I Thought You Loved Me

Inuyasha just left for a walk, leaving Sango, Miroku, and I to make camp. Miroku leaved to get us some fire wood, while we go ahead and set everything else up.

When Miroku comes back with enough fire wood for the rest of the night, I make a fire. I get my pot and some packs of ramen out of my pack. I put the ramen in the pot and put it over the fire to cook.

After 20 minutes it is done, Inuyasha is still not back, which is weird because he is always the first one ready to eat. After we all eat I finally decide to go and look for him. I pick up my bow and arrows and sling them onto my shoulders. Sango looks up at me and says.

"Where are you going Kagome?"

"I am going to look for Inuyasha"

"Ok, be safe"

"I will Sango"

I walk out of camp following Inuyasha's aura. I look at the path I am on, the sakura trees are in full bloom. I love it when they are because they are o beautiful.

After 20 more minutes of walking, I start to hear moans. As I walk closer, following them, they get louder and louder. Finally I walk behind some bush's and I throw my hand over my moth to keep a gasp in.

There on the ground in Kikyou and Inuyasha making love. Kikyou keeps moaning out his name. I feel tears coming to my eye, I am angry and sad at the same time.

Inuyasha told me just a week ago that he loves me. I want revenge, I want them both to suffer. I finally decide to make myself known to them. I step threw the bush's and into the little clearing where their at. I clear my throat and Inuyasha looks and me and his eyes go wide in shock. He says.

"Kagome, I. . . I. . . I well"

It makes me cry harder and I say. " O Inuyasha, I thought you loved me."

everyone. Ok this was my last oneshot. I know I said it before but this time I am serious. I want to start publishing one shots seperatly. This was a Inu/Kags. I think it was really good.

I am sorry for the sudden news but I decided it on the moment I uploaded it. Please review review review.