Blue or Pink


We had just gotten back from Esme's Island. I had been feeling a bit funny for days but I didn't want to worry any one. After all, it was probably just my body trying to get used to Forks' climate. I knew that there were other possibilities to my symptoms, such as pregnancy, but I wasn't ready to make that jump just yet. Plus, it was impossible; I mean my husband is a vampire for crying out loud! But I had to be sure. So, while the family was out on a hunt, I called up Seth.

"Hey Seth I... this is going to be... I mean…" I'm not going to go into details. I don't want to scare

the kid. "Will you go with me to the drug store so that Alice doesn't see what I'm up to?"

"Sure. What do you need to do that you don't want Alice knowing about? I thought that you two were pretty close?"

"I'll tell you when I see you, ok? Please hurry before they get home."

So, he's was on his way. I can calm down now. I'm going to be wrong anyway. Why should I be worried? Then there was a rumbling outside: Seth's new truck. He loved that thing like it was his child. It made me miss my truck.

"Hey Bella, ready to go?"

"Yeah, just let me write Edward a note so he doesn't panic."

He was always over reacting, but having a klutz and a danger magnet for a wife was bound to make any man a worry.


Went out with Seth to help him with his assignment on Romeo and Juliet. I'll most likely be back before you read this.

Your Always,


"Ok, let's go."

"So what are you trying to hide from Alice?"

"You have to promise that whenever you are around Edward you Will Not think about this."

"I'll just hum show tunes or picture hot chicks or something when I'm around him. He'll never hear it from me. Now would you just tell me?"

"I don't really think this is possible but I have to be sure so that I don't get so nervous that Jasper picks up on it." Breath deeply "There is could be an extremely slim, if not impossible, chance that I might be pregnant."

"Dude! That is so cool. If it's true, Edward is going to be so jazzed."

"Just keep it to yourself for now, ok?"

"I know the rules: no telling, no thinking."

I walked into the store as fast as I could and grabbed the first pregnancy test that I could find. Then I paid and bolted.

"Hey Bella," Seth questioned, "if you do that home won't Alice just see you taking the test any way?"

"Oh my God, you're right. Wait here, I'm going to go to the bathroom k. Please stand outside the bathroom so that Alice doesn't see."

"Sure can do."

How do these things work? I know that I have to pee on the damn thing but how long does it take? Why did I have to rip throught the instructions. I should have calmed down before opening the box. I think it says two minutes but it might say three. No, definitely two.

Two minutes later

If it turns pink I'm pregnant, if it turns blue I'm not. But what about in between?

Pink or blue?