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It was around midnight. The entire host club was in a car driving to someplace that only Tamaki and Kyoya knew of out of the host club. The entire host club was asleep exept for Haruhi, Kyoya and Tamaki. Tamaki was driving while Kyoya was typing something on his laptop. Haruhi was sitting in between Kyoya and Mori, who was asleep with Hunny also asleep on his lap. They were sitting across from the twins.(In the car they are in, the back seats are facing each other.) Haruhi was looking at the twins.

"You know, they almost look innocent when their asleep." She whispered to Kyoya. Kaoru was snuggled up against Hikaru, his head resting on his twin's shoulder. Hikaru had both of his arms wrapped around Kaoru, his head resting on Kaoru's head.

"Yes, unfortunately their personalities aren't quite as innocent." Kyoya replied as he continued to type.

'You have no right to talk.' Haruhi thought bitterly. "Anyway, why aren't you asleep?" Haruhi asked, confused.

"I don't entirely trust Tamaki to stay awake, why aren't you asleep?" Kyoya questioned.

"I don't know. I'm not really tired right now and I think I find it difficult to fall asleep in a moving vehicle unless I'm exausted."

Suddenly the car swerved, causing Haruhi to fall against Kyoya and Kaoru to fall down onto the floor between the seats.

"OW!" Kaoru cried when he hit the ground.

"KAORU! TAMAKI YOU STUPID IDIOT! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR!?" Hikaru shouted angrily as he helped his twin up.

"Sorry." tamakoi yawned in reply. Haruhi looked towards the front. (The seat Haruhi is sitting on is facing the front)

"Tamaki, are you sleepy?" Haruhi asked.

"A little, why?" Tamaki sounded confused.

"Pull over." Was Haruhi's blunt reply.

"Eh! Why?" Tamaki sounded upset.

"JUST DO IT!" Haruhi shouted. Hikaru and Kaoru gaped at her, completely shocked. They were all lucky Hunny didn't wake up. Mori had waken up though and was looking at Haruhi with the same expression he usally had. Tamaki pulled the car over to the side of the road.

"Why did you want me to pull over?" Tamaki still sounded upset.

"Someone else needs to drive." Haruhi replied, now calmer.

"Oh, ok." Tamaki yawned. "Who's going to drive instead?" He asked. Everyone was silent. Finally Kyoya sighed.

"I'll drive until I find somewhere to park the car." He sounded annoyed. He got out of the car and switched places with Tamaki. Tamaki fell asleep almost as soon as he sat down. Kyoya started driving as soon as Tamaki's door closed. Mori had fallen back asleep, as had Hikaru and Kaoru. Even Haruhi fell asleep, resting her head on Tamaki's shoulder. Kyoya was looking for someplace he could park the car. He finally found a parking lot at about 1:30 a.m. He parked the car before getting out and getting in the back. Once he was in the car he locked all the doors. (A/N He had to sit next to the twins because the other seat was full) He was to tired to wonder why there was a parking lot out here when there were no stores near by and was asleep in moments.

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