My Only Love

Kagome never admitted it to anyone but she was in love with Sesshomaru. She was in love with Inuyasha until he broke her heart one to many times.

One time she ran into Sesshomaru on one of her walks. He really treated her differently when they were not around the others. Now they are once again on the road to finding the jewel shards. Kagome can tell that Sesshomaru is following them but she isn't telling anyone. Kagome was in her own little world until Sango snapped her out of it by saying

"Kagome are you ok?"

"Yes I am Sango"

"Then why have you been so quiet?"

"No Reason" 'Yes there is love of my life is following us and all I can do is think about him'. But Kagome didn't say that out loud. She looked up to the sky and found the sun setting. She looked to Inuyasha and said

"Yasha don't you think it's time to stop and set up camp"

"No, man we still have sometime before the sun goes down, weak humans" Inuyasha said the last part low but Kagome still heard him. She said

"Sit boy" Inuyasha fell down and made a crater in his shape. Alot of cursing was herd coming from it. Miroku spoke up and said

"I will go and get us some fire wood"

"OK Miroku" So he walked off to get some fire wood while me and Sango set up camp. By the time we were finished, Inuyasha haft climbed out of his hole and Miroku came back with an arm load of fire wood. He sat it down and Kagome grabbed her matches and went over to it. She stacked some of it off to the side for later. She got one of her matches out and lit the fire wood in front of her. When it was burning pretty good Kagome got some ramen out and made it for there supper.

When it finished she passed it out to everyone. Like always Inuyasha gobbles his food down like a pig. Kagome feels Sesshomaru's aura near by and it almost feels like it is calling to her. When she finished her ramen she stands up and said

"I am going to go for a walk guys. I will be back later." Sango sad

"Do you want me to come with you Kags?"

"Na, you stay here Sango"

"OK" Kagome grabber her bow and arrows and walked into the woods. She kept following Sesshomaru's aura until she found him leaning up against a tree. He seen her and she walked over to stand in front of him. They stood there looking into each others eyes for the longest time. Finally Sesshomaru broke the silence by saying

"I love you so much my Dear Kagome"

"I love you to Sesshomaru" They both came together and kissed.

HI.I had this on my other account and I decided to move it you can see the title says it will be random Inuyasha be two will be the same.I hope you like it.