... It's here! A week late, but I finally wrote the first chapter. The first chapter is always the most difficult, I think.


Chapter 1- Start

Weeks and months passed grudgingly, minutes sticking to hours disgustingly and making life seem longer and more futile than the previous second. How long ago was it that Nnoitra died? Two… three years? No. Five months. One thing I had learnt was that being an Espada wasn't as easy as I had expected it to be. Endless paperwork, always being called into meaningless Espada meetings, and being sent on missions accompanying other Espada such as Ulquiorra, Yammy and Isadora.

I've also learnt that Isadora Demetrios, Septima Espada, has taken a great disliking to me. If looks could kill, I would be dead a thousand times. She is a mischievous, malicious bitch who would do anything to kill me and take my place. The one time we were sent into the desert of Hueco Mundo together on some weird assignment, she sonidoed off and left me confused and rather lost while she carried out the task in seconds and returned to Las Noches without me. I was heavily reprimanded for my unsupportive role in the job, and was never allowed to mention that I didn't get a chance to help her at all. The smile on her face when Aizen was giving me an ear-full was so mean it hurt just looking at it. The thing is; I don't even hate her. I don't hate anyone… except the Shinigami who decided to come to Las Noches and kill Nnoitra.

During the last Espada meeting held, Aizen asked for a volunteer to go on a mission in the Gensei, keeping track of how many Shinigami patrolled this particular town on a regular basis and killing anyone who became a threat. No one put their hand up. There was a lot of uncomfortable and awkward shifting about and ahem-ing, but still no one volunteered.

"I will, Aizen-sama." I said with an inward sigh, thinking that going to the Gensei would mean some alone time.

"Thank you, Adoriana. Who will accompany you on this mission?" Aizen replied, leaning on his right hand as usual and waiting keenly for my reply.

"I'll go on my own, Aizen-sama." I said confidently, hoping that he wouldn't force me to go with someone else.

"Unfortunately that isn't an option. You are a new member of the Espada, you must gain my trust before you go out on your own. I suggest you ask Ulquiorra to accompany you. However, I will leave the decision up to you. Meeting over." Aizen said with finality, standing up and leaving the room with Tousen and Ichimaru. I sat fidgeting with my hands under the table, all other Espada staring at me expectedly.

"Well? Who are you going to choose, Adoriana?" Szayel perked up, honey coloured eyes gleaming through those rectangle glasses of his. I looked up at everyone through my fringe, trying to hold back from blushing madly.

"Um, Ulquiorra I guess." I said finally, leaning over the table to look past Starrk, who wasn't remotely interested. I saw Ulquiorra sigh and look up to the ceiling, as if to say 'why me?'

The other Espada lost interest immediately, all standing up and leaving the room. The chairs were left messily around the table, no one bothering to push them in. I moaned and stood up, walking around the table and pushing all the chairs in. The only person still in the room was Ulquiorra, still sitting silently in his place.

"Ulquiorra, when do we have to go?" I asked, stopping by him and looking into his greener than green eyes. They still hypnotize me to this day. He looked at me as if he couldn't believe my stupidity.

"Immediately, of course."