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Tamaki was silent on the other line. Hikaru had gotten over the shock and was now glaring at Daisuke and Yuki. Daisuke just smirked. Kaoru's eyes were wide with horror and he was trembling.

"Hikaru, hang up okay." Hikaru didn't reply, he just hung up.

"What the hell are you doing here?" He snapped as he walked over and sat next to Kaoru on the bed. Daisuke's smirk grew and Yuki was looking down. Hikaru realized that he had never heard Yuki speak.

"Well we didn't appreciate being caught by the police. Especially since I didn't finish my buisness." Daisuke replied. Hikaru blinked.

"What buisness?" He asked, suddenly afraid for his twin.

"To break apart the host club. If your club isn't around our club will be more popular." Daisuke replied. Hikaru raised an eyebrow.

"Okay, first off, why do you keep coming after me and my brother then an second, you weren't popular even before the host club was made." Hikaru said. Daisuke glared at him.

"You should watch what you say!" He growled. "Yuki!" He said. Yuki looked up and sighed. The next thing Hikaru and Kaoru knew, Hikaru had been knocked of of the bed and pinned by Yuki while Kaoru was pinned by Daisuke. Daisuke turned to look at Hikaru.

"And to answer your question, the reason we keep coming after you is because I think it will be quite entertaining to split you two up." His smile was so evil that Hikaru's fear rose. Kaoru had shut his eyes tight, refusing to believe this was happening. Daisuke looked down at the younger Hitachiin, his grin seeming to grow more evil. Hikaru glared.

"Don't you dare hurt him!" He snapped, struggling under Yuki. Daisuke looked at Hikaru again.

"Why?" He asked, his grin growing. Hikaru bit his lip. Daisuke pushed his lips against Kaoru's again, causing the younger twin to jump and start struggling. Hikaru turned and faced Yuki. Yuki didn't really seem to agree with what his brother so Hikaru decided that trying to get Yuki to help him was his best shot at saving his twin. Daisuke had his hand on Kaoru's throat, just about to choke him. Hikaru took a deep breath before speaking.

"Yuki?" He asked. Yuki looked down at him, surprised. "Please, you have to help me. Don't let your brother do this. I can't live without Kaoru." Hikaru begged. Yuki bit his lip before sighing.

"I can't." He murmured. "Daisuke will be so angry if I help you." Yuki looked really upset now. Realization hit Hikaru.

"You don't agree with what he's doing, do you?" He said. Yuki shook his head. "Well then please help me! Kaoru might die if you don't!" Hikaru said. Yuki hesitated for a moment but finally got off Hikaru. Hikaru jumped up and pushed Daisuke off of Kaoru. Kaoru coughed, trying to breath. Hikaru rubbed his back, glaring down at Daisuke. Daisuke looked shocked.

"How did you-" Suddenly he turned and saw Yuki had gotten up. "Yuki?! Why did you do that?! That little brat would be dead by now if you hadn't helped his brother!" Daisuke shouted. Yuki flinched.

"I couldn't. Hikaru wanted to help his brother so badly, I couldn't stop him. Especially since I don't think you should have tried to kill Kaoru anyway." Yuki whispered. Daisuke looked surprised, but his surprise turned to anger.

"Fine! I don't need your fucking help anyway!" He yelled before turning back to the twins. Kaoru had caught his breath by now and Hikaru was hugging him. Daisuke glared at them and Hikaru glared right back.

"How are you going to seperate us now?" Hikaru asked, pulling Kaoru closer to him. Daisuke thought for a moment before glaring at the twins again.

"I'm stronger than both of you." He said.

"So? What's that got to do with anything?" Hikaru asked, holding his brother tighter. Daisuke glared.

"So I can seperate you if I want." He replied.

"It would be easier if you had your brother. But because your an idiot you don't have his help." Hikaru snapped. Daisuke looked furious.

"I don't need Yuki's help." He snapped. Yuki looked down.

"Oh well I'm sure that makes your younger brother feel so loved by you." Hikaru snapped, angry at how little Daisuke cared for Yuki. He didn't know what he would do without Kaoru. Daisuke glared at him.

"It's none of your buisness what I think of Yuki." He said. Suddenly he jumped at both of them, seperating them. Hikaru glared at him while Kaoru looked surprised. Daisuke smiled. Hikaru tried to push Daisuke off again but Daisuke resisted and the two of them started fighting while Kaoru looked on with horror. Suddenly the bedroom door burst open and Tamaki stood there with Hunny and Mori.

"Ah! Hika-chan!" Hunny cried and jumped at Daisuke, pushing him off Hikaru. Hikaru sat up and looked towards the door.

"Milord? Mori-senpai? What are you doing here?" He asked, confused.

"What? You tell me these weirdos are here and expect me to do nothing?" Tamaki asked, smileling. Hikaru smiled too before grabing Kaoru's hand and going over to the two older boys. Hunny raced over as well, leaving Daisuke rather hurt.

"Daisuke!" Yuki cried, running over to his brother. The police suddenly burst in.

"Arrest those two." Tamaki said, pointing to the two brothers on the other side of the room.

"Wait!" Kaoru cried suddenly, breaking free of his twin's grip. Tamaki and the policeman looked at him.

"You can't arrest Yuki, he didn't do anything." Kaoru explained. Hikaru understood what Kaoru was talking about.

"Yeah, he was against what Daisuke was doing." He added. The policeman looked thoughtful for a moment.

"OK, we won't arrest Yuki. But we have to arrest Daisuke." He said.

"Go ahead, he almost killed Kaoru." Hikaru said, wrapping his arms around Kaoru's waist.

"Ok." The policeman walked over to Daisuke and Yuki. He said something to Yuki before putting handcuffs on Daisuke and leading him out of the house. Yuki apologized to Hikaru and Kaoru before leaving as well.

"Well we should home, right Takashi?" Hunny said. Mori nodded and they both left leaving Kaoru, Hikaru and Tamaki.

"Well, I'm glad you guys are safe." He said. Hikaru and Kaoru smiled.

"Well we're glad to have you as our friend." They said and hugged the blonde. Tamaki looked surprised for a moment but hugged them back.

"I should head home." He said.

"Ok, have a safe trip." Hikaru said. Tamaki nodded before leaving their room. Hikaru turned and looked at Kaoru.

"Are you ok?" He asked. Kaoru looked at Hikaru and smiled.

"Yeah I'm fine, my neck just hurts a bit." He replied. Hikaru smiled a well and kissed Kaoru gently on the lips before kissing his neck.

"Better?" He asked. Kaoru, who was blushing, nodded. Hikaru smirked. "Good. Now we should probally go to bed." He said. Kaoru nodded and they both went and laid down. Kaoru rested his head on Hikaru's chest and closed his eyes. Hikaru smiled and kissed the top of Kaoru's head.

"Good night Kaoru." He murmured before closing his own eyes and falling asleep, his arms wrapped around his little brother.

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