In a large city there was a small house with a light blue roof. In the house lived a fluffy light blue cat with a pale blue underbelly, and ears, and pure sapphire blue eyes that were at the moment starring lovingly at her three kittens.

One was a fluffy smoke gray male, with a brown underbelly, and ears, and light brown eyes. The second kitten was a sleek dark blue female with a light blue underbelly, and ears, and eyes the same shade of blue as her mothers. And the third kitten was sleek purple with a golden yellow underbelly, ears, and tail tip, and his eyes were the same color as his fur.

"Meow, meow, meow, meow." The purple kitten rambled starring at the kitchen door.

"Spyro, what are you doing?" The blue kitten asked.

"I'm trying to speak the human tongue so they'll bring us food." Spyro meowed not taking his eyes off the door.

"That'll never work." The blue kitten meowed shaking her head. "We can't speak human."

"Oh come on Lyreice, there's no harm in trying." Spyro meowed. Just then the door swung open and a tall scrawny human wearing all black walked into the room carrying two bowls of cat food. "Ha, see." Spyro meowed as the human set one of the bowls of food in front of him and Lyreice.

"Okay that was just dumb luck." Lyreice protested as Spyro started eating. "Hey Leo are you gonna come and eat?" She asked looking over at the gray kitten.

He was grooming himself when he meowed. "In a minute." Between licks. "I still haven't gotten rid of all the dirt from my fur from when we were let in the garden."

"Fine I guess Spyro will just eat your share of the food again." Lyreice taunted poking Spyro's round belly.

"Don't worry Leo, Spyro wont eat your food. He learned his lesson the last time." Their mother meowed.

"Yeah your share's safe." Spyro meowed through a mouth full of food. "But I can't say the same for Lyreice's." He added sticking his head back in the bowl.

"Stay away from my food!" Lyreice hissed.

"Lyreice don't hiss at your brother." Their mother scolded. "And Spyro leave your sister's food alone."

"But I'm still hungry." Spyro whined backing away from the bowl.

"You can have some of mine." Their mother offered. "I never eat it all anyways."

"Wow, thanks mom!" Spyro exclaimed dipping his head into her food bowl.

"Mom you really shouldn't let him overeat like that, he'll just get fatter than he already is." Leo meowed walking over to the food bowl Lyreice was eating out of.

"He's not fat." Their mother meowed. "Besides I love my chubby little Spyro, there's so much of him to hug." She jumped on Spyro wrapped her paws around him and squeezed.

"Mom, stop I'm eating." Spyro protested trying to get free.

"Is food that much more important to you than your own mother?" Their mother asked sounding hurt.

"No that's not what I meant." Spyro meowed quickly. "I just meant… let me swallow first."

"In that case." She squeezed again. "Now come here you two, I wonna give all my kittens a great big hug." Lyreice and Leo immediately obeyed and ran into their mother's embrace. She held them tightly for a long moment then released them saying. "Now finish eating it's almost bed time."

They all quickly finished eating then jumped into a soft white basket. They all curled up next to each other then their mother jumped in and curled around the three of them. Soon they were all fast asleep.

"How dare you turn on me!" Spyro turned around to see a vary large and muscular shaggy purple cat with a dark yellow underbelly and ears, and piercing yellow eyes. "Gaul restrain him."

Something smacked Spyro in the side of the head knocking him off his feet, then something heavy landed on his back making it imposable to move, but he struggled anyways. "Keep that up and I'll kill you right now." Hissed whatever was on his back.

"Get off me Gaul." Spyro growled. "Before I make you regret it."

"You don't scare me." The weight growled.

"I warned you." Spyro growled suddenly feeling a strange kind of energy travel through his body. There was a sudden sound of rock breaking followed by Gaul yowling in pain. The weight on Spyro's back shifted and he was able to throw Gaul off.

"So you've learned all the elements as well." The purple cat growled.

"Yes Malefor I have." Spyro growled back. "It's in my blood and the blood of my children." What am I saying?

"Silence Gaul!" Malefor hissed. Spyro hadn't noticed that Gaul was still yowling. He looked around and saw a shaggy and muscular white cat with one brown eye and the other eye a green crystal was lodged blood oozing out from all around it. He was whimpering in a corner. "For damaging my most trusted warrior you will not leave here alive."

"No Malefor, I came here to kill you and I don't plan on dying till Its been done." Spyro growled.

You kid I know you can hear this. Spyro heard a voice say, but when he tried to look for the owner he found he couldn't move his head or eyes. I have something vary important I need you to do, so listen carefully. Outside your house past your garden there's an alley. I need you to go there and protect what you find but whatever happens don't lose what's there no matter what happens, do you understand me?

What's going on, who's that monster? Spyro asked in his head.

Just do what I told you and at least some things will be explained.

"Don't ignore me!" Malefor hissed jumping at Spyro.

Spyro woke with a jolt smacking his mother in the nose with the back of his head. "Ow, Spyro what are you doing?" She asked.

"I- I had a bad dream." Spyro meowed shakily.

"Oh are you okay?" She asked concerned.

"Yeah, it was scary though." He meowed feeling better knowing that he was always safe when he was near his mother.

"What happened in it?" She asked.

Spyro wanted to tell her but something told him not to involve her, at least not yet. "No I'm Fine." He meowed instead.

"Well okay." She meowed reluctantly. "Just try to go back to sleep then."

"Okay." He meowed lying his head back down.

"Good night son." She meowed lying her head against Spyro's back.

"Good night." Spyro mumbled knowing he was going to have anything but. The scary purple cat was always there whenever he closed his eyes.