"Ember, keep up." Spyro groaned as again Ember stopped, distracted by something. The two of them had been traveling all day but had seen no sign of any other cat. Spyro found this really surprising since Ember had kept them going at such a slow pace.

"But I just saw a big green cat." Ember meowed quickly catching up to Spyro.

"Where?" Spyro asked cautiously.

"They were just sitting in an alley back there." Ember meowed pointing with her tail to the ally they had just passed.

"Stay here." Spyro meowed slowly stalking back toward the alley. He peered just around the corner and saw a large cat with long green fur and a flat face sitting next to a large metal gate.

"Do you know him?" Ember asked from just behind Spyro causing him to hiss in surprise.

"Who's there?" Growled the green cat.

Spyro stayed silent hoping that the green cat would think he had just imagined the hiss.

"Oh, it's just us." Ember meowed walking around the corner.

Is she trying to get us killed? Spyro wondered.

"'Us', but you're only one. That's not an us." The green meowed.

"My friend's on the other side of the corner." Ember meowed. "He's really nice."

"Well have your friend come out so I can meet them." The green cat meowed.

"Can I know your name first?" Ember asked.

"Oh yeah, I'm Gnasty." The green cat meowed.

"I'm Ember." Ember meowed kindly. "I'll be right back. I'm just going to grab my friend." Ember came back around the corner. "Aren't you gonna come out?"

"What's wrong with you?" Spyro hissed highly annoyed with Ember. "That cat could've easily killed you."

"No, he's really nice. Maybe he can help us rescue your friend." Ember meowed.

"Fine." Spyro sighed. He would've just had them run away but he desperate to find Cynder and this cat didn't seem so dangerous.

"Great, come on." Ember meowed dashing back around the corner. Spyro reluctantly followed.

When he turned the corner Gnasty gasped. "Master Malefor, how'd you get so small?"

Spyro jumped and turned around recognizing the name Malefor as the large purple cat from his dream. He looked around but saw no other cats except Ember and Gnasty. When he looked back as Gnasty he was bowing eyes directed at him. "You mean me?" Spyro asked.

"Of course, I'm too smart to be fooled by a kitten disguise. No other cat I know of is purple." Gnasty meowed a self satisfied look on his face. "Mistress Celavent has been waiting for you. She says Gaul just rescued your daughter from the enemy."

"Cynder's here?" Spyro gasped. "Where?"

"Uh… I've been watching the gate all day. The only time I saw her was when Gaul was carrying her in through the gate." Gnasty meowed. "Please don't hurt me for my ignorance."

"Who's Cynder?" Ember asked.

"Cynder's the cat we came to find." Spyro meowed.

"You were looking for her too?" Gnasty asked. "I thought you were off to gain more territory."

"Uh, yeah, we were only looking for her on the way back." Spyro meowed hoping to keep Gnasty helpful. "So she's on the other side of the gate?"

"Yeah, she's probably with Celavent." Gnasty meowed.

"And Celavent is my mate?" Spyro asked hoping the question didn't sound too stupid.

"Of course." Gnasty gave a heavy purr. "And might I say, she's quite a cat."

"Uh… Thank you." Spyro meowed unsure of what the real Malefor would do. "I guess we'll be going then." Both he and Ember padded past Gnasty and through the gate. "Oh, and good job watching the gate."

"See you later Gnasty." Ember mewed passing through the gate after Spyro.

On the other side of the gate was the biggest garden Spyro had ever seen. There were trees and colorful flowers growing everywhere, the grass was tall and soft, and no matter which direction Spyro looked, besides behind him, he couldn't see a house or any walls blocking them in.

"I've never seen anything so open." Ember mewed in awe.

"Come on." Spyro meowed dashing into the cover of a close by bush. He looked back to make sure Ember had followed. She was just pleasantly padding toward the bush. "Get in here!"

"Why?" Ember asked still going at her own pace. "There's nobody here that I can see. Besides they might all think you're this Malefor."

I doubt anyone here is as dumb as Gnasty." Spyro groaned. "Plus some of these cats already know my face."

"Oh yeah, well what are the chances we'll run into one of them?" Ember meowed squeezing into the bush.

"They're pretty high actually." Spyro jumped when he heard the meow behind him. He turned around as quickly as he could and came face to face with the cat he least expected to see.

"Cynder!" Spyro exclaimed.

"What are you doing here, and why'd you bring another house cat?" Cynder hissed in annoyance.

"You're a house cat?" Ember gasped looking at Spyro.

"Not the time Ember." Spyro groaned. He then turned his attention back to Cynder. "We came here to rescue you."

"Rescue you from what? Didn't Ignitus tell you this is where I live?" Cynder asked.

"Well the way they came after you I thought you might be in danger." Spyro meowed awkwardly.

"As you can see I'm fine." Cynder meowed showing Spyro her shoulder so he could see it was completely healed. "Now, both of you get out of here before someone more dangerous finds you." She then began pushing Spyro out of the bush.

When Spyro came out of the bush he bumped into something pure and white. He pulled away a little so he could get a better look and found that it was a pure white cat. She had shockingly ice blue eyes and a pleasant expression, but something about it greatly discomforted Spyro. Cynder came out of the bush, pushing Ember when she spotted the white cat. "Mom?" She gasped.

So that's Celavent. Spyro thought. He could see what Gnasty had mean by she was quite a cat. She was strikingly beautiful.

"Cynder dear, I see you've made some new friends." Celavent meowed cheerily. Her voice sounded so calm and beautiful Spyro found himself almost mesmerized by it. "Where'd you meet them?"

"Uh, they're new, just joined. I was showing them around." Cynder meowed shakily.

"Poor Cynder." Celavent tutted. "And here I was planning on letting them leave here alive if you had told the truth. Oh well, since you were willing to lie for them I'll make sure you don't have to watch them die."

"Wait mom, please let them go." Cynder begged. "They've done nothing wrong and they're only house cats."

"Yes but I hear this one" She delicately slid a paw along Spyro's muzzle. He had never felt anything so soft and gentile. "is Ignitus' apprentice, and has the ability over fire and ice." As she finished speaking Spyro felt a sharp stinging where Celavent's Paw had been. He lifted a paw and ran it across his muzzle. When he looked at his paw it was covered in blood.

How'd she do that? He wondered. I never felt her claws come out.

"I'll tell you what, pick one of them to live and I'll let them go while the other stays and dies." Celavent meowed. "I think that's better than two dead kittens."

"You can't expect me to choose like that. I hardly know the pink one as is." Cynder meowed.

"I think that makes the choice easier. Just choose for her to die." Celavent meowed her voice as kind as ever. "Besides, I kind of like this little guy. I think I'll keep him around as my little 'plaything'."

"Run!" Cynder exclaimed shoving Spyro and Ember toward the gate.

Before they could take more then a few paw steps Celavent was already in front of them. "Oh dear, now that you tried to run I can't trust you enough to keep you." She mewed almost sulkily. "I guess that means I'll just have to kill you both."

Cynder dashed past Spyro and tackled Celavent. "Run!" She hissed trying her hardest to hold her mother down.

Both Spyro and Ember ran as fast as they could toward the gate. As they came through on the other side Spyro turned to Gnasty. "Make sure nobody on either side of the gate can get though. Especially Celavent." He hissed.

"Yes sir." Gnasty meowed blocking the gate with his body.

"Where are we going now?" Ember asked following Spyro out of the alley.

"I'm taking you home. Then I'm going home myself so I can forget about ever leaving it in the first place." Spyro meowed heading in the direction of Ember's house.