The first time Tobiume sees him, she does not know who he is, but notices his countenance, tall and dignified, until he steps into the light, throwing his features into relief.

Her eyes are immediately drawn to the mark across his face and the striking blue eyes that tell her he knows all about her.

"He's kinda hot," Suzumebachi states bluntly from beside her, and though Tobiume would have preferred more elegant words, she silently agrees.


"Look after him."

Muramasa's words echo in her mind, as she glances around the cavern, spotting him in a far corner, neither joining in the conversations, nor offering his own friendship. Just an observer, she thinks to herself. Watching the world around him go by, like a traveller who's already seen what is laid out before him, and merely tries to amuse himself.

He takes that moment to catch her eyes, and she does not look away, but rather boldly approaches.

"I am Tobiume," she introduces.

He gazes at her for a long moment, as something flickers in his eyes. Amusement? She thinks. She does not understand what he could possibly find entertaining about her greeting.



And suddenly everything clicks into place.


They wait in the cave until Muramasa calls for them.

In the meantime, the other Zanpakuto spirits whisper of what their leader plans to do. Almost all are there, all but the strongest one, and 3 of them had been dispatched to ensure that one does not interfere.

Tobiume understands why Ryuujin Jakka refused to join them. She understands why the other Zanpakuto did join them. She glances at Hyorinmaru, and she wonders, why did he join them.

She walks over to him, brows furrowed together as she asks.

"I don't mean to pry, but I'm curious as to your reasons for coming here. Did you not get along well with your owner?"

Hyorinmaru glances at her through sharp green eyes, before responding with a question of his own. "I could ask the same of you."

Tobiume clasps her hands together in her sleeves, eyes thoughtful as she answers. "I wished for freedom. However well Momo treats me, it is not the same as having my powers to do with as I please. Muramasa came to me with an offer I couldn't refuse."

He nods his head, accepting and understanding her response. He knows she is waiting for his own reasons.

"I wish to test Toushiro myself, see how far he's come, how much he's grown, in terms of fighting and endurance."


When they are called, they go, one by one.

Muramasa orders Tobiume to Seireitei, along with 3 other spirits. At his signal, they are to create as much chaos and damage as they could.

She parts from the others, excitement filling her at the prospect of her freedom without having to conform to another will.

Hyorinmaru catches the free-spirited smile that graces her face as she goes. She meets his eyes, and he gives a slight nod in return, before he takes his own leave to the Sokokyou hill.

I will see you again soon, is what his eyes tell her, and her smile becomes even more lighter.


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