Gaz began to fume. She couldn't do anything! She flexed her arms in their holds. Zim's tentacles moved with her arms. She flexed her legs, the same thing happened.

Gaz began to shimmy her hips and twist her torso like a belly dancer. She growled as her struggles didn't have any affect. She ground her teeth as she arched her back and tried to dislodge the binds from her body but froze when another tentacle followed the curve of her spine and kept her in her arch, with her breasts thrust out.

Her eyes flashed to Zim's and to say they looked hungry would be like saying she was only annoyed when you took her Game-slave away. He was breathing hard and he flicked his tongue out, the Irken equivalent to a dog licking its chops.

(Ok Author thingy going in here, now to explain Zim's reaction I've got to give a little history lesson. A long, long time ago Irken life was not all about DOOM! and Irken PAKs were just shells on their backs, the way that Irken's chose mates were like any animal's. The males had to be strong and able to feed their mates, but that was all the males need to be. Females on the other hand had to at the peak of deadly; they were the ones that you must NEVER cross because you would end up dead. They strived to be the most fat because that would raise their birth rate and they need a strong male to fend off predators to make their job easier. So the only way that a male got a female was to dominate her during the mating, and if a male was really good the female would stay with them.)

(So imagine Zim's predicament. He's got the most dangerous female around and she is devilishly curved and he sees himself as the strongest invader ever. And this female won't submit? Well, he just has to work harder doesn't he?)

Two more of Zim's tentacles reached out and pulled Gaz's shirt over her breasts showing Zim that she wore a vampire piggy bra. Zim pulled her to him and bit the upper breast and then licked the abused flesh.

Gaz was biting her lips to keep from any noise that might encourage him, but it was becoming harder and harder, especially since he was so good at it! Zim Bit down hard on the slip of fabric that held the bra together and easily cut it. Reminding Gaz of how dangerous those teeth were. That thought was quickly drowned by the pleasure of his very long tongue curling around one very hard nipple. She let out a gasp as he tightened his tongue on it. Zim purred at her little sound of pleasure and decided he wanted to hear more.

Gaz had her eyes tightly shut as she gripped her bonds in hopeless pleasure as her hips flexed, demanded attention. Zim noticed this and was too happy to include them in the pleasure.

Gaz sensed Zim moving in front of her but was still surprised to feel her clawed hand running up her inner thigh. It ran between her legs and hooked a finger in her underwear and slowly pulled it down.

Zi9m smirked in amusement as he saw that they matched her bra. He had slithered down her body to bite the panties, breaking the elastic and throwing it behind him. He spread her legs and then spread her folds with his tongue. Using the knowledge he had gotten from computer, he made her truly enjoy the experience.

Gaz was close to tears. It was so good! It was much better than any of her toys. Zim's tongue was longer and he knew just what to do with it. She was almost sobbing from the pleasure.

"Z-zim! s-stop now o-or I-i'll----" she was cut off by zim suddenly pulling out his tongue and his claws pricking her butt.

"You'll what?" he said as he slowly stood up making sure that his body rubbed against every part of her on the way up. He stopped in front of her face and deliberately licked his lips, smirking at her. Gaz had the urges to slap that smirk off of his face or to kiss him. The later urge was looking very good at the moment.

"You'll scream?" He inserted a thick finger into her so suddenly she almost DID scream.

"You'll moan?" He sneered as a claw reached up to tweak her left nipple.

"You'll beg for more?"

He inserted another claw into her and Gaz gave a sharp yelp, widening her legs instinctively. She was panting, gulping back whimpers, cries and the begging words that zim was anticipating.

In a last attempt to be defiant, she raised her head to glare into Zim's eyes. Trying to put all of her anger into that glare. Which was the fiery anger of a thousand suns. It had no effect.

Zim gave a cocky grin and began to scissor his fingers in her. Gaz's eyes widened and her head rolled back. She lost all of the false control she had and began to thrust her hips up and down on his fingers while making strangled noises that sounded suspiciously like pleas.

Zim watched Gaz try to hit that final stage of pleasure, she looked so beautiful, her sultry gasps, her reddening skin, her purple unruly hair plastered to her sweaty skin as she twisted in his clutches.

She was a human goddess that demanded praise from every creature that was every created, but what truly made her beautiful in his eyes was that she was submitting to him! That he, Zim, had made this goddess cry and beg for his rough touch, had made her surrender her control of her body to the pleasure that he had ignited.

It was too much for him, her smell that had saturated the room, her salty taste still on his tongue, the FEEL of her. Zim threw his control to the wind and withdrew his claws from her withering body.

The pleading groan that had wiggled out of Gaz's throat at the loss of sensation turned into a gasp as she peeled her eyelids back and looked down.

Zim was out of his pants and grabbing her knees spreading her wide and then stepped inside.

Gaz saw what would enter her and was in shock, it was a long thick green dick covered in small mounds with small anemone like textures. Gaz opened her mouth to say something, anything, but whatever it was it was cut off by a scream as Zim thrust in. Pure bliss.

She felt every inch of him, the mounds adding a height of passion as they scrapped her insides. Gaz whimpered in hot needy pleasure as Zim stayed still inside her. She whimpered again.

Zim ignored her broken plea and waited, flexing some WONDERFUL muscles that caused his dick to wiggle slightly.

Gaz gasped at the pleasure and made a deep moan of begging, knowing that zim wanted to hear the words themselves. She would not go that low.

Zim flexed again, Gaz gave up.

She swallowed her pride and and gasped in a broken voice, "Zim! M-more, please?"

Zim smirked down at the shiving human in his hold and as she finally gave up everything.


Zim pulled out till only the tip of him was still inside making Gaz whimper then thrust in hard bringing out a loud gasped name.


Zim really liked the sound of his name said like that. He thrust i8n again, using his position to9 make a demand in her ear. "Again."

"What?" Gasped Gaz, not at her best.

"My name, say it again." He punctured each word with a nip on her neck. "Say it."

"Z-zim." she forced out, not in entire control of her mouth, as his thrust became more forceful.

"Louder." He demanded with a hard swivel of his hips.


"Louder." He demanded again reaching down to pinch a very, very, sensitive button of flesh between two claws.

(Miss Bitters class)

"Doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom-"


(back to the janitors closet.)

Gaz lay, completely boneless, on the floor as she glared at Zim put his disguise back on.

(lesson time! Some of you might have noticed that Zim didn't come. This is because male Irkens don't come. Not in the traditional sense. Their egos get huge after a mating because they lorded over a very dangerous female, and that is their ultimate pleasure. Weird huh?)

Zim finished dressing and turned back to Gaz. He was surprised to see that she was still on the floor, but then remembering his research he remembered that when a female has a very good time mating she becomes very weak afterward.

He smirked

"Gaz-mate, it appears that you can't move, " Gaz glared harder as she watched his smirk grow. She could almost see his ego inflate, "so acting on the human mating steps I will now take you to my house and make you eggs."

Zim bent over and scooped her up in his arms while arranging her cloths to cover her, he then kicked open the door and strode down the hall and out the door she had tried to flee from.

Gaz was soon asleep against her will as Zim cradled her to his chest purring as he strutted home.

The end.

Or is it?

"The Virginity of Tak."

Sequels rule.

i am done here.

bout fuckin' TIME!!!!