X-Men: Evolution

"My Dad, Wolverine"

Summary: Wolverine must step into a role he has never had to fill before: fatherhood.

Author's Note:Takes place a couple of weeks after the episode "X-23".

Warning:This story will contain spanking of a minor.

Disclaimer: Timberwolf is my own creation, but all the others belong to Marvel.

Chapter XIII. The Calvary

Logan struggled to free himself from Omega Red's tentacles, without much success.

The Russian hit-man laughed a sardonic laugh.

"Ah, Comrade Logan," he said, smiling wickedly, "how I dreamed of this moment through all those years I was in stasis."

"I-I'd have been dreamin' of a nice lookin' woman myself," Logan growled, still struggling.

"Ever the comedian," Omega Red sighed. "A pity, Comrade, we could have been friends."

"Not," Logan growled, extending his claws. He slashed at the metal cord around his neck.

"Your adamantium claws will do you know good," Omega Red told him, "for my tentacles are made of adamantium and titanium."

"Luck you," Logan spat, retracting his claws and trying to dislodge the cord by hand.

Omega Red smirked evilly. "Still you jest," he said, coldly. "You will not find this so funny, I think."

Logan suddenly found himself thrown high into the air, only to have one of the metal tentacles embed itself in his shoulder and pin him to a tree.

He greeted his teeth to keep from crying out from the pain, but couldn't stop it a second time as the second tentacle pierced his other shoulder.

Omega Red laughed. "Not so funny now, eh Comrade?" he asked, sardonically.

Logan dropped to the ground as the tentacles released him. He lay there, moaning.

Even though the wounds had already begun to heal, it still hurt like hell.

Gritting his teeth, he forced himself to his feet.

Extending his claws, he charged at Omega Red intending to slash the smug smile off his ugly face.

A tentacle rammed itself into his gut, going al the way through his body.

Logan gasped.

His body was losing too much blood, if he sustained any more wounds his healing factor wouldn't be able to heal them all before he died.

"And now, Comrade," Omega Red gloated, "it's time to say farewell."

He was about to thrust one of his tentacles through Logan's jugular vein, when he suddenly hissed in pain.

He twisted around, trying to dislodge something from his back.

Logan, weak yet still alive, glanced up to see Laura latched onto Omega Red's back with all six of her 'claws'.

Lucas ran out of the trees, leapt, and embedded all ten of his claws into the Russian's chest.

Apparently, Omega Red's body wasn't as strong as his tentacles.

The Russian hit-man roared in pain and anger, and used his tentacles to grab both of the kids and dislodge them from him.

"You miserable brats," Omega Red growled, "I'll squeeze the life out of you."

His tentacles began to wrap around the two kids, literally squeezing the breath from them.

"O-Over m-my d-dead b-body, bub," Logan growled, enraged at the sight.

He was on his feet, his claws extended, and he charged.

Moving with a speed that no man, especially a man that sustained the kinds of wounds he had, should have been able to he began slashing with all his might at the Russian mad man.

Because his tentacles were occupied, Omega Red could only retreat against this onslaught.

Finally, he tossed the kids aside and knocked Logan away from him.

Logan hit a tree and landed with Lucas and Laura on either side of him.

They crawled closer to him. "I thought I told you to run," he growled at them.

"We took care of twiddle-dee and twiddle-dumb ass," Lucas told him, "and then decided to rescue you."

"Only, it's not going quite as we planned," Laura admitted.

"No kiddin'," Logan growled. "If we get outta this, you're both grounded."

The kids smiled at that.

"I do not care what Madame Hydra wishes," Omega Red growled, enraged, "I will kill all three of you now!"

He was about to whip his tentacles at them again, when suddenly there was a puff of sulfur smelling smoke and Nightcrawler was there.

"I don't think so," he said, smirking. "Later, dude."

He then teleported them out of harm's way.

They reappeared on the X-Jet, which was hovering in the sky above where they had been.

"Charles sensed something was wrong," Beast, in the pilot's seat, explained at Logan confused look. "He asked us to come check."

"Thanks, Hank," Logan smiled, gratefully.

"We also called S.H.I.E.L.D. and Mr. Fury is sendin' some folks to take care of those three down there," Rogue said, smiling.

"They won't find Omega Red," Logan said, frowning. "He'll disappear long before Fury arrives."

"Great," Lucas groaned.

"Terrific," Laura maoned.

"You said it," Logan agreed, smirking. "By the way, thanks."

His kids blinked. "For what?" they asked, curiously.

"For savin' my butt, that's what," he told them, smirking, "but you're still grounded."

"Ah, Dad," the two kids moaned, rolling their eyes.

Logan blinked at them. "Dad?"

They smiled.

"Is it okay?" Laura asked, curiously.

"If we call you that?" Lucas added, hesitantly.

Logan smiled. "Course it is," he told them, pulling them into a group hug.

"Ah," Rogue sniffed, "I thin Ah'm gonna cry."

The three laughed at that.

"So, what do you say?" Logan asked his kids. "Head for home?"

"What about the camping gear?" Lucas asked.

"We'll pick it up on our way," Logan told him, grinning.

"Home sounds nice, Dad," Laura said, smiling at him.

"To me too, darlin'," he agreed, smirking.

For the first time in a long time, he really meant that.

He still wasn't sure how good at this fatherhood thing he'd be, but it seemed he was off to a good start.

Pulling both of his kids down beside him, he sat down and leaned back.

The X-Jet headed for home.

For the moment, and not that it would stay that way he knew, all was right with the world.

The End.