Disclaimer: I do not own anything affiliated in this story, just the plot

Fandom: NCIS and Teen Titans

Characters: NCIS Special Agents and Director Shepard; the Titans, Slade

Rating: T

Summary: When Slade takes over NCIS Headquarters with Director Shepard and Gibbs as his hostages, it is up to Teen Titans and the NCIS gang to help free them and take Slade down, while fighting against hundreds of Slade-bots all over Headquarters


It was a lovely day in Washington DC's Washington Naval Yard where the NCIS building resided. Inside on the first floor was the main lobby and work space of the top Special Agents. The sun was shining inside the building brightly, illuminating some of the Special Agents' computers. Tony DiNozzo, the Senior Field Agent, was talking to Ziva David, a Mossad Liaison Officer, as he sat at his desk. The week had been long and hard, the lack of sleep affecting all of the Special Agents except for Gibbs, the leader of the Special Agents. He was currently down in the Autopsy room, talking to Chief Medical Examiner Ducky Mallard, who was with his assistant Jimmy Palmer as they performed an autopsy on a retired soldier, who had been found murdered in his own home. His name was Eddie Marx, who had joined the military during the Vietnam War. According to Ducky, the cause of death was a bullet straight through the forehead.

When the Special Agents investigated the crime scene that morning, there were no signs of forced entry or struggle. Suicide was out of the question seeing as the bullet's entry way was impossible to get perfectly straight. It was either a homicide between an old friend, lover, or a very skilled murderer that knew how to clean up a crime scene and had great hacking skills. Tony and Timothy McGee, also a Special Agent, had interviewed neighbors and asked if they heard anything strange or unfamiliar around the house. They came up empty-handed, which annoyed Gibbs.

"I can clarify, Jethro, that the bullet fired was several feet away, possibly from the front door," Ducky explained. "Blood leaking into his brain is probably what killed this poor fellow. There was no exit wound, however there also was no bullet lodged within his brain. We only know it was a bullet because of the size and shape of the hole in his head."

"That's interesting, Duck, but do you know the reason why he was killed?" Gibbs asked before sipping his coffee.

Ducky hummed. "I'm sure that is part of your department, Jethro."

Gibbs nodded. "Thanks Ducky."

Turning around, Gibbs went to the elevator and pushed the up button. The door soon opened and he stepped inside. He hit the Main Floor button. The door closed and he ascended. When it got to the top, he stepped out and entered his work space to reach his desk.

"Any news, boss?" McGee asked.

"If there was any, I would have told you," Gibbs said, sipping his coffee again and not looking at Tim.

Tony stretched and yawned. "We still have no new leads on this murder, boss. Oh, and, the Director wants to see you in MTAC."

Sighing, Gibbs stood back up and headed for the stairs. "And you wait to tell me now?" he asked, annoyed.

Tony pursed his lips for a second. "Sorry boss…"

Shaking his head, Gibbs headed for the white stairs that led to the top floor. He vanished from sight. The elevator opened again and Abby stepped through. She looked frightened and frantic as she joined the others.

"Um, guys, I think we have a problem."

"Hey, nut job! The Circus is in Albany."

The name of the city hardly left the guard's mouth before he was shot in the chest twice in quick succession. He crashed into the wall behind him, slumping to the floor. Stepping up to the entrance to the main floor, a man all in black and armor fired his gun at the handles, blowing them off completely. He kicked the door in and stepped through. A large group of people in orange-faced masks and wearing claws on their hands stood behind the strange man in the half black and orange mask.

Slade, aka Deathstroke, flawlessly walked farther into the building, his army following behind him. Most had weapons in their hands. There weren't too many people inside, but once they realized they were outnumbered, they began to panic. The Special Agents ran out to see what the hell was going on. They aimed their guns at Slade, who seemed undisturbed. His solitary eye was slightly narrowed. Tony stood in front.

"Who the hell are you, tall, dark, and extremely ugly?" he asked, being as cocky as ever.

Reaching into his belt, Slade whipped out several smoke bombs. He tossed them into the lobby and work spaces. Smoke billowed out, filling up pretty much the entire room. The Special Agents coughed and closed their eyes when the smoke attacked them. Slade attacked Tony first, knocking him back into Ziva. McGee fired his gun sloppily, hoping to hit him in the leg or arm. Slade easily tossed him aside, heading for the stairs leading up to MTAC. Reaching the Emergency button, Abby pushed it hard, sounding the alarm. Slade's robots went to the elevator. One entered, opened up the top with his laser gun, and fired several shots within the darkness. The sounds of breaking wires resounded in the elevator. Quickly stepping out, the robot avoided falling with the elevator, which fell rapidly towards the bottom of the shaft. Once the loud crash and explosion passed, several of them jumped inside the newly created hole to do their job. Even more robots surrounded the whole NCIS building. Tony crawled to his desk, grabbed his cell, and contacted Gibbs. The main man picked it up.

"What the hell's going on DiNozzo?" he asked, sounding pissed.

Tony looked wildly around but couldn't see a thing as he spoke to Gibbs. "Some whack job came in with a bunch of masked people and they are taking over NCIS! He's heading up to MTAC right now! You guys gotta get out of there! He's armed with smoke bombs and a gun!"

"Make sure no one is hurt!"

"You got it boss!" Tony threw his phone onto his desk, quickly came out from behind it, and aimed his gun at the stairs. Faintly seeing Slade at the top, he started to fire. The bullets ricocheted off the back of his neck plate. He was soon out of sight, much to Tony's dismay. He found Abby and pushed the alarm button. The sirens instantly stopped. Abs looked scared.

"Tony, what's going on?"

"I don't know, Abby," he said. "But Gibbs will find out."

Slade entered MTAC, the door slowly closing behind him. He kept a few robots out in the hallways, in case anyone decided to ruin his plan. A few came inside with him, welding the door completely shut. He expected to see Gibbs and the Director, but the room was empty and every monitor was shut off. Slade walked farther into the room, listening closely for any strange noises. He descended a few of the steps carefully, keeping his ears open. He suddenly heard a click to his right.

"Who the hell are you?" Slade didn't move for a few seconds. He slowly turned and saw Gibbs standing a few feet away, his gun aimed at his chest. "Why did you attack NCIS Headquarters?"

Slade's eye was unreadable. "That is not really your business, is it."

He reached for his belt. "Freeze." Director Shepard had appeared out from behind a table, aiming her gun at the hand behind Slade's back. "Put your hands in the air so we can see them."

Slade lowered his arm. "I am not the only one you should be worried about, Director."

Gibbs saw one of Slade's robots coming up behind the Director. Ignoring Slade, he quickly aimed at the robot's head and fired his gun. The robot fell back when the bullet hit its forehead.


The sound of humming reached Gibbs's ears. A robot stood behind him, aiming a laser gun at the back of his head. Slade reached back into his belt, pulling out a small hand-held detonator.

"Do everything I say and I won't have to destroy this building and everyone in it," he said calmly.

Gibbs was quiet momentarily. "You're bluffing," he said, aiming his gun at Slade again.

"Am I?" Slade asked, putting some pressure on the red button. "…I would lower your gun if I were you."

Gibbs still held his stiffened stance. He soon admitted defeat. Taking his finger off the trigger, he raised his arm and let the gun fall to the floor. He looked at the Director.

"Drop your gun, Jenny."

Director Shepard nodded and dropped her gun to the floor. Still keeping his finger on the button, Slade motioned to the rows of seats like you see in movie theaters.

"Sit," he ordered. The Director glanced at Gibbs briefly before slowly walking to a chair. She sat down. The Slade-bot behind Gibbs grabbed his arm tightly and pulled him over to her, sitting him down roughly. Slade turned to the robot and spoke to it. "Restrain them."

As the robot did what he was told, Slade turned to the main computer and approached it, putting the detonator back in his belt. After the robot tied Gibbs's and the Director's hands and feet to their seats with thick wire, it joined the others at the door. Slade began typing on the keyboard.

"Are you aware that you have taken over a very important military unit?" Gibbs asked, trying to get information.

"Yes, I am well aware," Slade replied, not looking at them. "Now be quiet."

Gibbs was not going to take orders from him apparently. "Don't you even know who I am?"

Slade snorted, still not taking his eye off the screen. "Yes, I am well aware of your interrogation skills, Jethro Gibbs. Sweet talking your way out of this one won't work."

"What do you even want?" the Director asked.

"That is highly classified information, Director," Slade replied. "I wouldn't want your Special Agents hearing too much."

Outside the door was Abby and McGee, listening in on their conversation with small headsets in their ears. They both sighed in irritation at being found out. Abby pounded on the door twice.

"You won't get away with this you creep!"

McGee quickly pulled her away from the door. "Don't antagonize him, Abs." He pulled her down the hall. "We don't know what he's capable of."

They returned to the main lobby and descended the stairs where Tony and Ziva were waiting at their desks. The smoke had long since cleared.

"Anything?" Ziva asked.

"We don't have a name and we don't know if he has any other weapons," McGee said. "All we know is his strange appearance and that he has Gibbs and the Director as hostages."

This whole situation was turning grim.

"What about his small army?" Tony asked.

"I wouldn't call it small, Tony. They're surrounding the entire building, the interrogation rooms, the elevators, Abby's lab, and the autopsy room. Not to mention they have their own weapons."

"Then what do you propose we do, McGeek?"

McGee opened his mouth to say something, but stopped. "I don't know," he said with a sigh.

Everyone was silent for a few seconds.

"Well, we should figure out who this armored man is," Ziva said.

Tony snorted. "And how should we do that?"

McGee had an idea. "Anyone a good artist?"

Abs instantly raised her arm and was pushing her body up and down with the balls of her feet. "Oh Timmy, let me do it! Please!" Nodding, McGee went to his desk, grabbed computer paper and a pencil, and gave it to Abby. Sitting at Gibb's desk, she began to draw Slade's torso, upper arms, and head. "I need a black and orange sharpie!"

McGee complied, handing Abs the sharpies. She inked her sketch and then colored it. Clicking the sharpie closed, she lifted up her paper and held it out to Tony. He took it from her.

"Scan that into the computer and send it to every database in the country," he told Ziva. "Someone is bound to recognize this guy."

Snatching the drawing from his outstretched hand, Ziva went to her desk and scanned it in. She then sent it out to every military personnel in the United States.

"Now all we have to do is wait for someone to show up."

Sighing, everyone returned to their desks and waited.