Chapter seven seven.

Now act like that was an echo.

Okay! Here we go again. Another flashback.

I know...what gives!

I just want you to know how Draco and Harry got together.

So deal with it.

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6th year

Draco paced back and forth in front of the Room of Requirement. He was getting very impatient. Come on. This is getting ridiculous. I need to get in there NOW! Draco screamed in his head. He uttered a sigh of defeat and sat on the floor. I never give up. There is really something wrong with me. Draco stared at the wall. It's all Potter's fault.

The door to the Room of Requirement appeared. Draco smirked. He just wanted to be alone. He didn't want anyone to find him. Unless that person happened to be a good-looking brunette with a scar on his forehead.

He got up and raced into the room. It was gorgeous. A California king-sized bed was in the middle of the room. It was draped with silky black sheets and green pillows were carefully placed at the head of the bed. There was a couple of leather chairs facing the fireplace. An intense and warm fire was burning. A white faux-fur was in the glow of the flames. Dark hard wood floors went from wall to wall. Floating candles added to the mood of the room. The smell of chocolate filled Draco's nostrils.

He took a deep breath. "Yum." Draco whispered. He ran and belly-flopped onto the bed. The silk sheets felt lovely against his pale skin. Draco ran his fingers over the bed. They must be 1000 thread count. This is really nice. He closed his eyes. Soft music began to play.

There is only one way that this could be any better. The Boy Who Lived. He shot up from the bed. He felt his stomach. There was still a small sign of the scars from Harry. Draco didn't like thinking about. It was one of the worst moments of his life.

I don't even know why I still think about him after that. He scarred me. He almost KILLED me. If Snape hadn't been there, I would have died. Although, Harry looked remorseful. Draco rubbed his forehead. I should hate him. Why don't I hate him? Draco suddenly boiled over. He grabbed one of the floating candles and threw it against the wall. Melted wax splattered all over.

Draco suddenly felt his eyes watering. He rubbed his eyes. I'm not gonna cry. Draco sat in one of the leather chairs. He took a deep breath. The blonde was shaking.

The memory of what happened was still fresh in his mind.

"I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm perfectly fine." Draco put his face in his hands. I'm talking to myself. Yeah, I'm okay.

Draco heard the door appearing. He turned around to face it. He whipped his wand out of his pocket. Nobody should be coming in here! What the fuck!

The door was wide open but no one was there. "Who's there? Show yourself!" Draco screamed. He slowly walked toward the door. The floor squeaked under his shoes. This better not be some damn joke. He was mentally preparing himself for a fight. Draco was afraid to. The blonde didn't want it to turn out like the last time.

A boy poked his head through the doorway. Draco lowered his wand. "You. What are you doing here?"

Harry desperately wanted to know if what Ron said was really true. It was eating him up inside. That boy was just so indescribable. His blonde hair, blue-grey eyes, and stunning body left Harry weak in the knees. He couldn't get Draco off his mind. Harry needed to talk to him. The brunette needed to apologize about what happened in the bathroom. He never really meant to hurt him. At least not to that extent. That was when he was still really confused about what he thought about Draco.

Harry was staring at Draco. He noticed the blonde was going to the Room of Requirement a lot. It was about time he found out why.

A hand waved in front of Harry's face. "Harry?"

"Huh?" Harry faced Hermione. He had been in a trance. Harry noticed his eyes hurt. They were dry from not blinking.

"What are you staring at?" Hermione questioned him. She looked at his eyes. "Why are your eyes so red?"

"They're dry." Harry looked back at Draco. The blonde was on the move. This was about the same time that Draco would go to the Room of Requirement every day. Harry decided today was the day that he followed him.

"I gotta go." Harry got up. His eyes never left Draco. They usually didn't lately.

He was almost running to keep up with his crush. Damn he can move. Draco's Slytherin robes flowed behind. It made him look whimsical. Harry admired the view.

They reached the seventh floor. Harry hid where Draco couldn't see him. He really wished he had his invisibility cloak with him. He didn't think about it until now. Not that it really mattered. He probably wouldn't have had time to get it.

The blonde paced back and forth in front of the wall. Harry watched him intently. He looks cute when he's trying to concentrate. Draco passed the wall several times. He looked impatient.

A minute or two passed at the Slytherin just sat on the floor. Looks like he gave up? That's odd. Draco focused on the wall. The door started to appear. Harry saw him smirk. He loved that smirk. Draco got up and ran into the room. The door shut behind him. Now Harry had to get the door to reappear.

He tiptoed over to the wall. Harry rested his hands on the wall and tried to hear anything coming from the room. Nothing. I'm not going to hear anything anyway. The brunette starting pacing in front of the wall just as Draco did. I need to see what Draco's doing. I need to see what Draco's doing. He repeated that over and over in his head.

Harry looked at the wall. There was no movement. He kept on with his pacing. Soon enough, the door was in sight. Yes. The brunette cautiously edged toward the opening. He knew Draco was gonna be ready for a fight.

He heard Draco screaming for him to show himself. All right then. He poked his through the doorway and looked at Draco. Harry saw the blonde lowering his wand.

"You. What are you doing here?" Draco's heart was racing. Does he know?

Harry stepped into the room and looked around. Very romantic. "I'm here to apologize for what happened. I didn't know what the spell would do. I found it written in an old book and I...I." Harry was at a loss for words. He shook himself. "I never meant to cause you such pain." Harry looked at Draco and waited for a response. Draco just seemed baffled.

Draco sat down on the bed. "I accept your apology." He wouldn't look at Harry.

The Gryffindor sort of chuckled. "That must of been really hard for you to say." Draco smirked while still keeping his head down. Harry cocked his head. "Not gonna look at me, eh?

The Slytherin finally looked up. Harry smiled. His smile was infectious. Draco fought the urge to smile. He have up after a few seconds. Draco motioned for Harry to sit next to him. Harry obliged and plopped on the bed. He noticed the silkiness of the sheets.

"Why do we hate each other?" That took Draco by surprise.

"Seemed like we were supposed to. Slytherins and Gryffindors don't get along."

Harry nodded. "I don't hate you." He turned to Draco and skooched closer to him. Harry was trying to get the reaction he wanted out of the blonde. He was hoping that Draco like him back.

"I don't hate you either. In fact, I have a confession to make." Draco took a deep breath. "I like you." Harry's heart skipped a beat. He couldn't say anything. This worried Draco. He got up from the bed and went over to the fireplace.

"I never should of said anything." Draco ran his hands through his hair. "I'm such a idiot."

"No, you're not." Harry quietly made his way over to Draco. He whispered in his ear, "I like you, too."

Draco's eyes lit up. I cannot believe it. He felt Harry's fingers entwining with his. His hands were so warm. Both of their hearts started beating slightly faster. Draco pulled on Harry's arm so he was facing him. Very slowly they got closer and close to each other. The blonde tilted the brunette's chin upward. Their lips met. Draco had been waiting for this moment since the Yule ball. Harry wrapped his arms around Draco's neck. The Slytherin grabbed Harry by the waist and gently pulled him even closer. The kiss was long and passionate. It didn't need to go any farther than just lips on lips. After what seemed like forever, the two pulled away.

"Wow." Harry whispered. Draco nodded. "Yeah." They embraced, longing for each other's touch. They just breathed each other in.

"We'll have to come back later. Tomorrow, at 11 o'clock. P.m. of course."

"I'll be waiting."

It was kinda corny. But I had to.

I imagined them coming together very sweetly.

So I hoped you liked it!

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