Chapter 12: Epilogue

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Ianto woke up with a blaring headache. Oh not again, thought Ianto as he sat up. Rubbing his eyes he got up from his bed, and walked over to the bathroom. The floor was cold, and with bear feet, it did not help warming himself up. With a deep sigh he looked into the mirror, and saw himself.

At his normal age.

Smiling he walked back out and got dressed.


Jack was in Ianto's kitchen making breakfast. It was a long few days; multiple Weevil attacks throughout the city, not giving the whole team a proper rest. Jack flipped the bacon once over. He felt two arms snake around his waist.

"Well, good morning,"

"Good morning," said Ianto, even though it came out as more as a mumble. Ianto's face was completely buried into Jack's coat.

"How are you feeling?"

"Sore, and have a blaring headache. So basically, I still could have caught a Weevil and felt the same way," laughed Ianto.

"I guess that's a good sign," smiled Jack. "You want breakfast?"

"Sure, I could go for something, especially a coffee,"

"Well, your coffee machine is beyond me. Maybe you can go to the coffee shop?"

"I guess, or I can make it?" asked Ianto.

"No, no let someone else does it for once," reassured Jack.

"Oh. Save me some pieces of bacon," said Ianto. "And Jack?" The captain looked over. "What ever happened to me, I mean, me as a sixteen year old?"

"He moved to America, with his family. His father got a job with a new company,"

"Interesting. Well, I'm off," Ianto kissed Jack deeply.

"That was unexpected," smiled the captain.

"Sorry, I'm probably still not fully recovered,"

"Don't be sorry," smiled Jack. Ianto took his keys and his jacket off the rack. Five minutes later he was at the coffee shop placing his order.

Ianto sat down and waited for the coffees to be ready. The door opened and four teenage girls walked in arguing. "Caffeine is a drug. It's a stimulant," stated one.

"No, its not. It's an ingredient,"

"Oh, just stop. Can we just ask someone and get this argument out of the way. Excuse me, sir?"

"Yes?" answered Ianto. He looked up and saw that it was Avalon .

"Is caffeine a drug, or not?"

"Well, technically a psychoactive stimulant drug. It was discovered by Friedrich Ferdinand Runge, in 1819,"

"See?" Avalon told her friends. "And, you got that information off the top of your head?"

Ianto grabbed the coffees and paid. "Yes…I read, a lot," Ianto smiled and walked out of the store.

"He reminds me a lot of the kid in Mr. Ackerman's class. The one who sat next to you, what was his name?" said the friend.

"Ianto," Avalon smiled at the friendly name.


Ianto's phone beeped.

"What's up? Saw a guy that looked exactly like you in a coffee shop, and reminded me of you. Not bad looking either ;)" Ianto' pulled over to the side, to see who it was. He smiled at the friendly text.


"Who'd you text?" asked her friend

"Mum; she wanted me to let her know that I was okay. Nothing special,"

The End

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