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Near slowly fluttered his eyes open, his head pounding, vision blurred as he tried to get his eyes to focus. Opening his mouth to speak, he found that he could not, due to a piece of cloth tied tightly around his mouth. As his gray orbs focused, he could see that he was sitting on a zebra-pattered couch. Both his wrists and ankles were tied and bound tightly, restricting any movement, but his eyes were free to search the room.

On the couch across from him, there was a large and muscular man, a chesty female sitting on his lap. Next to him, there was a scrawny and quite nervous-looking man with glasses and dirty blonde hair who was working away furiously on a laptop. There didn't seem to be anybody else in the room, so he figured one of these men must know who was responsible for why he was here.

"M-Mpmh," he struggled, trying to catch the other men's attention. "Mmph!"

The scrawny man was the first to turn towards him, seeing that he was awake. He then nudged the larger man who was sitting next to him, immediately taking his attention off of the girl on his lap, and placing it on Near. Snickering, he pushed the whore off of his knees and walked over to the petite boy, eyes taking in the sight of his small body greedily.

"Mello!" he called. "Da little kid's awake!"

Near's eyes widened as he heard this. Mello…Mello had done this? His brain was foggy, and he couldn't remember anything that happened. Last thing he knew, he was playing with his robots on the floor, and then he was here. What the hell happened?

"Well, well, Near is awake, huh?"

The small boy knew he wouldn't have to wait long to find out. Without even looking up, Near could tell that it was Mello who was speaking. The snide tone in his all-too-recognizable voice, the overwhelming smell of chocolate and leather that the blonde seemed to carry around with him everywhere, the clicking and thudding of his heavy boots against the cement floors, the rustle and faint squeak of leather rubbing against leather…it was Mello alright.

He raised his head slightly, only to get a better look at Mello. He hadn't seen the blonde in person since he left Wammy's house, what seemed like so many years ago. He looked almost the same, spare the fact that he had grown taller and his hair was slightly longer, his face becoming much more adult.

"Near, you haven't changed a bit," smirked Mello, reaching down to take the gag off. "You still look like the same shrimpy little kid from back at the orphanage."

As soon as the gag was off, Near inhaled a few deep breaths, savoring the taste of the fresh air. Looking up at Mello through a veil of bangs and eyelashes, he blinked a few times, refusing to take the bait and reply to Mello's taunt. If Mello brought him here to play simple and childish mind games, then the blonde was going to be disappointed. He would not play along.

"C'mon, aren't you even going to talk to me?" Mello asked, smirk still on his face as he danced his fingertips over Near's jaw. "I went out of my way to bring you here, you know. It was hard drugging your food under the watchful eye of the SPK. And then I had to go through all the trouble of dragging you out of there and tying you up…if was just such a hassle."

"Return me at once, Mello."

The blonde only smirked, yanking him to his feet. Pulling the stumbling and hopping Near behind him, he strutted down a few dimly-lit corridors before arriving at a bedroom. However, this was not a bedroom that Near would normally want to stay in. There was a large, king-size bed in the middle of the room, but that was not the problem. The problem happened to come from the large closet. Sure, there was nothing THAT suspicious about it…but, for one thing, it looked fairly new compared to the rest of the room. Two…it was about three or four times larger than any closet Near had seen, and Near knew that even MELLO couldn't possibly have enough clothes to fill that thing.

"Mello, I demand that you let me go."

"You're demanding things?" he snorted, pushing Near back on to the bed and crawling over top of him. "I don't think that you're in much a position to start demanding things."

Mello straddled the smaller boy's chest, pinning his arms above his head with one hand. Near's eyes widened ever-so-slightly as he felt Mello slip a hand up his baggy pajama shirt, his stomach instinctively shivering at the touch. Before he could even say something, Mello slipped his hand out from Near's pajama shirt and placed it over his mouth, moving his lips down to the pale boy's neck and biting down roughly. Even through the blonde's hand, Near let out a strangled cry, feeling blood trickling down his neck.

"Near? I thought you had control over your emotions…I guess I was wrong, huh?" whispered Mello, licking the newfound bite mark. "We're going to have so much fun."

Near struggled as Mello removed his hand from his mouth, placing a rough kiss to his lips instead. The blonde's teeth nipped at his lip harshly, his body struggling more and more as he tried to squirm his way out from underneath Mello. Finally, the blonde pulled away from the kiss, his lips stained with a small bit of Near's blood.

"Stop squirming…" Mello whispered, sadistic smile still gracing his lips. "Not until I give you a reason to squirm. You haven't seen anything yet…"

Mello then tore off Near's shirt, buttons popping off as he untied the smaller boy's hands in order to remove it completely from his petite body. Seeing his opportunity, Near pushed Mello off of his chest using all the strength his thin arms could muster, standing up off of the bed while Mello was temporarily stunned. Near tried to run, the genius forgetting about his bound legs in the panic of the moment. He tripped and fell, falling and crashing to the floor, yet still trying to get back up and escape.

However, he didn't even have a chance to get up before Mello had grabbed on to him once again. His large hands clenched his thin sides tightly; keeping him pinned on his stomach momentarily before yanking him back to his feet, Near still struggling and squirming like mad. The blonde tossed the smaller boy back on to the bed, pulling out the rope he had used to tie his hands together the first time, fastening his slender wrists to the headboard.

"Near, Near, Near…I never gave you permission to run away, did I?" the blonde scolded playfully, gently tapping Near's nose.

"M-Mello, t-this is rape!" he whispered desperately, watching as Mello's hands moved to caress his bare chest.

"It's not rape. It's just sex you didn't know you wanted…" smirked Mello, ice blue eyes drinking in the sight of Near's erected nipples thirstily. "It doesn't seem like your body minds it too much…"

Mello began to play with the other boy's nipples, pinching them roughly, eyes now affixed on Near's face. He watched as an unintentionally lusty flush spread itself across the smaller boy's face, pale lips parting but refusing to let out any noise. Well, Mello just wouldn't have that. Bringing slightly chapped lips down to Near's shallowly rising-and-falling chest, he licked around the area of a nipple before biting it, another strangled cry tearing its way out of Near's throat.

"M-Mello, I-I do not w-want this!" whispered Near again, voice hoarse.


Mello untied Near's legs, yanking down his pants and underwear, throwing them to some far corner of the room. Blue eyes once again began to trace over every line and curve of his frame, watching as the small boy squirmed and tried to get away. He almost felt bad as he undid the laces on his leather pants, freeing his pulsing erection, eyes still taking in the sight of Near's naked body hungrily.

"Suck," he demanded, holding three fingers up to Near's mouth.

Of course, Near was stubborn and refused to suck. Mello just shrugged as he ran his hands over Near's body once again, noticing that the petite boy's small cock was just as hard as his was. Smirking, he coated his dick in pre-cum, rubbing the tip against Near's tight virgin entrance. Parted lips let out another small gasp as gray eyes scanned blue for any sign of why Mello was doing this. All he found was a seemingly permanent smirk.

"P-please don't…" he whispered, one last attempt to get Mello to stop. "P-please, Mello…"

The blonde didn't seem to hear as he violently shoved into the smaller boy, a scream falling from Near's lips. Beginning to roughly thrust, Mello found Near's sweet spot on his second try, the small boy letting out another scream. However, this one was not only from the combination of pain and pleasure, but from anger. The pain was slowly beginning to fade, only making way for more intense, body-wracking shudders of pleasure. This was not what he wanted, not at all.

"M-Mello, I-I—!"

Near let another strangled scream fall from his throat, his body greedily taking Mello in now. Instinctively and out of his control, his hips began to roll with Mello's own, wanton moans falling from his throat. He didn't want this, he didn't want this, but he just couldn't help all of the pleasure. There was a knot of fire in his stomach, his eyes squeezed closed tightly, nails digging into palms as hands clenched into tight fists.

"M-MELLO!" Near suddenly screamed, every muscle in his body contracting tightly.

The small boy spurted hot cum all over the both of them, some of the liquid staining Mello's black vest. He let out one last cry as he felt Mello's burning seed explode into his entrance, eyes rolling back in his head as he tried to steady his breath and regain his composure. He could feel Mello pull out of him, cum dripping out of his ass, body still quivering as he tried to pull his hands free.

"That wasn't SO bad, was it?" Mello asked, placing a much gentler kiss on his lips this time. "You came…you must have been feeling good."

Near only turned away from Mello, curling his body up into a ball and trying to fall asleep. He wanted to wash away the memories, though he knew he couldn't. There were so many things rushing through his head, but all he could think about was one thing. The one thing on his mind that prevailed over others. Near had enjoyed that. Some sick, twisted, corrupt, perverse, masochistic part of his mind he wished would go die in a hole somewhere had enjoyed every second of that. Funny. It was that same sick, twisted, corrupt, perverse, masochistic part of his mind he wished would go die in a hole somewhere that had always been in love with Mello.

Amusing how those things work out, isn't it?

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