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Here it is....

(.:CHAPTER 1: The Battle Begins)

The clear rain that was falling from the sky was now red. The sky was bleeding. The moon turned from white to red. Everything was now tinted by blood. One would wonder why this was happening. But not these people. Well.... one of the three was. Pip Bernadette. Out if the three, he was the only human, A human with a sick obsession with the vampire Seras Victoria. The other vampire Alucard, wasn't very happy at this. But never the less, that plastered smile never faltered.

Alucard had bitten and turned Seras into a vampire while on a mission. She was being chased/hunted by a sadistic vampire who was making an army of ghouls in Cheddar. Alucard and granted her the gift of immortality. A/K/A/ Vampire-ism...

As time when by, Seras was getting tired of her master constantly toying with her simply because he was bored. But there was nothing much she could do about it. And Alucard was very awair of this and it humored him immensely. Thou some of the things he would say or imply, he truly meant. But he couldn't help but feel a twinge of pain anytime she thought of those statements as joking with her. But he couldn't help but tease her all the time. She was too gullible!

Once again time went by and a man named Pip Bernadette came into the picture and things got a little more complicated. Seras was his main goal. Whether it be to hit on her, or genuinely help her out. You could say he fell head over heels for her. But once again, Seras thought of his gestures to be nothing more than pranks. Or at least she hoped they were.

Seras was in a little bit of a rut. She found herself daydreaming of both guys quite a lot. She thought that maybe she liked them. But then she would question her sanity. Very understandable considering that on one hand, you have her MASTER! To whom is more on the sadistic side. On the other you have a HUMAN, who is completely perverted! But she did find a redeeming quality to both. It was a real bother.

And thus the battle begins!


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