Hi people I have a fun little story for you. So read it and enjoy.

The clock ticked by at a pace that wouldn't rival a snail. Many pairs or eyes willing it to move faster, and as if their combined efforts had an effect the bell rang and the class cried out in joy. In a panicked group they ran through the door, all of them to big to fit through the windows.

Outside in the courtyard was an odd pair of kids. One was a giant, taller than average and very thin. He had black hair in an odd style, a blue shirt with an emotionless smiley face, black jeans, a leather jacket and large round glasses. The gray eyes behind said glasses were firmly locked onto an alien.

The other kid was short and had green skin. He had an eighties hair cut, a pink stripped shirt that went to his knees, shiny leather pants, and glassy blue eyes that were red around the edges. His eyes were glued (not literally!) to his tall companion.

Now, I know that you know who I'm talking about, but I should clear some thing up. Dib was staring, not at Zim, but Tak and the reason that Zim was watching Dib was that he was watching the effects of "luv" on the teenage male and Dib was the only one that would let him get close. Dib and Zim are friends now. In fact, they were more like brothers, cause Dib knows almost everything about Zim, and Zim knows just how to mess with Dib's mind.

They were both sitting beside each other as dib watched Tak talk to a group of girls and Zim watched Dib watch Tak. Zim was turned toward Dib, his chin in his hand with the elbow on his knee. The very pose of someone watching the love of their life, but Zim being Zim didn't realize what he looked like and Dib wasn't paying attention, but someone was.

At words, "Hi buddy!" both Zim and Dib froze, but when an arm wound around Zim's waist they both scuttled away.

"Do not touch ZIM!" Zim yelled at Keef as he tried to get the Keef germs off.

"Aww, come on Zim! Can't I touch my first friend?" purred Keef as he licked his lips, "I'll make you feel good."

Keef was the school "Boy Toy". He was gay, but didn't mind having a girl in the mix. He has slept with every bent guy at school and a couple of straight ones too. He was dating a couple guys right now, but always had time to play the field and he had been trying to get in to Zim's pants since he had started kissing The Letter M.

"Keef," sighed Dib as Zim ignored them both, trying to get clean, "I don't think Zim's gay. In fact I'm pretty sure he's asexual."

Keef stared at Dib with a stupid look on his face. Dib sighed in defeat and said, "He no wanna go bump, bump with boobs or dicks."

"Ohhhh." Said Keef with a look of understanding. He then got a wide eyed look and said, "Wait, so do you mean he's still a VIRGIN!?"

Dib ran through his known facts about Zim. "Yeah, I think he is." Muttered Dib still lost in though. He suddenly slapped his forehead and turned toward Keef, but he was too late. Keef was already across the courtyard talking to Zita and pointing toward Zim.

'This will not end well.' Thought Dib as he watched a crowd start to form and move toward them.

'Well, at least it will be funny to watch Zim flounder.' Dib thought as he stood up and got ready for a show.

Hi my wary fans, I know I haven't updated too many stories but this one will be over with really fast I already have most of it written out so it should be over with really soon. Because it's going to be a really short story. Oh! Also, I'm going to start answering your reviews when you send them.