Driving Miss Daisy has change scattered throughout it. Relationships and society changed. Change was shown in different ways at different times. In this play, there is change over time, positive and negative change, and orderly or random change.

Over the twenty–five years that took place in Driving Miss Daisy, there were many changes linked to time. Daisy had gotten too old to drive. Daisy's house had been sold. Daisy had shown signs of Alzheimer's disease. Hoke's reading improved because Daisy helped him. Many other changes were linked to time.

In the play, some of the changes were positive, while others were negative. Because she was getting older, Daisy wrecked the Packard. Hoke and Daisy become friends. At one point in the play, Daisy's housekeeper, Idella, dies. In a following ice storm, Hoke and Daisy develop a better relationship.

Some of the play's changes were seen as random, while others were seen as orderly. Boolie's cousin, Mrs. Sinclair Harris, tried to hire Hoke. Every few years throughout the play, Daisy had a new car. Through the years, everyone got older. At one time, Boolie received an award from the Commerce Club.

In the play Driving Miss Daisy, many changes had occurred. They were shown in many ways. Driving Miss Daisy has shown change over time, positive or negative change, and orderly and random change.