Bella and the Geek

Prologue- Once Upon A Lie

I wanna touch you

I wanna kiss you

I wanna feel you in my arms.

I need to hold you

Let me control you

Maybe it's right where you belong.

"You are officially a huge ass." Bella Swan yelled as she sped out the doors of Forks High School, trailed by her best friend, Jasper Cullen.

"C'mon Bells." His breathing was heavy and labored after running to catch up with her in the hallway and then speed walking to keep up with her quick pace.

It had been just another boring, monotonous day of high school drama and bull-shit, when Jasper had finally opened up to Bella about his long-term crush on her younger sister, Alice, in the middle of their sixth hour French class.

"Dude, she's my sister… and you just said she was a fine piece! Who says that?" As soon as she made it to her truck, she whipped around, hitting him with her long chestnut hair. "You, dumb ass. That's who!"

"My sister is fifteen… and if you so much as stick your filthy, rotten hands, anywhere near her, I swear to God that you will pay," she spat before jumping into her truck. Before closing the door she added, "And if I hear so much as a peep about you sticking anything else near her, your balls will be castrated, with these hands," she motioned to her own palms, before slamming the door and quickly speeding off.

At first she had no idea where to go, she had skipped her seventh period Bio class with Mr. Banner. Her sophomore year, Bella had taken Chemistry with Mr. B, and it had not taken long for her to learn that he was a complete pushover. Hearing his annoying voice drone on and on every day was like nails on a chalkboard.

She knew she couldn't go home. Charlie would not be happy if he found out she had skipped school again, and Renee, if she was even home, would stand there like a concerned parent, nodding her head to every word that came out of his mouth. No, home definitely wasn't on the itinerary for the day. Instead, she drove out to what seemed to be the only bit of sanity she knew. Her meadow.

Bella cursed under her breath at the thought… Technically, it wasn't just her meadow, at least not anymore. Not since Edward Cullen's sexy self had been taken to that very place and had been thoroughly personally defiled by one, Bella Swan.

Two things about Edward, he was kind of a geek, but nonetheless, everyone knew he was hot. Secondly, everyone seemed to think he was moral as could be, but Bella knew otherwise. She knew exactly how he liked it when her hand stroked him up and down, or when she playfully would flick his earlobe with her tongue. The things Bella knew about Edward would shock some, and appall others, but Bella wasn't planning to tell anyone. She had decided this long ago, because this way she could keep him secretly untainted and to herself.

Although their little agreement came with no strings attached, Bella knew that Big E came to her and her only when it came to satisfying his needs.

The only problem with this little tryst they had concocted was the fact that Edward was unfortunately, Jasper's twin brother. Although they looked absolutely nothing alike, they had sprung from the same womb… that of Esme and Dr. Carlisle Cullen, the most rich and beautiful people in the extremely un-rich and un-beautiful town of Forks.

The only thing that bound Edward and Jasper together was the fact that they were both gorgeous. Not a single girl in town, or the surrounding area, could deny that they, at some point, hadn't wished they were banging one, if not both brothers. That is where the similarities stopped. Jasper was a motorcycle enthusiast, chain smoker, complete partier who was always eager to get into a fight. His competitiveness astounded even Bella, when he tried out for the baseball team just a week prior, and had actually got a spot. He seemed halfway committed to it, so at least he did something in his life to make his parents proud. Was he going to stick with it? That was yet to be seen.

Edward however, had always been the award winning, talented, and seemingly well-behaved child. He had manners, was polite to elders, attended church regularly, played classical piano, and occasionally wore a sweater vest to school. In all seriousness, he was in just about every club, from languages to arts, always had the lead in every school musical or play, and was probably one of the most well-rounded and talented kids Forks had ever seen.

Bella had to chuckle at the thought of the town sign one-day possibly reading, 'Welcome to Forks: Home of Edward Cullen!'

She pulled her truck over in the clearing, hearing the distinct hiss and pop noises of the engine as she slid her key out of the ignition.

Throwing her bag over her shoulder, she quickly made the familiar, near-mile trek through the woods.

As soon as Bella reached the edge of the clearing, she gently laid her bag down, breaking out in a brisk run. Her arms outstretched, she ran freely before laughing and collapsing in a heap on the ground in her favorite spot. Her breathing was slightly ragged as she leaned back; arms crossed behind her head, and stared up at the many rain clouds hanging overhead.

Just another part of Forks that Bella completely hated, was the fact that it rained a good three quarters of the time. Luckily, today had been a rare exception, the ground still miraculously dry. Nonetheless, Bella longed to feel the sun's rays against her skin. Even on the best of days, rain clouds usually hung tauntingly in the sky.

Bella let out a contented sigh as she snuggled further into the inviting grass. Suddenly, she heard a velvet-voice clearly ask from behind her, "Bad day?"

Although she didn't really mind the interruption, Bella didn't want Edward to know she wasn't frustrated with his clear over-stepping of their boundaries. "Edward Cullen, you did not skip your last class of the day to ask me how my day went," she growled, gingerly sitting up, now completely ousted from her solitary reverie.

"That doesn't mean I can't ask," he smiled, sending her his trademark crooked grin.

It was quite clear to Bella that Edward had attempted to further their relationship. He texted her on occasion, talked to her about things she hadn't even asked to know, and tried to speak with her in public. Truth be told, he found everything about Bella completely fascinating; be it simply the way she flipped her strawberry scented hair when she was angry, or the way she had a peculiar response to his every move, she never ceased to amaze and entertain him.

"Why the hell did you follow me out to my meadow- and how did you even know how to find it?" she shot at him.

"Alright Bel-la," he over emphasized her name in his own singsong way. "Is this really the game you want to play today?"

"Come sit your rotten ass down, first." She patted the ground beside her roughly and he swiftly followed her instructions. He had found that things usually worked out for the best if he just did what she said, and asked questions later.

"Now why are you here instead of your advanced, smart kid, physics class?" her voice smoothed out a bit, showing to Edward that she was letting a small bit of her guard down.
He decided to snatch up any opportunity he had to have a real conversation with her before she went back to Bitchy Bella again.

"I told Mr. Banner that I needed to go to the library to do some independent study on my research project… I'm easily his favorite, so he let me go without asking any questions," he explained.

"But why here?" she asked without the slightest bit of aggravation in her voice. He was making progress, however slowly, but she was always going to be Bella.

"You looked like you were going to kill Jazz, and it piqued my interest to know why the Hail-the-Chief's daughter was once again skipping school." He leaned into her, brushing a hair back from her face.

She grimaced, pulling away from him and sliding over a few inches. "Your brother is a douche, and you are a douche, and the only Cullen that's not a douche is Esme, because everything she does is just fucking fantastic…" Bella trailed off, realizing she was already beginning to rant.

She didn't like that one minute she could be so heavily against any sort of contact with Edward, and the next she'd feel like putty in his hands. When he was so near, she felt her stomach tying up into all sorts of knots and her hands began shaking ever so faintly. He scooted ever closer to her, taking away any distance she had put between them, and then some. He was so close that she could feel his breath against the back of her ear, cool and confident.

His composure with her was far different from when he was around any other person. With Bella, he felt a certain ease and calm that had never surfaced before. "I can be fantastic as well," he whispered low in her ear.

Within seconds, Bella was using one hand to undo his khakis, while the other pushed her hair hurriedly away from her face. She smirked at him, knowing the faster that she got on with it, the quicker he would stop talking. It seemed to be, that blowjobs were Bella's coping mechanism.

He bit his lip, immediately knowing what was going to happen, and as much as he wanted to talk and get to know Bella, he loved it when she went down on him.

Freeing him from his boxers, she began stroking him up and down. He was already completely hard, after all, that was his usual state when he was in the presence of Bella. She sunk her head down to lick the precum of the tip, tasting the essence of Edward. She looked into his eyes, licking her lips greedily, before fully sinking down on his shaft.

"Oh… God, oh, Bella," he moaned loudly into the open air. He was leaning back on his elbows, but soon they threatened to give way, so he let them, lying down against the ground. He twisted his hands in her hair, wishing for a fleeting moment that the plump lips around his erection were actually kissing his lips. But that was beyond the secret and never-mentioned agreement between Bella and Edward. As much as he wanted to touch her, she never let him, under any circumstance.

She slowly took in every inch, reverently sucking and licking every bit of him. As she used one fist to pump him up and down, Bella expertly took him into her mouth over and over again.

She decided to give him a treat, and do something for him she'd never done before. With her free hand, she gently grasped his balls, fingering them lightly.

"Bella… Oh, Bella! …Fuck!" he groaned thrusting his hips up to meet her, causing Bella to jump. She left her hands where they were but bobbed her head up, looking at him incredulously.

"Edward… did you just say what I think you did?"

"Bella! Serious case of blue balls," he laughed and she stroked him a few times to placate him.

"Edward Cullen, you did not just cuss! How the hell do you think you can kiss our dearest Esme with that dirty mouth?" she teased.

"Why did you have to bring my mom into this?" She giggled at his response, and he let out a moan as she increased the pressure her hand was using to stroke him.

"Why do we play… this game... Bella?" he asked through heavy breaths as she sunk back down upon him. Just a few seconds later, he was crying out her name hurriedly, as he emptied himself down the back of her throat. She gave him a few, last courtesy licks and then tenderly buttoned him back up. Grinning smugly, she laid back down on the ground, arms out-stretched.

"Isabella Swan, you blow my mind." He rolled over to look at her, but her eyes were closed. Thoughts of a non-existent reality were floating through her head, one where she could let herself over to Edward, and feel his body next to hers… touching hers. For some reason this feeling had overcome her that she'd never had before. Some strange voice was telling her that she wanted to know how it would feel for his arms to be wrapped around her.

"Can I do something?" she asked meekly, a thing she never had done in her life.

"Be my guest," he invited.

She tentatively scooted closer to him and asking with her eyes for permission, laid down next to Edward, resting her head upon his chest.

With her hair splayed over his shoulder, Edward felt the purest feeling of ecstasy. This was far better than the high he was just coming off, this was a breakthrough, and he could feel it resonating in his chest. He carefully laid his arm around her, testing the waters in hopes that she wouldn't pull away.

"Your brother called my baby sister a fine piece," Bella grumbled, lazily laying her arm over Edward's stomach.

Edward couldn't help but laugh.

"Bella!" the pixie happily announced, bouncing down the stairs of the Swan residence.

"Hey Al, what's up?" Bella threw her bag on the couch and stormed into the kitchen to grab a bite to eat.

"Where did you mysteriously disappear to during French class?" her younger sister followed her, asking sweetly.

"Why does it matter?" Bella, ever the grouch, spun around to shove in her sister's face.

For the most part, Alice and Bella got along as well as two teenaged sisters could. Much like the Cullen brothers, the Swan girls were polar opposites in numerous ways. Alice was a bright and cheery freshman who was well-know to all of her class (but, who isn't in Forks?) and enjoyed all things girly. Alice was the spitting image of a young Grandma Swan, tiny… and when compared to the rest of the family, that amounted to really tiny.

Alice jumped back, "I was just wondering."

"Jesus," Bella recoiled back. "Alice, I didn't mean to chew you out for nothing."

"Does that mean you'll take me to Port Angeles this weekend to go shopping?" Alice stood on her tiptoes, wishing and hoping for a miracle.

"Oh hell… absolutely not!" Bella tossed a sandwich together and then bolted up the stairs to her room, bolting the door shut. In just a few minutes, Charlie would be getting home for the day. Bella was almost certain that he had gotten a phone call from the school's office this time. They had let her off the hook one or two times more than they probably should have, and there was absolutely no way they were going to let her get away with missing very many more of her classes this semester.

Unfortunately, before she even had time enough to breathe, the cruiser pulled into the drive. The idea of bolting seemed like a great-looking possibility, but today, not even Bella could be that lucky.

"Bells! Get down here!" her father yelled, sternly.

She got up, dragging her feet and trudging down the stairs, until she was at once again on ground level.

"Ask me who I got a call from today?" Charlie asked, his voice calm.

"The President of the United States," Bella deadpanned, rolling her eyes. She hated when Charlie would play these games with her. If she already knew she was going to be punished, why didn't he just do it, and spare her the trouble?

Charlie's forehead scrunched up in the familiar lines that showed to Bella, he was clearly frustrated. "Sorry kiddo, wrong answer. Where are your keys?" He held out his hand and awaited their deposit into his palm.

She cursed under her breath, begrudgingly wrestling them out of her pocket, and dropped them into his hand.

"When you can prove it to me you won't high-tail it from class, you can have the Big Red Beast back."

"Dad, her name is Bessie, you know that." With that, she sent him a look and made for the stairs. "Wait, this is too easy, any other punishments?" she stopped to ask.

"You have to eat your mother's meals with the family for a week." For a moment, his face broke and he cracked into a smile.

If Bella had a soft spot for anyone, it was her dad. Although he could be a hard ass, with the entire façade that came with it, Hail-the-Chief actually understood her. Charlie never butted in on her privacy, or asked too many questions. He was a man of few words, and of little affection, but somewhere along the way, Bella had come to admire and respect him.

"B-t-dub," she popped, "Where is Renee?"

"You know your mother… I have no idea." And with that, Charlie's solemn face was back as he made for the couch, grabbing the remote and flicking on the television.

As soon as Bella got upstairs, she dug out her phone to text Jasper. It was a nightly occurrence that she either: one, visited the Cullen place, or two, had Jasper over at hers. Seeing as she had ditched him mid-school day, they hadn't had the time to make their usual plans.

Hey, tool! What's the plan for tonight? Bella typed skillfully, flopping down on her bed.

O, so ur talkin to me now? His response came only minutes later.

Bella knew that he was only kidding. For some odd reason or another, Jasper didn't care how big of a pain Bella really was, because in the end, they clicked. Bitchy Bella and Jasper le Douche were an unstoppable duo that, when powers combined, were a force to be reckoned with.

Shut up, le Douche. You know I still love you. She hurriedly sent back, picking up the plate on which her sandwich remained whole and un-eaten.

Do you take bck wut u said earlier? She read, taking a large bite and chewing ungracefully.

Uh, no. Castration still probable! Bella smirked, devouring the rest of her food in another three bites. It was from there she plotted her escape. The easiest exit was probably the front door. Once Charlie sat down and began watching all his sports yadda-yadda crap, nothing could wake him from his trance. It was as if his eyes were glued to that thing from 5-10, the only exception being the occasional stop for a meal.

Her phone buzzed. I'm so glad u least went 2 math 2day. =]

J-Z, get your sorry ass over here and get me, stat. She flung herself off the bed, grabbing a jacket, and thrusting her phone into the pocket. She decided that on this very rare occasion, she'd fend off being a total slob, and before leaving, take her plate down to the kitchen.

Her phone vibrated again, and instead of Jasper's response, she found a peculiar message. So, forgot to tell you, but I grabbed your homework from Banner. Get it when you come over? –E

She almost wanted to gag at the sugary-sweetness of his actions. Bella missed class far too much to really care about missed homework. But, after thinking about it, she had to give the guy credit for trying, even if it was in the nerdiest way possible. Part of her was warming up to Nerdward.

She texted him back. Sure thing… do you have it done yet? haha.

Like clockwork, Jasper's motorcycle pulled onto her street as soon as she walked out the door. Bella hustled to meet him in front of her house, and as she hopped on, he handed her the customary helmet.

"You just don't want me to hit on our Little Al because you like wrapping your legs around me too much. Tell the truth, B," Jasper laughed as they took off.

"I'm beginning to think you don't value your balls," she yelled at him as the wind whipped past them, carrying the sound away. Bella clutched tighter around his waist, fisting her hands in the pockets of his leather jacket as they made the winding trail out of town toward the elusive Cullen residence.