Sometimes the longest road has the most fun times to be had. Other times the shortcut has a million detours and you end up pulling out your hair to get there. The spin cycle of the washer only dries the clothes half way, so don't skip the dryer unless you want damp jeans. If it hasn't grown mold yet, it's perfectly fine. The darkest rooms hold surprises, but the brightest hide secret untold lies.

Of the years that's Raven had lived in the tower, she had never expected to learn anything of any consequence. Nothing at all. She just wished to control her powers and defy her birthright. But of all the things that Raven, the dark princess of Azarath had never expected, it was this.

She had never expected that a not so little green man would laugh and charm his way into her heart. The denial had mostly always been there, from day one. He made her laugh inside and his smile was all she wanted to see. He had protected her from the beast within himself giving her the secret strength to defeat her own demons, as they were numerous. Yes, Beast Boy, the man-child that protected her and loved her even when she couldn't find the strength to love her own despicable self.

Her violet eyes watched him sleep curled up in the center of his bed, green hair covering his eyes but his chest giving away the slow breathing of sleep. She knew his dreams better than she knew her own in the darkest, messiest room. The slow moving images of victories and wins. But somehow this time was different. He dreamed of taking her in his arms and spinning her around.

If only he knew how terrified she was of losing complete control over herself. She never wanted to hurt him, even with her words or not smiling or not listening. She only wanted him to laugh and smile. In no way was this wonderful humorous man supposed to love her completely. Even if he would never tell her and she would never tell him, she had a fear that the day he tells her that he loves her would be the day that the world would end from her immense happiness.

Even then, her children would carry the curse of their grandfather. She would have to go back to Azarath and present her children to the Elders. What would they say? What would they think? Would they take away her precious baby as soon as it finished a meal from her breast? She could not and would not put Beast Boy through the pain of losing a child.

Half of her wished that he could understand the imminent risk that came with loving her. The risk of being utterly destroyed in the grasps of passion. Hell, she could make him so overjoyed that his mental stability deteriorates until he is nothing but a puddle of drool. The walls between her, and him exist for a reason, and she was intent on keeping those walls, even if it killed her from the inside out with pain.

"Raven…" Beast Boys voice whimpered as he unconsciously reached for her hand when she wasn't paying attention. "I love you…"




"I love you too…Idiot."