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'I must be going crazy' Lenalee thought to herself as she secretly checked her phone for the fiftieth time in the past five minutes. Again just like thirty seconds ago, the screen was blank indicating there was no new messages. Lenalee let out a sigh and pocketed the means of communication and quickly went back to her previous task of copying down different math formulas written on the board.

While her attention should have been focused on the task at hand and what her other brother Komui was talking about, Lenalee found her attention once again swaying and ending up on her cell. Had he received her text? Had he gotten his cell taken away? Was he in trouble? If Allen had gotten detention because of her, Lenalee didn't think she could live with the guilt. No, he couldn't have gotten in trouble it was 12:45 which meant it was lunch time for him, lunch meant cell phone usage which meant he should have texted her back by now.

Lenalee's head found the comfort and support it needed in her desk, maybe she really was going crazy, it was just a text message, so what if he hadn't responded in the first five minutes that she'd sent it? No big deal, right? Only this was Allen, who by nature was notorious for never paying attention in class and always responded to texts immediately after receiving them.

For the fifty-first time Lenalee checked her phone. Nothing.

Lenalee frowned as she sank further into her desk, completely ignoring her brothers endless chatter about math and the power of numbers, and stuff she'd never again use after high school. Blah blah blah, effortlessly she flicked through the long conversation she'd been having with Allen throughout the entire day, her dark eyes scanned over the screen taking in everything, how the other was doing, what class they were in, if she new the answer to a difficult math problem.

It was when Komui was bringing the class to an end and everyone was getting ready to leave that Lenalee felt that oh so familiar vibration up against her leg. Flicking her cell phone out, her eyes lit up with excitement at the words.

"Who have you been texting non stop?" Miranda asked as she walked up to the younger girl.

"My boyfriend."

'I love you too'

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