Title: He Thrusts His Fists Against the Posts and Still Insists He Sees the Ghosts
Author: Emono
Rating: FRM
Fandom: Wrestling
Pairings: John Cena/Jack Swagger, Randy Orton/Cody Rhodes, Miz/Morrison, Chris/Evan, Hardycest
Disclaimer: The WWE is not mine nor are any of it's child branches, it is the 96% property of the McMahon's and God bless the bastards that work for them. I respect the sexual preferences and identities of all the wrestlers on WWE roster, and who they share a bed with is really none of my business.
Beta: gil_follower
Warnings: Character changes, slash, wrestling violence. Seriously AU sometimes. I'll try to stick to the major facts, but I will bend reality for my will. So if you see any matches that never took place, some OOC-ness, some titles given to those who'd never had them…just ignore it. I'll try, but not that hard. There will be MAJOR SPOILERS for all episodes of RAW, WWE Superstars, and some Smackdown in July and August of 2009. So go watch it on YouTube or something, or just enjoy it the way I tell it.

Summary: Jack Swagger needs a lifestyle. As in to say...he doesn't like the heel he is. So he decides to change a few things, and one of the first things is falling in love with John Cena.

1: In the Beginning, There Was Perfection

John Cena.

American hero. The ladies love him, the children love him, the men want to be him (with him, whatever, all matters how you swing.) He's got millions of fans. He's had two hit movies, a decent rap career, and the respect of almost everyone who knows him. He lives for the fans, he loves to be accessible to them. He's on Gaia, YouTube, MySpace. People f-ing love this guy!

He's John Cena, bi-zatch. He wrestles with everything he has, and puts his heart into everything else. He had the WWE Championship belt on his waist, he had won it! Finally, after so long, he got the recognition he deserved. Sure, the roster was envious, but he was ok with that.

To put it bluntly, he was perfect. Now a flaw on the man. He had the perfect build, a nice smile, handsome face…all while participating in one of the most dangerous sports out there. It wasn't just physically, though he was built like a f-ing tree to compliment it all. He was a good person in the end. A gentleman, funny, he could see his hand past his own ego (most wrestlers couldn't), and pretty damn honest when it came down to it. He ended up doing the right thing.

Nope, not a flaw in the world to ruin his shining image.

*a man clears his throat and steps up, grinning*

"Uh, I don't think so."

Hey, dude, I'm trying to tell the story of an American icon here. Do you mind?

"Hell yeah, I mind."

*the narrator gets shoved aside, the handsome blonde man steps up*

"Hey, I'm Jack Swagger" the man flashes a sparkling smile "I'm John Cena's flaw."

And Jack Swagger was damn proud of it.

*Jack gets shoved aside to reveal a solemn looking man in a suit*

"As you may or may not know, you have clicked the link that has sent you spiraling into another world. A world where most of the men are gay, and they are all damn beautiful. A world where up can be down and the WWE is only half-planned out in a storyline…if it is the will of a young fanfiction writer. All you see here is pure fiction, but what if it is real? A world where the sky meets the earth, and hot men kissing each other on a stage only makes the crowd go wilder. You have clicked the link. You are now entering a world only known as as….the Slash-verse."


AN: No, seriously, the whole story isn't like this. This is just how I saw the beginning it in my head. And the Twilight Zone guy? He's serious, this is a different world from reality. Gay couples in the WWE are tolerated here for some reason, and can be accepted by the general public. Not everyone is gay, just people I note. The fights? Can be sorta-staged, but a lot of the time it comes down to taking a punch. If there's an unplanned match, it's just two guys beating the shit out of each other. So imagine it all only half-fake, without a lot of kayfabe. Let's just imagine all wives/girlfriends/kids just gone, 'kay?

This fic was inspired by MrsMollyMoo, I love you! If it wasn't for you, this fic wouldn't exist, becaue you shed some light on the Cena/Swagger pairing. I can't thank you enough for this, 'cause otherwise I would have never gotten past the asshole that is Jack Swagger and seen his potential in fanfiction. Shout out!

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