(A/N: Hi everyone. I'm finally writing again. I'm sorry to anyone who like my 'Coming to terms' Prologue and were awaiting the next chapter. But due to some issues and a yearlong break, I just lost interest. I might pick it up again, but please don't hold your breath. I like my readers to be among the living. :D
Anyway maybe this will make for it. A whole new story, I have a new beta and the next few chapters scribbled down. So yay!
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Uhh... Oh god... He didn't feel so good. He couldn't breathe properly. Was someone sitting on his chest? It was so tight. Every breath was an effort; each one he managed was short and pained. As he breathed it sounded wheezy and nosey.

The poor guy's head was swimming. He couldn't move. Not only would his body not let him but he could feel something holding him down to a cold hard surface. He shivered. So cold, everything was so cold. And yet sweat covered his body.

Then there was the pain. His lungs burned with every breath, and if he dared to breath in deep enough to breathe normally, there was a stabbing pain in his lungs that caused him to cough and hurt even more. His whole body just seemed to ache and his head was pounding. What had hit him? A truck? Two trucks?

He cracked his eyes open but soon closed them. The many lights that lit up the room made it a blinding white to him. Something his eyes just couldn't seem to tolerate right now. Then he heard voices but catching everything they were saying just seemed an impossible task.

"There was a ble-" One male voice started.

"-status?" He heard another, a female voice.

"Stable-" "-what's his normal temp-"

"-sure-" "-to live-"

He just caught bits and pieces of sentences, none of it making any sense to him. But at this point he was hit with a sudden coughing fit. It took hold of his whole body. It sounded horrible, and felt twice as bad. He was coughing something up. A lung? Probably not but that's what it felt like. He felt something touch his face. He opened his eyes, seeing a very blurry green container in front of him. Then suddenly whatever was trying to cough up, came out. He hacked it up, right into the container that had been provided for him.

His eyes slid back shut as his coughing subsided. He could breathe little easier now. But he was exhausted and his lungs were burning far worse than before. There was a horrible taste in his mouth. Metallic... blood? What was blood doing there? He groaned pitifully, wanting to just go back into the darkness he had come from.

A gloved hand touched his face. His eyes opened and he flinched away from it. But the hand did not go away, it followed him. His eyes slowly focused on what was in front of him. Only then did he see two cool emerald green eyes meeting his own. They looked at him curiously, her lips moved but he didn't catch what she had said. Who was she? Was he meant to know her?

She seemed to be waiting for something? Had she asked him something? He was exhausted, his eyes slowly started to slide shut. The woman shook him when she saw he was falling asleep. She spoke again but he still didn't catch it. The woman kept trying to keep him awake. After a moment he finally understood some part of what she was trying to say. "-your eyes."

He groaned a little but then he slipped away into a dreamless, uneasy sleep.


He kept floating in and out of sleep. How much time had passed? He had no idea. Images passed through his mind but he didn't recognise them or even take them in. He just let them pass. When he next woke up, the woman was there waiting for him...