The Chosen One?


42 BBY

In a dimly lit room two figures sit in quiet contemplation. They had spent hours in meditation. Calling upon the Force to guide them. Slowly, they come out of meditation and opened their eyes. The taller of the two wore a pensive expression, while the smaller figure had a ghost of a smile, which he quickly changed to a mask of neutrallity.

He was the first to break the silence.

"Powerful the boy is. More powerful he will be than even myself I believe." Mused the smaller of the two.

He was reminded of an ancient Jedi who lived almost four thousand years before. Revan. It was said that looking into Revan's eyes, was like looking into the force itself. A barely contained supernova within the body of a man. That was the potential of the four year old boy that had come to the Jedi Temple as an infant. The boy who captured the hearts of many Jedi. Knights, Masters, and Padawan Learners alike. His light in the force shone as brightly as the Tatooine suns at midday.

"Even though there is belief that the Sith are exstinct, I do not think that is the case. He may be the chosen one." The taller, much younger man replied.

"Perhaps. I foresee another possible 'chosen' I do. Make decisions with out careful thought we must not. dangerous times the Order, and the republic are entering. Savior, of the Order he may be, or it's destroyer. Too soon it is to know. Growing around us the darkness is. May not want to see it, the other members of the Council, but feel I do, that the darkness is the work of the Sith."

"How can there be more than one Master?"

"Prophecy is never absolute. Misread prophecies may be. Always in motion the future is. Become a great Jedi he will. Of that, no doubt I have. Chosen one he is? I cannot say. Clouded by the Dark Side the future is. Impossible to see it is. Wait and see we must. Patience Master Qui-Gon." Said the ancient Jedi Grand Master.

"Yes Master."

Qui-Gon Jinn was a fine Jedi Master, if unconventional. The fall of Xanatos had affected him deeply. The man was still on the loose, and Had ot be stopped. As his former Master, he felt the task should fall to himself, and only himself. Though he had said he would never take another Apprentice again, when he crossed paths with this young initiate the pull between them had been undeniable. A slight smile graced his features as he thought back on the day he met the young boy.


Master Adi Gallia was worried and a bit irritated. She had recently becaome Master of the Mynock Clan, and had already lost an initiate. Granted the boy had a reputation of mischievousness, so it shouldn't have surprised her when she discovered he'd wondered off. Again. However, he was such a sweet boy that she couldn't be at all angry with him, as much as she may have wanted to be. The young boy always brought a, sometimes exhausted, smile to her face.

So here she was, rushing through the cavernous corridors of the Temple searching for said youngling.

As she rounded a corner she nearly ran head long into Master Qui-Gon Jinn.

"Master Gallia. You seem flustered, and I in quite a hurry. Is everything alright?" The older Master asked.

"It all depends on if I can find a youngling who has wondered off again. He has always been the curious type, and I fear he may one day be the death of me." She responded weary smile.
"I'm sure it wont ever be that bad. Would you like some help in locating your wayward initiate?"

"Of coure, but the Temple is enourmous, and this young man has made it a habit of getting himself lost in it's halls on more than one occasion." She said with a sigh.

"Well, let us trust the Force he isn't causeing too much trouble." Qui-Gon said with a smile.

Master Yoda was frequented the Room of a Thousand Fountains. That is where he was currently in deep meditation. Sitting at the foot of a small waterfall, with small stones and Force Orbs floating lazily through the air. Occasionaly they would quiver, as though shifting with the current of the Force. He was still able to sense the caustious approach of a certain youngling with a penchant for mischief and practical jokes. Much like himself.

The young boy had felt a call to him. His feelings told him to leave the creche, and explore. He didn't know why he had to, he just knew it would be the right thing to do. He knew he would get into trouble with this Clan Master when he was found, but hey, he was never one to pass up a chance to cause a bit of mischief. he often played little practical jokes on the Knights who would visit the Younglings on occasion.

In fact, most seemed to enjoy his jokes, and would return time and time again just to see what the young boy could cook up next. His pranks were never anything harmful. He knew hurting some one for amusment was wrong, and it just made him feel awful. Once a knight ended up with a small bruise because the rig his prank was set up on broke. While the female knight laughed, he felt miserable. She told him not to feel too bad. in fact, she gave him tips on how to set things up properly next time, and she left the creche with a smile and a wink. Oh yes, he planned this practical jokes much more carfully after that. he didn't want to cause anyone more hurt.

He'd vowed to himself to never hurt anyone like that again. Of course, being as unusually intelligent as he was, he knew as a Jedi, he may have to fight one day to defend those would could not protect themselves, but it didn't mean he would ever enjoy it. No. he would try to talk things out first. He'd already broken up three fights between a few boys in the Mynock Clan before they'd ever gotten started. After each innccident, he'd turn to see Master Gallia smiling at him from across what ever room the Clan happened to be in that day.

So here he was. His feelings had brought him here to the "really big room with a lot of water and trees, and all sorts of pretty plants". it was so peaceful here. He liked it, and wished he could come here more often.

As he wandered around a flowering bush, he was stopped in his tracks by the sight of the Master Yoda meditating in front of a waterfall. He was amazed by the stones, and Orbs floating around the dimunitive master. He slowly approched Master Yoda, being as quiet as possible as not to disturb him. He didn't want to get into any more trouble than he might have already been in, but it just felt.....right.

As he stood about six feet from the Grand Master, he mimicked the old Jedi's posture and sat down cross legged in front of him, and closed his eyes. He didn't know what he was suppose to do, he just did it. He found himself falling into a relaxed state, and unknown to him, he'd begun meditating. Completely on accident of course.


Master Yoda slowly came out of his meditation, and with a slight smile, cracked an eye toward the youngling currenly sitting in before him peacfully. He was somewhat amazed that souch a young child, of only four standard years, had unintentionally fallen into meditation simply my mimiking him. Opening both eyes he sat and watched as the young boy caused the stones and Force Orbs he'd so recently manipulated, rise into the air. The more amazing part was when the stones and Orbs began slow orbits around the boy. They didn't all flow in the same direction. They varied. stones and orbs alike drifted clockwise and counter-clockwise slowly.

His eyes widened as as the Orbs began to softly glow. Even some of the most experianced Masters of the Order couldn't make these Orbs glow as easily as this young boy seemed to be able to. Oh yes, this boy will be a powerful Jedi. Perhaps the most powerful to ever grace the Jedi Order.

Sensing the approach of two Masters, undoubtly looking for the youngling, Yoda stood and carfully weaved around the floating objects to intercept them so the boy wasnt disturbed. Standing off to the side, he waited.


As Masters Jinn and Gallia entered the room of A Thousand Fountains, they felt the boys powerful presence. Completely at peace. Unusual for a youngling. Especially one for one with a knack for getting into trouble.

Confused Master Gallia asked "Is he meditating? How could that be? He is only four!"

As they rounded the same flowering bush the boy had, they stopped. They were met with a sight that made their jaws drop. They were stunned to say the least.

A quiet chuckle broke them out of their joint stupor, and they looked down to see Master Yoda looking up at them with a look of amusment.

" Found your lost youngling I have." He said with a continued chuckle that was signature Yoda.

At that moment, soemthing occoure that had not, in hundreds, possibly thousands of years. The larger Orbs becan to glow even more brightly, and vague images began to take shape within them. The boy was having visions.

"Incredible." Adi Gallia remarked breathlessly.

As the three masters stood in awe, they watched the images take shape. The Orbs glowed brightly. The form of a young girl, no more than fifteen standard years took shape. She was smiling, and laughing. She wore a fire orange robe with a hood adn radiated compassion and...... was that love? The image shifted to the same girl, now older, in elegant dress, looking more serious, but still radiated the same compassion and love she had before. She wore a smile, and her eyes shone brightly, as though she were seeing soemthing she loved for the first time in ages. Almost as though she was finally home after a very long trip.

Suddenly the Orbs darkened considerably. They watched as images of a red blade clashed with one of pure indigo blue. They felt sorrow, pain and grief. The image shifted once again. Indigo blade met azure. Two shadows battled, surrounded by fire.

The young boy began to shake. Alarmed, the three Masters rushed to the child's side. They reached him as he let out a startled cry and fell over. Master Gallia cradled him in her arms, as he whimped. She murmered comforting words as he tried to burrow hiself closer to her bossom, afraid of what he had seen.

Had they watched the orbs a meer second longer, they'd have seen the indigo blade slash in a deadly arch before it went dark once more.

"Take the yougling back to the creche to rest you must Master Gallia. The speak with both I will." Commanded the green Jedi Master.


Qui-Gon had helped in the comforting of the young boy when they'd gotten him back to the creche. The pull between them was unmistakable and undeniable. He had to take this boy as this Padawan. it was the will of the Force. The boy was very young though. No one below the age of ten standard years had ever been taken as an apprentice, but it seemed this boy was destined to do so.

"Wish you to take the boy as your Apprentice?" Asked Yoda. Giving away nothing from his tone. Inside however, he was filled with joy.

He had considered taking the boy as his own Padawan, but his duties as Grand Master left him little time for an Apprentice. He would make an effort to take an active roll in this Padawan's training.

"Yes. I feel it is the will of the Force that lead me to him today. It was it's will that caused him to wander off. The Force is calling out to me. I've already felt a bond forming between us. However, I will have to deal with my fallen Padawan before I can begin this boy's training. I cannot begin this task, with out completing the other. We must also keep a watchful eye for this mysterious young woman." Qui-Gon replied without hesitation, which surprised him considering his last Apprentice had fallen. He himself had put an end to Xanatos' life.

"Hmmm, Yes. The key to the Order's salvation or destruction she may be. Changes must be made if we are to survive. Slow these changes will come if at all. Unwilling to change most Jedi will be. Sense no darkness with in the vision of her. Know I do not, what her role in the future may be. Agree with you the Council does. Deal with Xanatos first you must, and then your Apprentice the boy shall be."
With that, events that would either save, or destroy the Jedi Order, as well as the Republic, were set into motion.


A/N: Hey boys and girls! I'm back. The muse has finaly returned, I hope. After my unfortunate assault back in September, I was left with a concussion that really inhibited my ability to type or even write down the thoughts in my head. Couldn't even get the right words out of my mouth when having a normal conversation for crying out loud! Now, here we are six months later and I am finally fully recovered. I HOPE I never go through that again!

Notes on the story: I'm going to be making edits on the chapters starting with this one, adding a little of this... a little of that, or completely changing certain parts. Changed are brought on by a series of dreams I've been having about my story line, and think it will make for great fiction. I will be giving my story a bit more substance. Think of the first round as a draft. A base to build upon, if you will. I got the insperation for the redone Qui-Gon meets Obi-Wan from listening to STAR WARS: Symphony for a Saga (The Prequels) track titled Yoda's Teachings. It's the same song playing in Episode II, when Obi-Wan goes into the training room where Yoda is teaching the Bear Clan with the training Sabers and remotes.

The Force Orbs, I THINK are an original idea. I'm not to sure about that. I know on Wookiepedia it's actually an underwater Force attack. Dumb. So I made them more like powerful crystal balls that only the most powerful Force users could utilize to their fullest.

I also decided to create a new Clan. The Mynock Clan. There is no such clan in canon. I envisioned it as the clan that was cut down in the Council Chambers in Episode III by Vader during Operation Knightfall at the begining of Order 66. Said Clan had no name, so I gave it one. Reviews welcome!

May the Force be with you.