I Can't Be Solved

Monday, the start of the school week. As always it could turn out very suprising! Good day, Bad day, Ok day, whatever. Well with Chad it didn't matter because he knew that he had someone that could take all that away from him and would so the same.

Taylor was walking down the hall, getting all the guys attention.

"Imma hit that later on," one guy said cockly refering to Taylor.

Taylor stopped and looked at the guy. "You're not going to be hitting anything. I already got a man that can do that. Even if I didn't have a man, you wouldn't be on my mind anyway because you're not my type."

Taylor kept walking and saw Chad at his locker, deciding to go "tease" him and show that guy what she meant. As Chad closed his locker Taylor pushed him slightly against the lockers, kissing him hard. Chad wrapped his arms around Taylor pulling her closer. Taylor pulled away smiling.

"That was just a taste of what's going to happen later on."

"I can't wait. I want to get you out your clothes now."

"I would love that but we have to wait until later. You also need to tell these boys that I'm already taken by you."

"You don't have to worry about that, I'll take care of it."

"K. Remember one thing."


"I can't be solve easily."

Taylor kissed him once more and started to walk away. While she walked away she sung a familiar song....

"Sexually healing come and rescue me, cause the way that he move got a girl wanna do something."

Taylor turned around and winked at Chad. She saw how shocked he was. She smiled and continued walking to her class.

Chad didn't know how Taylor knew that song.....meaning how did she know that was the song he dreamed about her singing. He has never told anyone. But Chad got his girl. He already had her but she was teasing him. Chad didn't want Taylor just to sleep with. He wanted her because.....well she's a good girl duing the day that has her mind on her books but at night she's a bad girl. Chad loved everything about Taylor. He wasn't worried about anything. He knew he would have alot of fun getting to know more about Taylor and vise versa. Chad also knew that once he solves one mystery there is another one that comes. That's just the game they played!!!!