Light crept into Naruto's eyes as he awoke next morning, exhusted from last night. Ino had been wild, and the two of them had done it three times before she fell to sleep. Not that Naruto was complaining. Turning over in bed, he watched Ino sleep for a few minutes, she looked so calm and peaceful. Her booty gave a shake and jiggle ever now and then, in a exotic, almost hyptonizing way. Suddenly Naruto was filled with a urge to grab the milky white skin, without thinking he began to reach out to touch Ino's butt, which at this point looked like two over inflated beach balls, but at the last second he stopped himself. The festival was tomarrow, and he had work to do before then...

Over on the other side of the village another shinobi awoke. Laying together sleepily, Sasuke and Sakura lay on Sasuke's bed. Still tired, Sasuke turned over in his bed and laid his head to rest on Sakura's massive bust, treating it like a pillow. For years now Sakura had pestered Sasuke to go on a date with her, and while there was nothing wrong with Sakura, Sasuke really didnt feel anything for her, and therefore he had chosen to reject her. But a few days ago, when she come to have lunch with him, this had happened, her breasts had become huge, and no way in hell was Sasuke going turn her down. Her massive mammaries easily made up for her somewhat annoying personality. Sasuke hadnt really thought about what had happened to Sakura, and he didnt really care, not as long as she stayed that way. While Sasuke lay, still half asleep, something odd did occur to him. A few days ago when Sakura had appeared before him, Naruto had come to talk to him. Usually Naruto acted like a idiot, trying to beat Sasuke at everything, but that time he had just asked a few odd questions before leaving. Sasuke had thought this behavor odd at the time, and using his Sharigan he watched Naruto run off into the woods. For a few moments as he left, Naruto ducked behind a tree, made a few hand signs, peered out from his hidding spot, and then ran off. Again Sasuke had dismissed this odd act as Naruto being Naruto, and he hadn't given it a second thought once Sakura showed up. Only now, a few days later, when Sasuke lay with not any other important thought in his mind, did he remember this, and thinking back, he was curious at what Naruto had been doing. Remembering the combination of hand signs, Sasuke realized that he didnt recognize the jutsu. Odd...Had Naruto learned a new move... Sasuke sat up in bed, grasped his hands together, and copied the hand signs, just as Naruto had done, he was curious as to what this jutsu did. Suddenly, a moan escaped the sleeping Sakura, turning around Sasuke watched as her face blushed, ever so slightly. The sheets of the bed, which had been pulled up past her naked breasts before had been pulled down, ever so slightly...

After a quick shower and some food, Naruto had went down to the flower shop, and opened it for another day of business. After given his situation a little thought, Naruto decided there was only one way to go on two dates at the same needed two people. No way would shadow clones cut it this time, Naruto had come to the conclusion that he actually needed to find another person who could pretend to be Naruto. Tomarrow, during the festival, Ino was planning to embarress Sakura with the help of her new booty, and for that she would need Naruto. This meant, Naruto had to find a person who would agree to pretend and be him and go on a date with Hinata while Naruto took care of things with Ino. Once that was over the sub could take off and the real Naruto could continue the date with Hinata. Througout the morning as customers trickled into the shop, Naruto racked his brain trying to figure out who would be a perfect replacement. "Shikamaru?, he would never play along with this....Choji-....god no....Shino?...wait he's just plain creepy...". Damnit, who did that leave! Then suddenly an idea hit Naruto. For the rest of the morning Naruto planned out how he was going to get this person to agree to his plan, and once he had worked that out, Naruto went back to his favourite past time of expanding every female customer that came into the shop. Just after noon, Naruto created a shadow clone to watch the place while he was gone, and then left the flower shop and headed towards the hot springs on the other side of the village.

Upon awaking that morning Shizune found a small note on the front door of her apartment. The note was from Tsunade and stated that she had figured out who had been expanding the women, and Shizune was to come to the hokage office as quickly as she could. Quickly Shizune dressed and within a few minutes she scrambled into the office. But inside she found Tsunade, slumped over on the desk, asleep.

"She didnt stay up all night....did she?" Shizune asked walking over to the desk. Scattered about the desk and the floor lay profiles of leaf shinobi. It looked as if Tsunade had spent all night looking over every profile trying to determine who had expanded the women. Suddenly Shizune noticed the sleeping Tsunade had a profile cluched in her hand. Carefully, as not to wake Tsunade up, Shizune retrieved the file from her hand. "This has to be it." Shizune opened up the file and looked it over. "Lady Tsunade is right, this has to be the shinobi. It fits perfectly!" Shizune tossed the file aside and ran out of the office, she knew what she had to do.

Naruto had spent almost a hour hiding in the bushes outside the hot springs. "Man...I hope he comes today..." Naruto murmured. The person he was hoping to recruit usually came to the spring almost ever day after training, and Naruto hoped that they hadnt changed their ways. Suddenly Naruto spotted the guy he was waiting for. Kiba passed by the bushes were Naruto lay, and with Akamaru in tow, he entered into the springs. Kiba had been the only guy Naruto could possible think of who would actually go through with his plan, that and just like Naruto, he was a master at transformation jutsu. Naruto waited a few moments before creeping inside. Naruto took a quick peek into the mens side, which was empty except for Kiba and Akamaru, and then went over to the women's side. Naruto stripped down, and wrapped a towel around himself. In order for this plan to work he was going to have to move fast. Everything set, Naruto quickly made a few hand signs before hurrying over back to the mens side.

After spending a long afternoon training Kiba was glad for the nice, relaxing hot springs. For almost a year now he had visted this hotsprings almost every afternoon and he quite enjoyed the calm quiet atmosphere. Akamaru gave a friendly yelp as he splashed around in the water, and Kiba sat back and closed his eyes.

Over on the womens side of the hotsprings, about a dozen girls bathed in the hot waters. Suddenly all the girls began to blush wildly, and moan loudly. Suddenly they were filled with a lustful longing for sex. In a frenzy the girls leaped from the water and headed straight for the nearest guy...

At the time, the Lust Jutsu had seemed rather pointless to Naruto. Expansion alone made a girl pretty horny, so Naruto didnt see a point to this jutsu. But now he was glad he had bothered to learn it, as long as it worked properly, his plan would go fine.

Kiba's eyes suddenly flew open, a strange sound filled his ears. There had been a lot of moans of pleasure coming from the womens side and now a odd noise filled the a scratching sound. Suddenly the wall that divided the men's and women's side toppled over and a wave of naked women rushed Kiba. "What the hell!?" Kiba exclaimed as the women rushed towards him. Normally Kiba would welcome the sight of so many naked beauties, but these women had a strange look in their eyes. Picking up Akamaru, Kiba made a dash for the door but the women leaped upon him. Pinned under a dog pile of gals, Kiba tried to escape but every girl was determined to make love to him.

Suddenly a voice rang out from the doorway, "Jesus Kiba, hang on! Shadow Clone Jutsu!" A few moments later the women were dragged off Kiba, and standing up, Kiba saw a dozen clones of Naruto attempting to hold of the rabid women. "Come-on, let get the hell out of here" Naruto called from the doorway. Kiba grabbed Akamaru with one hand, and his clothes with the other, and in a few seconds he and Naruto were running down the street, away from the springs. Once they were at a safe distance, the halted. Panting heavly Kiba turned to Naruto, "Man...thanks for the save back there....I dont know what would of happened if you hadn't come along..."

"Man, what the hell do you think happened?" Naruto asked.

"Know clue...they just went I owe you one..."

" that you mention it, there is something you could do for me..." Naruto said.

Kiba hadnt actually planned on doing anything, but since Naruto had just saved him, he didnt really have a choice. "Sure, anything, just name it."

"You know about the festival tomorrow...right?" Naruto asked.

"Me and the whole village, yeah." Kiba replied.

"Well you see, I kinda got overbooked for tomorrow night." Naruto grinned sheepishly.


"Yeah...I agreed to go with two girls..."

This was a shock to Kiba, the only person he could think of who would really want to go with Naruto was Hinata. "Who?" Kiba asked, curious about who the second girl was.

"Hinata and Ino."

"Ino? I thought she had a thing for Sasuke."

"Not anymore!" Naruto grinned. "But anyways, like I said, I said Id go with both of them, and sInce I can only be in one place at a time...I kinda screwed myself over."

"So...what do you need me for?" Kiba asked.

"I need someone to pretend to be me and go on a date with Hinata for a little while. After I take care of a few things with Ino, I can get to Hinata, but till then I need someone to fill me shoes.

"Wait....all you want me to do is go on a date?" Kiba grinned, Naruto actually though he was doing him a favor. "Sure as hell, I'll take Hinata, you have seen her lately though, right? Why would you want to go with Ino instead?"

"Oh you mean..." Naruto made a hourglass figure with his hands. "Well the same thing happened to Ino."

"Hot damn Naruto, your telling me you not only got two gals for the same night, but there both some of the most sexy women in the village?"


" Sure man, don't worry bout it, I'll handle Hinata till you get there."

Ha, I knew he'd agree, man this was too easy, Naruto happily thought to himself.

A few hours later, Naruto was taking a stroll through the nearby forest. After Kiba had agreed to his plan, Naruto had taken the afternoon to himself, content knowing that his shadow clone could handle the shop while he was gone. Wandering the village, he had expanded random women, just for the hell of it. At the rate Naruto was going, every women in the Hidden Leaf would be supporting a D-cup or a ghetto booty by the end of the week. Naruto wished he could find the merchant who had sold him the scrolls, he'd love to thank the guy, it was thanks to him that Naruto's life had been so fine lately. The sun began to set, and Naruto decided it was time to head back to Ino's when suddenly three small needles flew out from a nearby tree with lightning speed, and piercing Naruto's sleeve they pinned him to a close tree.

"What the hell?" Naruto looked around for his attacker. Suddenly a figure leaped down from the trees above and landed in front of him. It was Shizune! "Shizune, what are you doing?" Naruto asked.

"Naruto, Ive come to put a end to your perverted ways. We know about what you've been up to for the past few days." Shizune declared.

Shit, Naruto thought to himself, how did she know!? It didnt matter, Naruto couldnt, no, wouldn't let himself be caught. Everything had been going fine, and one women wasn't going to change that. Quickly he made a few hand signs. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Three puffs of smoke appeared around him, and when it cleared three Naruto's were now facing Shizune. Quickly Shizune threw three needles, and with pin point accuracy each needle hit one of the three Narutos. Each one disappeared in a puff of smoke, and turning around Shizune looked around for where the real Naruto had gone. But the time Shizune had wasted killing the clones had been just enough time for Naruto to use his next jutsu. Hiding in a nearby tree Naruto made a few hand signs and whispered, "Orgasm Jutsu!".

Shizune glaced all around her, searching out Naruto. She'd find him, knock him out, and then bring him to Lady Tsunade for his punishment. Her heart raced as she prepared for the next strike. But suddenly a very pleasant sensation came over Shizune. A warm filling spread through her whole body, and slowly she knees buckled and she dropped to the ground. The sensation continued, and become stronger and stronger, and the last thought Shizune had before blacking out was, its been way too long since Ive had any sex.

That night, Ino lay naked on her bed, alone in her room. Dozens of scented candles lay about, and the warm oil that had been spread over her butt reflected in the light. Naruto entered and quickly came to lay next to her. "Naruto..." Ino blushed, "make it bigger....please!" Ino pleaded.

"If I do it every night, soon your not going to be able to get through the doorway." Naruto laughed.

"I don't care, please, just once more?" Ino pleaded on.

"I cant, especially if you want me to expand it at the festival tomorrow. But....maybe I can give you something else."

"Breasts....Id love to have bigger breasts...not too big....but bigger." Ino said.

"Sure...anything you want." Naruto made the hand signs, "Breast Expansion Jutsu!"

Ino blushed darkened, and she moaned loudly. A warm sensation filled her chest, and her boobs began to grow. Jiggling and bouncing they grew and grew, her modest B-cup soon become a D-cup. And just as quickly as it had started, it stopped. Ino lay panting on her bed. "That....was good...."

"You like?" Naruto asked.

" a have a rack to match this butt!"

Over on the other side of the village, at Sakura's house, under the cover of darkness, Sasuke and Sakura made love. Sweat drenched Sakura and she moaned with each thust, with each grope of her massive chest. The pleasure was overwhealming. Sakura loved what ever twist of nature had given her these breasts. Suddenly Sasuke stopped. 'Hey...whats wrong-oh...oh god!" A warm feeling filled her, and her breasts gave a slight jiggle. "God...Sasuke I dont know what your doing...but dont stop!"