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(.:Chapter 6: Face the Facts)

Slowly Seras began to rise up onto her feet. Her pale yellow uniform have been torn to shreds by the branches and twigs along with the grass stains. Once Seras noticed these stains she let out a heavy sigh.

"Looks like I'm going to have to throw this one out too. Oh well." She whispered to herself while looking herself over in her dresser mirror.

Hastily opening one of the drawers, the neutral feeling fledgling pulled out a silk black tank top and a pair or hot pink cotton, string bikini panties. As soon as she had the clothing in her fist she made her way into the shower.

The shower was covered in tiles. The ceiling, floor, and walls were all checkered with pale blue and titanium white squares. It was about the size of one you would find in a locker room. Shower heads lined the top of the large square area.

Seras walked around the room, turning on all the heads to fully hot. As she waited for the steam to start to become visible, she slowly began to peel out of her torn and stained uniform. As soon as the water was hot enough, she stepped into the middle of the shower where she aimed the heads.

Seras took her time washing her body. Almost and hour and a half later she slowly walked toward the heads, turning them off one by one. Their chrome finish reflecting her eyes. It came as a surprise when she not only saw that her skin had paled more than ever before, but her eyes shone more crimson than she thought possible. Not ever her master's eyes were this red.

Quickly the frightened blond vamp. fled the bathroom, snatching her pink fluffy towel on the way out. As she rescued her fresh and dirty uniform, she managed to wrap the towel around her chest. It covered only half of her huge chest and cut off at her upper thighs. Exposing her smooth, pale legs, and cleavage.

Swiftly slamming the door closed behind her, she fell back against her bed. Legs hanging off the side, arms resting at her sides, and her clothes spread out on the foot of the bed. She was breathing heavily and resting slightly when she heard two separate sets of fists were heard knocking violently against her door.

"Darn it." She mumbled.

"Don't be saying that to your master slave!" He said in an amused tone, but anger was underlying every word.

Alucard had materialized right in front of her. The knocking on her door calmed down but continued.

With a swift movement Alucard waved his hand elegantly and opened the door. Pip fell face first onto the cold concrete floor. Seras was shocked. Most of all, the two men she seemed to have enfatuations with, were both now standing side by side right in front of her.

All while she was in nothing more than a small towel, and while water still dripped from the strands of her golden hair, trailing down her perfectly pale, clear skin.

"What am I to you?!" Both Pip and Alucard echoed loudly simultaneously. Both holding up a pure white envelope with each of their name written in script. Both written in blood.

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