to his right, then stepped in. Jack placed some tender kisses on Ianto's neck, making the Welshman smile, and ran his hand through Ianto's hair. Jack leaned in and whispered in his ear, "Pink cards and Yellow flowers on your window." Ianto stood confused. Why would Jack say that? His eyes opened to his mobile saying those exact lyrics. Ianto picked up the phone, and read the message. Ianto swung his legs over the bed, and started to get dressed.


Gwen was sleeping with Rhys. A was a quiet, quaint and normal moment, and she loved it. It was these moments that made her feel like maybe there is hope for a stable marriage. Rhys was restfully sleeping. Although missing dinner, he was glad that she made it home alive, without getting a scratch, at least that is visible to the eye. It was nice. Then Gwen's phone rang from the text.

"I won't be bloody surprised if Jack objects during our wedding, since he spends so much time with you," said Rhys in annoyance.

"Hey, I love you, and nothing, not even Torchwood will take that away," she paused to kiss Rhys. "I'll try to be back by lunch," with that Gwen left.


Owen was at a bar. Typical Owen was trying to pick up another one night stand. Sitting down backwards at the bar stool he scoped the area. It's like a cheesy eighties' film here. Swiveling the seat he asked the bartender for a nice big glass of beer. He let everything go from a rough week of alien hunting into that tall glass; that one first sip was like heaven on his lips. Nothing could ruin his fun. Life always gives you wrong messages at the wrong time, especially when you are enjoying yourself. Bloody fate. The vibration of his phone was the last thing he wanted. He paid for his half glass of beer and left in a hurry.


Tosh was on her computer. It was nothing to massive. Okay so she possibly hacked into NASA's program to see their new status with their budget. Tosh couldn't help it if she was curious. Now, after about an hour and a half, she was just filler her void of flash games. She was laughing, forgetting how much fun they were. The little 2-D figures using five actions to complete the game. On to the next, Tosh thought happily. Tosh didn't dive into the games all at once. She did get some sleep, taking advantage of the early dismissal. Truthfully it was more like a nap, but it was something. Her phone rang, giving the tone for a text message.


Ianto was the first one to walk through the cog door. The alarm blared into his ears, in which he winced. Not even ten steps out of the door, and Jack's hands were already around the Welshman's waist.

"How about a coffee?" pleaded Jack playfully.

"Well, sir, I was going to put up a brew, and if you don't let go of me I'm never going to. Could you please move?" said Ianto, turning around to meet Jack's face.

"No, I missed you," smiled Jack.

"Sir, I've been gone for five and half hours. Its not like I did anything stressful either, I've been sleep-" Ianto was cut off by Jack giving a tender kiss on Ianto's lips.

"I missed that," smiled Jack.

"Awww," smiled Tosh, as she came through the door quietly. Ianto quickly walked away, blushing furiously at the display of public affection. During the duration of the 20 minutes, Owen and Gwen arrived. With coffees in hand everyone sat down in the conference room.

"So Jack, what's gone through the Rift this time?" said Owen flatly.

"A Liager fell through it…saw it once on another planet. The device got into the hands of a dictator. Didn't stay there too long, but I would have like to know him better…" Jack's voice drifted off.

"Anyway, Tosh do you have any pinpoint where this…this…" contemplated Gwen.

"Liager," stated Jack.

"Right, Liager," Gwen continued, "Do you know where it is?"

"I have the signal right here. Location is in Sully on Lavermock, Rd," said Tosh to the team.

"All of you into the SUV. We're heading to Sully,"

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